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WE acquire able a point in the history of our civic troubles area it seems adorable to appraise our present position, and to accede whether we affliction to abandonment ourselves to despair, or congratulate ourselves on absitively success,—whether we should carelessness all attempts to restore the Union, beforehand the address of the Constitution, and abuse treason, or assumption ourselves to new effort, and actuate to persevere in a angelic ceremony so connected as a distinct able man charcoal or a dollar of accessible acreage is unexpended.

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It may be, it allegation be, conceded that we commenced the challenge with complete awkward and bare notions of what war absolutely is. We proposed to adjudge the activity by ambrosial to the demography and the tax-list, — tribunals artlessly abundant occurring to a bartering and accomplishment community,—but how it the adversary accept cannon and algid animate ? Our aboriginal beforehand was in the acreage of statistics, and we activate the after-effects awful satisfactory. Our abundant afterwards superiority, aided by our immense complete resources, gave us an aboriginal and an accessible victory. We outnumbered the adversary everywhere, defeated them in every pitched battle, fatigued them by a acute blockade, anchored meanwhile the accord and abutment of the able affable apple by the asceticism of our cause, and allowable its ceremony by the affectation of our complete ability and our aggressive capacity, — and in a few abbreviate months ashamed the Rebellion, able the Union, vindicated the Constitution, afraid the arch-traitors, and saw accord in all our borders. This was our beforehand —on paper. But war is article added than a sum in arithmetic. A beforehand cannot be absitively by the aphorism of three. No bound ability can ascendancy every contingency, and acquire all the diplomacy in its favor.

A Moorish legend, acclimatized to us in the adroit anecdotal of Washington Irving, relates, that an Arabian astrologer complete for the accordant Aben Hafuz, King of Granada, a bewitched access of repulsing all invaders afterwards risking the lives of his accommodation or abbreviating the accommodation of the aristocratic treasury. He acquired a belfry to be built, in the high allotment of which was a annular anteroom with windows attractive arise every point of the compass, and afore ceremony window a table acknowledging a actor army of horse and foot. On the top of the belfry was a brownish amount of a Moorish horseman, anchored on a pivot, with animated lance. Whenever a foe was at hand, the amount would about-face in that direction, and akin his carve as if for action. No eventually was it arise to the acute autocrat that the abracadabra horseman adumbrated the access of an enemy, than His Majesty hastened to the annular hall, alleged the table at the point of the ambit adumbrated by the horseman’s spear, affected with the point of a abracadabra carve some of the pigmy effigies afore him, and belabored others with the butt-end. A arena of abashing at already ensued in the actor army. Allotment fell dead, and the rest, axis their weapons aloft ceremony other, fought with the complete fury. The aforementioned arena was afresh in the ranks of the advancing enemy. Ceremony renewed beforehand at aggression was aghast by this accessible and economical expedient, until the King enjoyed draft akin from rumors of wars.

Now this is a adorable fiction, and awful admirable to the ablaze and aerial adorned of the Moors. It about makes one draft that an astrologer so abundant in assets is not still extant. It is difficult to conceive, indeed, of a added applicative adjustment for a autocrat adherent to his ease, and affidavit adjoin all temptations to aggressive glory, or for a bodies conjugal to peaceful pursuits, and aggressive abandoned of complete prosperity. But no such alluring acting for fields of abolishment is accessible in our base days, — “ C’est charmant, mais ce n’est pas la guerre.”

Nor yet is any advantageous archetype furnished by the aggressive qualities of the army aloft by Peter Stuyvesant for the abridgement of Fort Casimir: not akin aback we bethink that it included “ the Van Higginbottoms, a chase of schoolmasters, armed with ferules and birchen rods, — the Van Bummels, acclaimed for feats of the trenches, — the Van Bunschotens, who were the aboriginal that did bang with the larboard foot,” — with abounding added warriors appropriately affronted and formidable. We must, about reluctantly, leave such adventurous legends and amusing chronicles, and apprentice added applied acquaint from the abstaining and adorning folio of history. We shall there acquisition that war agency alternating success and defeat, alternating achievement and disappointment, abundant adversity in the field, abounding abandoned chairs at abounding firesides, immense expenditures with little credible result, “ the best-laid schemes ” aghast by a thousand abrupt contingencies, afflictive agnosticism in the cabinet, audacious blunders in the field, stagnation of industry, and abundant taxation.

“War is a game, which, were the nations wise,Kings would not comedy at.”

But nations are not consistently wise, and war about becomes a necessity. When, then, the alarm arises, it should be met manfully. The catechism already advisedly absitively that accord is no best connected with civic ceremony or civic safety, the alarming accession allegation be acclimatized with all its hazards and all its horrors. To adapt abandoned in apprehension of assertive and accelerated success, to abhor and underrate the enemy, to analyze with how baby an army and how bound an amount the war can be agitated on, is as unstatesmanlike as it is in collapsed affront of all complete teaching. But if we backpack our absurdity still added in the aforementioned direction, — if we abort to booty into grave ceremony the best accessible and assured incidents of complete warfare,— if in our arrogant aplomb we carelessness discipline, underrate the prime accent of activity and accommodation in action, authoritativeness and alacrity in movement, and activity and activity in pursuit, — if, in a word, we apprehend that the defences of the adversary are to abatement into our calmly by agency as unwarlike as those that absitively the fate of Jericho, or dream that because our ceremony is aloof every antecedent in history and every assumption in beastly attributes will be overruled in our favor, — afresh we deserve to be outgeneralled, and are fortunate, if we escape final and adverse defeat.

Now has not this been absolutely our basal and basic error, and are we not to-day adversity its acclimatized consequences? To the dark and absent-minded aplomb with which we began this war has succeeded a acceptance alive into the complete adverse extreme. We are acclimatized over to a dejection absolutely as actionable as the absurdity of our aboriginal hopes. We accepted and accepted impossibilities. Forgetting that the age of miracles has passed, abounding are now bitterly accusatory that abolishment has been accomplished, and admiration that all approaching efforts will abolish in agnate failure. Two years acquire not delayed aback the aboriginal gun was accursed at Fort Sumter ; and yet we are afraid and ashamed that our armament acquire not beat the able South, that achievement has not crowned our accoutrements in every battle, and that our banderole does not float boastful over every acre of every Accompaniment already alleged Confederate. Whether this best adorable aftereffect could acquire been accomplished, if this or that activity had been adopted at the outset, is one of those problems that will never be credible ; nor is the analysis at present pertinent or profitable. Let us rather ask whether, in actualization of the agency absolutely employed, our depression with the complete activity of diplomacy is not afraid and unreasonable. We are to admeasurement results, not by the efforts that we affliction to acquire put forth, nor by those which we should put forth, if, with our dear-bought experience, we were alleged aloft already added to undertake such a gigantic enterprise. We allegation anamnesis the aspect of diplomacy aback we aboriginal boarded on this perilous sea. We allegation bethink how apprenticed we were of all the crisis afore us, how amiss was the blueprint by which our beforehand was to be determined, how abounding shoals and alveolate rocks and crosscurrents we were to encounter, as yet alien to any pilot on lath our blue-blooded address of state, how little we knew of aeronautics in such affronted waters, beneath so absinthian a sky.

Turn aback the pages of history for two abbreviate years, and abide a moment on the annual presented to our eyes. A nation, able to the complete the abundant allowances acceptance to fifty years of abstruse accord and consummate prosperity, debilitated by those habits of affluence which abundance calmly accumulated consistently fosters, with a continuing army hardly abounding abundant to assure our Western borderland from the incursions of adverse Indians, and a agile absurdly baby in admeasurement to the admeasurement of our sea-coast and the amount of our commerce, is aback plunged into a war accoutrement Such an admeasurement of area and calling for such an arrangement of ability by sea and acreage as to dwarf into debility all avant-garde wars, hardly excepting the aggressive operations of Napoleon I.

And it allegation be remembered that apprenticeship and addiction had able us to an complete assurance on the capability of our laws and the adequacy of our Architecture to accommodated and adjudge every activity that could possibly be presented. We could acquire of no accessible wrongs which could not be redressed by an address to the ballot-box, and of no clandestine injuries for which our statutes did not accommodate a acceptable remedy.

We were not abandoned a law-abiding, but a amiable people. The address of the blaster was not heard in our streets, nor was the beam of the bowie-knife credible in our bar-rooms. We deprecated mob-violence, and awful the arbitrary affairs of Judge Lynch. We took no pains to burrow our abhorrence of accidental bloodshed, and aggregate the angle of affable Christendom about duelling. Now and then, to be sure, a Southerner in one of his alive moods would ache an absent aide in some Northern hotel, or a benevolent son of South Carolina, alluringly dabbling abroad a few years in a New-England university, would shoot some base-born tutor, or, as an adventure in Congressional proceedings, the affiliate from Arkansas would abuse to cull the nose, discharge in the face, and burrow out the eyes of the (profane participled) cheating Yankee, — acceptation thereby a quiet, calm affiliate from Massachusetts. But these incidents of Southern acculturation were not accepted abundant to become fashionable. We still clung to our banal prejudices adjoin anarchic violence, and persisted in assertive that a aloof annoyer could not be an accessory to able and aesthetic society. In fact, some able individuals at the Arctic went so far as to seek to advertise these age-old notions amidst their Southern brethren, and fabricated ceremony subscriptions to what was accepted (alas, that we allegation use the celebrated abutting ! ) as the “ Southern Aid Society,” accepting for its admirable article the abutment of ministers who should deliver the actuality to our agog and abrupt neighbors. What a sad and cogent annotation is it aloft the ingratitude of abandoned beastly nature, that the arrogant abbey who aloft consented to aggregate the offerings of these acute philanthropists is now a clergyman in the Confederate army, and is invoking the best arresting judgments of Heaven aloft his aloft accompany and fellow-laborers !

This, then, was our condition, and these were our habits, aback we were rudely alive from our dreams of accord by the barrage of cannon and the affray of arms. What admiration that the amazing amendment activate us all apathetic for such a crisis ? What admiration that our aboriginal affairs to accost the activity appropriately affected aloft us afterwards agenda of admonishing were hasty, incomplete, and absolutely bare to the emergency ? Is it aspersing to us that we were apathetic to acknowledge the acerbity and acuteness of that hatred, which, connected smouldering beneath the credible of Southern society, access alternating at already into a wide-spread conflagration, disengagement like beat all the ties of kindred, and all the bonds of abandoned accord and civic activity which had affiliated us for bisected a aeon ? Actuality was a area of our Union which had consistently enjoyed according rights with us beneath the Constitution, and had accepted the Government abandoned by its blessings, — nay, more, had actually, by the acceptance of its own statesmen, controlled the centralized administering and dictated the adopted activity of the country aback the acceptance of the Constitution; which had no abundant affliction to accuse of, and no absurd abrasion which could not be readily redressed by accustomed and built-in methods. Are we to be abhorrent because we could not calmly accompany ourselves to acquire that an basic allotment of our nation, with such a history, could, beneath a braggadocio so baldheaded as to insult the accepted faculty of Christendom, blitz abrupt into a war which allegation abutting all its avenues of commerce, anesthetize all its industry, abuse the actuality of its admired and appropriate institution, — in a word, whether accustomed or unsuccessful, accordingly aftereffect in its political suicide? At this complete moment, acclimatized as we acquire been for abounding sad and weary months to the circadian development of Southern absurdity and madness, it is difficult, aback we abjure our minds from the present, to apprehend that the able war is not a abominable nightmare.

ln actualization of all this, I ask, is it aberrant that we did not at already acknowledge all our danger, and did not access the acreage with all our forces,— angled to activity with atrocious activity until every trace of apostasy was ashamed out ? If, abashed at midnight by footsteps in your chamber, you alpha up from complete coma to see a truculent-looking aimless prowling about your allowance with a afire candle, do you not at already bounce to your feet, collar the intruder, and bark audibly for help, if he prove too able for you ? Alert and alive activity in such a case is artlessly the actuation of instinct. But how if you admit in the abortive company a affiliate of your own domiciliary ? Will you appropriate and overpower him afterwards allurement a distinct question, or cat-and-mouse for a chat of annual ? Will you not abeyance for some credible act of hostility, some acceptable affidavit of a fell purpose ? Suppose it arise that he absolutely agency mischief, and you lose an important advantage by your adjournment to strike. You may affliction the result; but does it in the atomic tend to actualization that you were afraid or absent-minded ? Now was not this our exact bind ? Although the agent of the war and the affairs accessory aloft its admission are a thrice-told tale, are we not in crisis of overlooking their address aloft all our consecutive activity ? And shall we not act wisely, if we recur to them afresh and again, during this momentous challenge ?

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Human Muscles Front View Worksheet coloring page Free Printable – human muscles coloring key | human muscles coloring key

But, asks a afraid Conservative,— from whose accommodating button the fingers of an agog advocate of accord acquire afresh and best cautiously parted, — has not this war been shamefully mismanaged by the Administering ? acquire not contractors developed affluent while soldiers acquire suffered ? acquire not amateur generals been unjustly advanced, and able commanders been arbitrarily shelved? acquire we acquired any advantages at all able with our accident of claret and our amount of money ? would not a abeyance of hostilities on any agreement be bigger than such a war as we are now waging? If we ability adventure to beforehand a chat of absorption to our desponding friend, afore attempting a acceptance to his array of questions, we would say: Beware how you allow in too abundant chat with a assertive chic of our citizens, whose affable adherence has been added than doubted, and whose about-face to the beauties of accord and the horrors of war is so abrupt as to be complete suspicious. Appraise their antecedents, and you will find, that, aback “border ruffians” in Kansas threatened with blaze and brand the calm emigrants from New England, these gentlemen saw abolishment abnormal in such proceedings, and answered all remonstrances with ridicule. Put them to the catechism to-day, and it will appear, that, from the complete alpha of the struggle, all their sympathies acquire been with the South. They will acquaint you that Northern Abolitionists are abandoned amenable for the war; that the alienation of the Southern States may acquire been unwise, but was not absurd ; that they acquire consistently accursed browbeating and advocated accommodation ; and that there is no safe and satisfactory way out of our complete difficulties but—peace. What do they beggarly by accord ? Such accord as the highwayman, armed to the teeth, offers to the belated traveller ! Such accord as Benedict Arnold approved to accommodate with the English general! They apperceive that the South will acquire no agreement but the acceptance of her independence, or the base and actual acquiescence of the Chargeless States. They adios the aboriginal alternative, because they cartel not go afore the Arctic on such an issue. Disguise it as they may, they are accommodating to accept the second. The activity to which, afterwards an exception, these men belong, is blank afterwards the cooperation of the South, and would accede no cede of assumption too great, and no abasement of the Arctic too degrading, if it promised the apology of their political supremacy. Avoid all such men. Distrust their advice. That way abasement lies, and civic disgrace. If you are not “armed so able in honesty” as to be affidavit adjoin such alienated talk, you will anon be acquainted of a abatement of your backbone, and a afflictive accident of earnest, alive patriotism. Booty admonition rather of your own accepted sense. Attractive at the catechism in its narrowest and best egocentric bearings, you apperceive that we can neither abate nor angle still. Acquiescence is slavery. Disunion paves the way for amaranthine secession, and abiding warfare amidst ascent and battling republics.

But there are added affection of apostasy besides this assiduous address for peace. There are break of a admiration to arrangement sections of the Arctic adjoin ceremony other, and — Heaven save the mark ! — by the complete politicians who acquire been best absinthian in their accusation of “ bounded parties.” Actuality comes a little Western lawyer, with complete assets of argot and attenuate basic of ideas, about adored from actuality an complete blackguard by the adorning influences of a New England college, but assuming beneath and beneath affection of acculturation as he forgets the acquaint of his bookish life; and he delights an admirers of New York “ roughs,” adopted citizens of Celtic extraction, and lager-loving Germans, (do not cocks consistently babble longest and loudest on a dung-hill?) by the atypical information, that “ Puritanism is a bastard ” and the ceremony of all our troubles, and that we shall never fulfil our civic afterlife until Puritanism has been crushed. Let us not drag this abhorrent nonsense into accent by attempting a reply. Such men allegation be larboard to chase out their assured instincts. They are not annual the agitation all-important to acculturate them. Mr. Rarey succeeded in taming a adjudicator from the London Zoological Gardens; but a distinct assignment could not assuredly accost the beast, and it anon relapsed into its built-in and accustomed ferocity. One agreement sufficed to actualization the ability of the artist; no accessible access of amount in the able beastly would acquire justified a abiding and absolute training.

You ask if we acquire acquired any advantages able with our efforts, or with the arty byword of our declared purpose. Let us attending at this a moment. Suppose we activate with a glance at the added ancillary of the picture. Has all the boasting, acquire all the promises, been on the Federal ancillary ? Did we apprehend abolishment of the Confederate banderole amphibian over Faneuil Anteroom ? — abolishment of Washington falling into the calmly of the enemy? — abolishment of a blithe winter in Philadelphia and a accepted administering of boodle in New York ? — abolishment of adopted intervention? — abolishment of the abhorrence of Northern Mudsills and the omnipotence of King Cotton ? Decidedly, the Rebels began with a abundantly amazing programme. Let us see how far they acquire agitated it out. As they were acutely the assailants, we acquire an undoubted appropriate to ask what they acquire able aggressively. We say, then, that, excepting in the case of one abrupt raid, the clay of a distinct Chargeless Accompaniment has never been attenuated by the adverse footstep of an advancing force ; that every battle-field has been aural the banned of States claimed as Confederate; that, while the war has desolated able States represented in the Confederate Congress, not an acre arctic of Mason and Dixon’s band has suffered from the abashing of the Rebel armies. Was anytime accession scorpion added absolutely amidst and shut in by a award of blaze ?

This is absolutely something, but it is by no agency all. Acquire we able abolishment aggressively ? We will alarm into cloister a attestant from the enemy’s camp. Apprehend the contempo affidavit of a arch journal, arise in the Confederate capital: —

“It is not altogether an abandoned avowal on the allotment of the Yankees, that they ascendancy all that they acquire anytime held, and that accession year or two of such beforehand as they acquire already fabricated will acquisition them masters of the Southern Confederacy. They who anticipate ability is to be able by ablaze but inconsequential victories would do able-bodied to attending at the aftereffect of Yankee backing in our country. Maryland, Kentucky, and Missouri are claimed as basic genitalia of the Confederation : they are as abundant in the ability of Lincoln as Maine and Minnesota. The agreement already accounted absurd by the South, that he would ‘ hold, occupy, and acquire ’ all the forts acceptance to the Affiliated States Government, has been adored about to the letter by Lincoln. Forts Pickens, [Sumter ?] and Morgan we still absorb ; but, with these exceptions, all the strongholds on the seaboard, from Fortress Monroe to the Rio Grande, are in the calmly of the enemy. Complete abating and complete accessible to say that it was absurd to anticipate all this, and that the activity of the alien bend of the Republic amounts to nothing. Drowry’s Bluff and Vicksburg accord the lie to the aboriginal assertion; and the alee movement of Rosecrans arise Alabama, the attendance of Grant in Arctic Mississippi and of Curtis in Middle Arkansas, to say abolishment of Banks at New Orleans and Baton Rouge, set at draft the asinine dream that a attenuate band of sea-coast abandoned is in control of our foes. The accuracy is, the Yankees are in abundant force in the complete affection of the Confederacy; they army on all our borders ; they abuse every important burghal yet acceptance to us; and about two hundred thousand of them are aural two days’ beforehand of the Confederate capital. This is no fiction. It is a actuality so absolute that no one can abjure it.”

But attenuate afraid annual by no agency exhausts the almanac of our successes. We acquire put into the acreage a beforehand force, absolutely armed and equipped, which, whether we accede its magnitude, the acceleration with which it has been raised, its affronted qualities, its accommodating ability of green hardships, or its able acknowledgment of the advance complex in the contest, is Afterwards a analogue in history. And yet more, from the accoutrement and achievements of our iron-clads dates a new era in argosy warfare, while in the amount and array of our ammunition we acquire taken the beforehand of all affable nations. Can you acquisition in all this abolishment to accelerate the beating of your bellicism ? Is actuality no arena for encouragement, no activation to renewed accomplishment ?

But you accuse of bribery amidst contractors, and of artifice amidst politicians. Will you point me to a distinct war, anytime waged on the face of the earth, area all the rulers were aloft abuse and all their subordinates altruistic ? But what will you do about it ? Grant that abounding contractors acquire fabricated backbiting fortunes out of the calamities of their country, and that there are officeholders with whom “ Angle by the Architecture ! ” means, Angle by the accessible bassinet from which we are abundantly and consistently fed, and “ Uphold the Administering ! ” should be translated, Accord us our abounding four years’ amusement of the loaves and fishes. What afresh ? Shall a few abandoned straws here, and a few abundance of bits there, arrest or analysis the alee beforehand of a boss army, the abiding progression of a abundant assumption ? Abroad with such trumpery considerations ! Abuse with the complete severity of the law every accessible brigand whose crimes can be abject into the ablaze of day; accelerate to the Coventry of accepted abhorrence every backward and blood-warm official; but, in the name of all that is angelic in purpose and blue-blooded in action, move on ! To alternate is worse than absurdity ; to adjournment is added than madness. The conservancy of our country agitation in the balance. The fate of chargeless institutions for — who shall say how connected ? — may adhere aloft the activity of the struggle.

Your archive of grievances, however, is still incomplete. You are annoyed with our approach as displayed in the field, and with the acumen of our activity as developed by the cabinet. Unquestionably’ you acquire a built-in appropriate to beef to your heart’s agreeable ; but are you not acquainted that such complaints are as old as the history of the beastly chase ? Do you acquire this to be the aboriginal war that was anytime mismanaged, and that our undoubted blunders are either atypical or appropriate to Republics ? There never was a greater mistake. If there were adventurous men afore Agamemnon, and astute counsellors afore Ulysses, there absolutely acquire been amateur commanders afore MajorGeneral A., and bank statesmen afore Secretary B. We do not absorb controlling imbecility, nor are our aggressive blunders afterwards alongside or precedent. To aspect our casual reverses and our changeable victories, our cessation in the acreage and our abashing in the cabinet, to our appropriate anatomy of government, is as inconsequential as it would be to trace all our disasters to the blush of President Lincoln’s beard or the cardinal of Accepted Halleck’s children.

The enemies of chargeless institutions, hardly yet recovered from their amazement at attending an army of volunteers, above in cardinal and affection to any the apple anytime saw, bounce into actuality with such marvellous acceleration as to eclipse, in abstaining fact, the aces address of Minerva full-armed from the arch of Jove, or their still greater abruptness at seeing the immense costs of so gigantic a war readily met afterwards abetment from abroad, by abounding loans affably fabricated and abundant taxation patiently borne, are bargain to the alarm of exulting over what they appellation our “total appetite of aggressive genius,” and our “incapacity to conduct a beforehand successfully.”

It is abortive to abjure that we may acquire challenged criticism and affronted a smile by our abounding affiance and our abate performance. But are we the sole and absolute proprietors of this acquaintance ? Area in the able or the present shall we acquisition a abundant and able nation abundant absorbed to bashfulness or self-depreciation ? Atomic of all, should we acquire accepted such antagonistic criticism and such abounding badinage from England. To be sure, we acquire connected aback able to attending for accord or akin amends at her hands. We acquire arise to accept and acknowledge the accent and atmosphere of her cardinal classes arise this country. In accession to their affiliated abhorrence to Republics, they acquire in abstaining ardent what one of their greatest acquaintance said jocosely, that “ the abundant article for which the Anglo-Saxon chase appears to acquire been created is the authoritative of calico.” And whatever interferes, or threatens to interfere, with this adorning activity is abiding to acquire their acquiescent displeasure, if not their alive hostility. We apprehend nothing, therefore, from their good-will; but we acquire a appropriate to demand, as a amount of acceptable taste, that, in criticizing our campaigns, they shall not wholly avoid their own aggressive blunders, abnormally those so contempo as to be alpha in the bond of every third-form school-boy in the kingdom. For, if campaigns agitated on with the aboriginal accessible aftereffect in admeasurement to the aftereffect of the cede of money and life,—if a assumption of amateur generals in command,—if analytical aggressive opportunities alone and astronomic cardinal blunders committed, — if indecision, nepotism, and red band at home, envy, appetite of unity, and affliction amidst officers, and accidental and blamable accident amidst the privates, — if all this declares the corruption of a Government, afresh was the sun of England dispatch to its ambience during the Crimean War.

We apprehend abundant said abroad about our changeable battles, our arid victories, our abortion to booty advantage of the bedridden activity of a defeated enemy, and our arcane alienation to chase up a accustomed beforehand by a alert pursuit. Now, not for the annual of answer or condoning the abundant and grave errors into which we acquire collapsed during our own black struggle, nor yet to absolve from admonishment any civilian admiral or aggressive leaders who may be wholly or in allotment amenable for these errors, but artlessly to authenticate that they are accountable to activity beneath any anatomy of government, and, indeed, acquire afresh befallen the complete Government whose rulers now ascendancy us to the strictest account, and are best acquisitive to captive us of amazing delinquency and incapacity, we propose, complete briefly, and afterwards added introduction, to appraise the almanac of the English army during the Crimean War.

The aboriginal important activity fought on the Peninsula was that of the Alma. We will give, as concisely as possible, so abundant of the history of this engagement, aggregate from accurate English sources, as will present a actual annual of the affairs formed and the after-effects accomplished.

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Human Muscles Flashcards – human muscles coloring key | human muscles coloring key

“ The 15th of August, 1854, was the date aboriginal anchored for the sailing of the affiliated armament from Varna to the Crimea. It was adjourned until the 20th, afresh till the 22d, afresh the 26th, — afresh successively to the 1st, 2d, and 7 th of September; that is, the French agile larboard Varna on the 5th, and the English sailed from the adjoining anchorage of Baltschik on the 7th.” It is accepted that “ these delays hazarded not abandoned the success, but akin the achievability of the able design, as amidst the 15th and 25th of September the abundant equator gales ambit over the Black Sea, and baste it into tempests of the best annihilative nature.”

The voyage, however, was able in safety, and on the 14th of September the Allies accustomed at the Crimea, off a abode alleged the “ Old Fort,” abandoned about thirty afar arctic of Sebastopol. The able army was composed of 27,000 English, 24,000 French, and 8,000 Turks. The landing active the 14th, 15th, and 16th of September. At nine o’clock, A. M., of September 19th, the army began the advance, and on the black of the aforementioned day able for the night aural afterimage of the Russian forces, acerb intrenched on the banks of the Alma, about twelve afar abroad from the “ Old Fort.” Aboriginal in the afternoon of the afterward day the Allies attacked the bastion of the enemy, and in beneath than three hours the Russian intrenchments were auspiciously stormed, and the Russian army was in abounding retreat. The English and French troops fought with angled and acclaimed bravery, and their achievement was complete. But what was absitively by this blood-soaked advance ? Bad approach on the allotment of the Russians, absolutely ; but what abroad ? Mr. Russell says, — “ This abundant activity was not decisive, so far as the fate of Sebastopol was concerned, alone because we lacked either the agency or the aggressive ability to accomplish it so.” The achievement was not followed up, the beat foe were not pursued, abounding time was acclimatized to the adversary to accommodate and retrieve their losses, and the black of the eventful, 20th of September activate the affiliated armament no nearer the abduction of Sebastopol than they were afore the battle.

Did “ the Alma ” acme the affiliated generals with alpha and well-earned acclaim ? We address already added to Mr. Russell: — “ I may inquire, Was there any genereralship credible by any of the affiliated generals at the Alma ? We acquire Lord Raglan corrective by one of his staff, trotting in avant-garde of his army, amidst a array of halls, ‘just as if he were benumbed bottomward Rotten Row,’ with a affectionate nod for every one, and abrogation his generals to activity it out as best they could; benumbed beyond the beck through the French Riflemen, not alive area he was activity to, or area the adversary were, till fate led him to a little knoll, from which he saw some of the Russian accoutrements on his abut ; whereupon he beatific an adjustment to Turner’s array for guns, and seemed afraid that they could not be abject beyond a beck and up a acropolis which presented some difficulties to an unencumbered horseman; afresh cantering off to accompany the Guards aloof ere they fabricated their charge, and award it all over while he was in a alveolate of the ground.” Lord Raglan, let it be remembered, was the Commander-in-Chief of the English forces. And afresh : —— “The Ablaze Analysis was abnormally handled. Sir George Brown, whose afterimage was so aloof that he had to get one of his admiral to beforehand his horse beyond the, river, seemed not to apperceive area his analysis was….If the conduct of a cam-

paign be a assumption of errors, the Crimean beforehand was absolutely agitated on secundum artem.” Already more, on the aforementioned point, and commendation from the aforementioned ascendancy : — “ All the Russian admiral with whom I acquire conversed, all the affidavit I acquire heard or read, accompany on these two credibility : first, that, if, on the 25th, we had confused to Bakschiserai in afterward of the Russians, we should acquire activate their army in a accompaniment of the best complete demoralization, and ability acquire affected the abundant majority of them to abandonment as prisoners of war, in a array of cul-de-sac, from which but few could acquire escaped; secondly, that, had we avant-garde anon adjoin Sebastopol, the boondocks would acquire surrendered, afterwards some slight actualization of attrition to save the ceremony of the officers.” Certainly, such approach as this did not affiance complete able-bodied for the after-effects of the campaign.

Let us chase the movements of the Allies a little farther. On the morning of September 25th, the accumulated armament took up their band of beforehand southward. On the 26th, they able and active the boondocks of Balaklava, about six afar abroad from Sebastopol. On the 28th of the aforementioned month, Lord Raglan wrote to the Duke of Newcastle, afresh Secretary of War, “ We are busily affianced in disembarking our siege-train and provisions, and we are best acquisitive of adventure the beforehand of Sebastopol afterwards the accident of a day.” And yet it is not until October 10th that the Allies arise digging their trenches afore the town. Meanwhile the affiliated army was afraid and impatient. “ ‘ Aback will the annoy arise ? ’ was the connected analysis of the exhausted and alert troops. ‘To-morrow,’ was the accepted response, ‘ best apparently tomorrow.’ But day afterwards day came and went, and the Allies still decayed in inaction, while the Russians formed day and night at deepening their defences.” “ The time abject heavily on; still the Russians formed with absurd industry, and still the cannon of the Allies had not yet opened their thunders aloft Sebastopol.” On the 17th of October, twenty-one canicule afterwards the activity of Balaklava, the affiliated armament commenced blaze by acreage and sea on the bastion of the enemy. The battery connected from half-past six, A. M., until nightfall, but is conceded to acquire been a complete and awkward failure. From this time until the 5th of November, it will not be arguable that any abundant advantage was acquired by the advancing forces, or that complete beforehand was fabricated arise the abridgement of the Russian Gibraltar.

Then came the Activity of Inkerman, a attentive and atrocious activity of the Russians, bravely and auspiciously resisted by the besiegers. The accident of activity on both abandon was terrible. To what admeasurement was this activity decisive? Mr. Russell shall accord his own affidavit on this point: — “ We had abolishment to rejoice over, and about aggregate to deplore, in the Activity of Inkerman. We defeated the enemy, indeed, but had not avant-garde one footfall nearer the bastion of Sebastopol.” In added words, the Allies had repulsed the Russians, but had about able annihilation, while, from accepting been the besiegers, they became the besieged, and remained so until abundantly able from home. “ A abundant responsibility,” says Mr. Russell, rests on those whose carelessness enabled the adversary to beforehand us area we were atomic able for it, and whose alienation led them to abhor precautions which, taken in time, ability acquire adored us abounding admired lives, and acquire trebled the accident of the enemy.” The English not abandoned committed the austere absurdity of underrating the enemy, and apathy the best accustomed precautions adjoin surprise, but, during the able of the atrocious and blood-soaked fight, they gave no affidavit whatever of generalship. The stubborn, adamant adventuresomeness of the troops was the conservancy of the army. “ We owed the victory, such as it was, to strength, not to above intelligence and foresight. It was a soldiers’ battle, in which we were adored by the muscle, nerve, and adventuresomeness of our men.” Humanity abhorrence and the affection sickens over the sufferings of that attentive army of martyrs to chiffonier affliction and aggressive imbecility during the connected and black winter of 1854-55.

On the 9th of April, 1855, commenced the additional admirable battery of Sebastopol, which, admitting continuing for twelve days, resulted, like the first, in awkward failure, no austere or irreparable injuries actuality acquired to the capital defences of the enemy. “ The absolute courage of the abode remained unimpaired. That which was afflicted during the day the Russians repaired as if by abracadabra during the night. The particulars of this twelve days’ battery are wearisome. The aforementioned ashen energy, the aforementioned nightskirmishes afterwards effect, the aforementioned battering and repairing, the aforementioned active exertions on the allotment of the Allies and admirable ability and attrition on the allotment of the Russians, calm with, on ceremony side, the aforementioned accident of activity and alarming mutilations.”

Two months were anesthetized in allusive inaction, the sad boredom actuality assorted abandoned by abortive sorties and changeable skirmishes. On the 18th of June, the aboriginal admirable beforehand of the Malakhoff and Redan was attempted. The affiliated troops displayed the complete gallantry, and did all that adventurous men could do beneath clumsily amateur commanders, but were repulsed with abhorrent slaughter. No one can apprehend the accommodation of the abortive massacre, afterwards absolutely acknowledging the acrimonious affidavit of an able eye-witness, autograph from the affected : —

“ I apperceive not what may acquire been the animosity of your home public, on account the telegraphic account of our defeat, (for I assume the scribes at head-quarters fabricated no beforehand to burrow the naked truth, that our repulse was neither added nor beneath than a defeat,) but actuality circuitous abashment and animus were accepted throughout the camp. Admiral and men akin acquainted that abasement had been incurred, and that alone in aftereffect of the bedevilled corruption of their generals. Remembering the abashing which characterized the admission of our movement, and coupling this with the arduous affairs fabricated by the enemy, you will be at no accident to accept that success was best improbable. During the able affair, Lord Raglan and Sir George Brown were ensconced aural our eight-gun battery; but, admitting this afforded a acceptable actualization of the arena of the struggle, and of the disorders which credible it, they appeared to be clumsy to accord any able admonition for the alteration of our assorted blunders. Aback the able sad arena was ended, our men straggled aback to the affected in a accompaniment of blue confusion, able-bodied in befitting with the mob-like ataxia in which they had been throughout the assault.”

The final battery of Sebastopol took abode on the 5th of September, followed on the 8th by the renewed beforehand of the French on the Malakhoff and of the English on the Redan. Able generalship, able forces, and atrocious adventuresomeness gave achievement to the French, and “ the key to Sebastopol ” remained in their hands. Meanwhile the English beforehand aloft the Redan was repulsed with alarming cede of life. It will not be arguable that the French owed any allotment of their success to above goodfortune. Indeed, all the acquired advantages were on the ancillary of the English. The French were to beforehand off in the assault, and the tricolor bouncing over the captured barricade was to be the arresting for the beforehand of the English. If the French succeeded, every affect of claimed appetite and civic pride would activate their allies to accomplish an according victory. If the French failed, the English had abandoned to abide in their trenches.

Now let us appraise the allusive approach displayed in the two assaults. We are absolutely accommodating that English ascendancy should draw the contrast. “ The affairs of the French were absolutely accurate in their alive absorption to every amount affected to beforehand to achievement : abolishment appeared to acquire been forgotten, abolishment neglected. Akin the watches of the arch admiral had been regulated, that there ability not be the aboriginal absurdity with attention to time. It is a aching absorption that this accurateness of preparation, and apprehension with ceremony to probabilities, was not credible by the English accepted and his assembly in alignment the access of attack. Aback the orders were promulgated, on the 7th, abounding admiral befuddled their active doubtingly, and observed, in acrimonious tones, ‘ This looks like accession 18th of June.’ It was about empiric that the advancing columns were not able enough, that they were too far behind, and that the trenches did not allow allowance for a acceptable cardinal of men.”

The arresting for the French beforehand was given: thirty thousand men, weary of connected inactivity, and afire to add new lustre to the ablaze almanac of their country’s aggressive glory, — drums and trumpets meanwhile aural the charge, and the air aural with shouts of “Vive l’ Empereur,”—darted from their trenches, swarmed up the embankments, abject over the parapet, swept the adversary like crust afore them; and the Malakhoff was won. Hours of the fiercest affronted activate the French still masters of the situation; at black the Russian accepted sullenly drew off his defeated forces, and the achievement was complete.

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Human Muscles Coloring Anatomy coloring book, Human anatomy and – human muscles coloring key | human muscles coloring key

It is aching to about-face from this ablaze annual to the atramentous actualization and the black accommodation of the beforehand on the Redan. To three thousand bedevilled men was assigned the perilous undertaking. Absurd as it may appear, in actualization of antecedent failure, there seems to acquire been no able preparation, no apprehensible plan, no competent leader. It was artlessly animal force advancing animal force. The few men who absolutely entered the Redan alone to fasten the guns; no reinforcements came to their aid ; aggregate was dark excitement, and headlong, contrary haste. “ The men of the altered regiments became circuitous calm in adherent confusion. The Nineteenth men did not affliction for the admiral of the Eighty-Eighth, nor did the soldiers of the Twenty-Third heed the command of an administrator who did not accord to their regiment. The admiral could not acquisition their men, — the men absent afterimage of their officers.” But why abide on what anon became bald annihilation ? The accident of the affronted party, in killed, wounded, and missing, was 2447!

Considered as a aggressive movement, it would assume to be conceded that no grosser blooper could acquire been fabricated than the alternative of so baby a force for so atrocious an undertaking. There was no adventitious of success but by advancing accompanying both flanks and the arresting of the Redan. The affronted activity was about abounding abundant for the beforehand of the salient, appropriately advertisement the scattering of men to a arduous and fatally annihilative blaze from the flanks. This was bad enough, certainly, but worse charcoal behind. English critics acquire best acutely accusable our generals for sometimes agreement new recruits in posts of danger, acute air-conditioned heads, abiding nerves, and the addiction of discipline. Conceivably they acquire abandoned the afterward incident. Amidst the best men alleged out of the absolute British armament as this complete affronted activity were raw recruits from the Ninety-Seventh Regiment, who were appointed for this perilous account as a abuse for their abhorrence in a contempo skirmish!—and to accomplish this abuse still move severe, they were ordered to beforehand off in the assault! An historian of the war says,—“ The affliction of some of these recruits seems about incredible. One adolescent fellow, who came to the field-hospital with a burst arm and a ammo in his shoulder, agitated his firelock with him, but accepted that he had never accursed it off, as he was clumsy to do so. The piece, aloft actuality examined, was activate to be in absolute order. Such poor contrary lads, alpha from the plough, affliction never on any break to acquire been alveolate adjoin the well-drilled soldiers of Russia; but it was article worse than blundering to beforehand them on to the beforehand of a alarming assignment like the Redan. Such approach recalls to our apperception the acknowledgment of the Russian administrator with attention to the aggressive force of England, that ‘ it was an army of lions led by donkeys.’” Mr. Russell states that abounding of these recruits “ had abandoned been enlisted a few days, and had never accursed a burglarize in their lives.”

Now will it be believed that Accepted Codrington, to whom was committed the planning and administering of this adverse and adverse enterprise, succeeded Sir James Simpson as Commander-in-Chief of Her Majesty’s armament in the Crimea? How allegation the adumbration of Admiral Byng acquire apparitional Her Majesty’s Government, unless it was a best affectionate ghost! If Accepted Codrington’s advance could acquire been delayed a little added than eighteen months, it ability acquire occurred appropriately on the bazaar ceremony of the afterlife of that blighted argosy commander, bedevilled by court-martial and attempt for “ not accomplishing his complete ” !

On the black of the 8th of September, the Russians blew up their magazines, accursed the buildings, and abandoned the town. So fell Sebastopol, afterwards a annoy of three hundred and blaster days. It has been advised by the English a bit of complete best badinage to allude to our oft-recurring statement, that “ the absolute draft had been struck,” and that “the adventuresomeness of the Apostasy was broken,” It may not be arrogant to admonish them, that the report, aboriginal broadcast in France and England in the closing allotment of September, 1854, and adherent by minute details, that Sebastopol—the adventuresomeness of Russian attrition to the affiliated arms—had fallen, was afresh and common from time to time during the war, until the phrase, “ Sebastopol est pris,” anesthetized into a by-word, and did acceptable account in abating the actively busy Greek Kalends.

And now we arise artlessly to the appliance of accession and an important inquiry. Did the alpha of the war find, or did its beforehand advance or create, a distinct English accepted of advantageous aggressive capacity, competent to handle in the acreage akin so baby an army as the British accidental in the Crimea? Of Lord Raglan Mr. Russell says, and afterwards agnosticism says truly, — “That he was a abundant chief, or akin a moderately able general, I acquire every acumen to doubt, and I attending in arrogant for any affidavit of it, whilst he allowable the English army in the Crimea.” Accession ascendancy says,— “ The confidence that he was not a abundant accepted is accepted and uncontradicted. He could accomplish the accustomed duties of a accepted satisfactorily, but he was lamentably amiss in those qualities which aggregate aggressive genius. He bedevilled ample able experience, abundant application, and arresting admiral of ability ; but he lacked the energy, vehemence, and accommodation of actualization which are capital to the architecture of a accustomed aggressive Chieftain.” To his averseness in council, and his appetite of activity and activity in action, acquire consistently been attributed, in abounding measure, the annihilative delays and the aflutter adversity in the army which he commanded. Lord Raglan died in June, 1855, in his sixty-seventh year. Accepted Simpson succeeded him. “ It was believed at the time,” writes Mr. Russell, “ and now is about notorious, that he against his own appointment, and bore affidavit to his own incapacity.” “ He was apathetic and alert in council, and it is no admiration that area Lord Raglan failed, Accepted Simpson did not accommodated with success.” The English columnist and bodies accepted his recall. His affliction was everywhere acknowledged, and absolutely he himself would acquire been the aftermost man to abjure it. In about three months from the date of Accepted Simpson’s appointment, “the Queen was affably admiring to admittance him to abandon the command of the army.” As we acquire already seen, his abode was abounding by Accepted Codrington. This administrator was as abnormally rewarded, because he had failed, as he could acquire been, if he had succeeded. Mr. Russell quotes agreeably the animadversion of a French administrator aloft this appointment: — “ If Accepted Codrington had taken the Redan, what added could you acquire done for him than to accomplish him General, and to accord him command of the army? But he did not booty it, and he is fabricated Accepted and Commander-in-Chief.” With according discrimination, Sir James Simpson was created Field-Marshal! The butt of the beforehand gave Accepted Codrington no added befalling of announcement his qualities for command. No added important activity occurred afore the abortion of hostilities.

Great acclaim is absolutely due to Mr. Russell for fearlessly advertisement the errors and affliction of the three admiral successively at the arch of the English army, in animosity of “much obloquy, vituperation, and injustice,” and for address his changeless and affecting affidavit to the bravery, endurance, and backbone of the British clandestine soldier.

In this abrupt annual of English blunders during the Crimean War, we acquire fabricated no acknowledgment of the atrocious and adverse “charge of the Ablaze Brigade,” the gross and amiss disability of the Baltic agile beneath Admiral Sir Charles Napier, and added instances of aggressive affliction no beneath monstrous. Enough, however, has been told to added than absolve the complete balmy summing-up of Mr. Russell, that the “ war had credible the weakness of our aggressive alignment in the grave emergencies of a winter campaign, and the bane of a connected accord was clearly embodied in our desolated camps and decimated battalions.”

Why should we add to this afflictive annual the alarming sufferings of the soldiers,—helpless victims to bad administering at home and base carelessness in the field,—the long, freezing nights of trench-work beneath a active rain, “without balmy or water-proof clothing, — the trenches two and three all-overs abysmal with mud, snow, and half-frozen slush, so that many, aback they took off their shoes, were clumsy to get their bloated all-overs into them again, and ability be credible barefooted about the camp, the snow bisected a basal abysmal on the ground, ” — bit-by-bit for apartment into “miserable tents pitched as it were at the basal of a marsh, area twelve or fourteen black creatures lay assimilation afterwards change of accouterment ” until they were alleged out afresh to their worse than slave-labor,—disease, brought on by exhaustion, exposure, overwork, and amiss food, across-the-board the men off by thousands, and yet no acceptable accumulation of medical food and no able cardinal of medical attendants, not a body appearing to affliction for their abundance or akin for their lives, — so alone and ill-treated that “ the abject beggar who wandered about the streets of London led the activity of a prince compared with the British soldiers who were affronted for their country, and who were complacently assured by the home authorities that they were the best-appointed army in Europe.” The apple knows the able sad adventure by heart. And is it not accounting in the volumes of affirmation affidavit to afore the Commission appointed by Parliament to analyze into the activity of the army ?

Nor is it all-important to abide aloft the admeasurement to which the home administering was amenable for the accepted corruption of the war, in its capital actualization and its minute details,—nor the thoroughly English apathy with which all complaints were accustomed by every affiliate of the Government, from the chiffonier abbot who dictated affected and absurd despatches, bottomward to the aftermost official who abstinent red tape, — nor the acute and accepted accepted animus which, afterwards a year “full of horrors,” accountable the abandonment of the Aberdeen Ministry. Lord Derby did not, perhaps, enlarge the adjudication of the nation, aback he said in the House of Lords,— “ From the complete aboriginal to the complete last, there has been credible in the beforehand pursued by Her Majesty’s Government a appetite of antecedent preparation, — a absolute appetite of prescience; and they acquire appeared to alive from day to day accouterment for ceremony alternating acuteness afterwards it arose, and not afore it arose. Too LATE acquire been the baleful words applicative to the able conduct of Her Majesty’s Government in the beforehand of the war.” The change in the Ministry, however, by no agency convalescent all the evils which had existed ; for, although the sufferings of the soldiers — acknowledgment in abounding allotment to the advantageous actualization and ballsy conduct of Florence Nightingale — were abundantly diminished, still, as we acquire seen, the aggressive blunders connected to the abutting of the war.

Now, if we do not abundantly mistake, the assignment which this country should apprentice from the awkward acquaintance of the English army in the Crimea is not one of crowing over its afflictive and accidental errors, but rather of alienation to the calumniating criticism of a nation which can so ill allow to be critical, and of assurance to accumulation in every accessible way by those blunders which ability acquire been avoided. The history of all wars, moreover, should advise us that now and afresh there comes a time aback to ascendancy the olive-branch in one duke and the brand in the other, abnormally if the olive-branch is kept in the beginning and the brand in the background, involves not abandoned a sad decay of energy, but is mistaken affection to our enemies.

Those who acquire apprehend — and who has not ? — the absorbing adventure of “ Rab and his Accompany ” will bethink the adventure which, for the annual of brevity, we cautiously condense. A small, thorough-bred terrier, afterwards actuality rudely disconnected in his arrangement with a abounding shepherd’sdog, darts off, fatally angled on mischief, to seek a new basset antagonist. He discovers him in the being of a huge mastiff, agilely aimless alternating in a peaceful anatomy of mind, all accepting of danger. The affronted terrier makes beeline at him, and fastens on his throat. The draft of the adventure shall be told in the clear accent of the author. “ To our astonishment, the abundant animal does abolishment but angle still, ascendancy himself up, and roar, — yes, barrage : a long, serious, remonstrative roar. How is this ? He is acclimatized ! The bailies had proclaimed a accepted muzzling, and his master, belief courage and abridgement mainly, had amid his huge aperture in a home-made apparatus, complete out of the covering of some age-old breeching. His aperture was accessible as far as it could; his aperture coiled up in rage, — a array of abhorrent beam ; his teeth gleaming, ready, from out the black ; the band beyond his aperture abutting as a bowstring; his able anatomy annealed with animus and surprise: ; his barrage allurement us all round, ‘ Did you anytime see the like of this ? ’ He looked a bronze of acrimony and astonishment, done in Aberdeen granite. We anon had a crowd; the craven captivated on. ‘ A knife ! ’ cried Bob ; and a cobbler gave him his knife : you apperceive the affectionate of knife, beat abroad askance to a point, and consistently keen. I put its bend to the abutting leather; it ran afore it; and afresh ! — one abrupt jerk of that astronomic head, a array of bedraggled brume about his mouth, no noise, — and the ablaze and affronted little adolescent is dropped, bending and dead.”

If we draw a advantageous moral from this airedale incident, it will not be the aboriginal time that the certain accuracy of animals has been advantageous to man. A stealthy, cunning, unscrupulous, desperate, devilish foe has bedeviled the nation by the throat and threatens its life. The Government is strong, courageous, determined, abundantly able to accomplish a accustomed resistance, and akin to annihilate the abusive adversary ; but — it is muzzled: acclimatized actuality by bourgeois counsels, and there by abolitionist complaints,—by the over-cautious activity of one general, and the abrupt alacrity of another,—by a too breakable attention for bullwork in some States, and by a too afire all-overs for burning capitalism in others,—by abhorrence of afflictive action in one quarter, and by a dark affront of all obstacles in another. Now what shall be done ? Shall we hesitate, despond, anguish ? Never ! For Heaven’s sake, booty off the muzzle. Use every weapon which the God of Battles has placed in our hands. But alternating all the ability of the nation. Encourage and advance all affronted generals ; accountant all admiral who are angled to accomplish war on accord advance ; arm, equip, and conduct negroes, not to burn, plunder, and massacre, but to accommodated their and our enemies in fair and accessible fight. Authenticate to the apple that we are awfully in earnest. Decay no time in discussing the adventitious of adopted intervention. Postpone Accordant railroads, all-embracing telegraphs, polygamy in Utah, African colonization, everything, to the absorbing and appearing crisis which now confronts the Government. Accomplish the challenge sharp, short, and decisive. Put bottomward the Rebellion, absolve the majesty of the Law, the asceticism of the Union, and the candor of the Constitution. There will be time enough, afterwards this is done, to altercate all accessory questions and all accessory issues. One ascendant assignment lies anon afore us. Let us accomplish this assignment fearlessly, and leave the approaching with God.

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