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We were afresh lounging abroad a Roman morning amidst the gems in Castellani’s sparkling apartment in the Via Poli. One of the treasures handed out for admiring assay was a architecture necklace, aloof able for a Russian princess, at the bulk of sixty thousand dollars, and a set of chaplet for an English lady, who charge pay, afore she bears her award-winning homeward, the sum of ten thousand dollars. Castellani junior, a fine, affectionate adolescent fellow, who has aback been abandoned for his advanced annual of government, smiled as he apprehend amazement in our eyes, and proceeded abruptly to amaze us still added with added gems of rarest beauty, till afresh hidden abroad in his able adamant boxes.

12 Best Heart Coloring Pages  Free Printables for Kids & Adults - coloring pages of hearts and flowers

12 Best Heart Coloring Pages Free Printables for Kids & Adults – coloring pages of hearts and flowers | coloring pages of hearts and flowers

Castellani, ancestor and son, are princes amidst jewellers, and deserve to be ranked as artists of a aloft order. Do not abort to appointment their absorbing apartments, as amidst the best adorable basal glories, aback you go to Rome. They acquire a admirable way of accomplishing things, appropriate acceptable to attending upon; and we already saw a countrywoman of ours, who has accounting abiding words in the annual of freedom, fabricated the almsman of a gem at their hands, which she cannot but award-winning as amidst the arch tributes so numerously bestowed in all genitalia of the Christian apple area her anxiety acquire wandered.

Castellani’s jeweller’s boutique has existed in Rome aback the year 1814. At that time all the efforts of this artisan (Castellani the elder) were directed to the apery of the newest English and French fashions, and decidedly to the ambience of diamonds. This he affiliated till 1823. From 1823 to 1827 he approved aid for his art in the abstraction of Technology. And not in vain; for in 1826 he apprehend afore the Accademia dei Lincei of Rome, (founded by Federico Cesi,) a cardboard on the actinic activity of actualization a giallone (yellow) in the achieve of gold, in which he appear some facts in the activity of electricity, continued afore Delarive and added chemists, as noticed in the “Quarterly Journal of Science,” Dec., 1828, No. 6, and the “Bibliotheque Universelle de Geneve,” 1829, Tom. xi. p. 84.

At this aeon Etruria began to lay accessible the treasures of her art. All were addled by the adorableness of the jewels begin in the tombs; but Castellani was the aboriginal who anticipation of breeding some of them; and he did it to the abundant annual of the amateurs, foremost amidst whom may be mentioned the Duke Don Michelangelo Caetani, a man of abundant aesthetic feeling, who aided by his counsels and his designs the renaissance of Roman jewelry.

The analysis of the acclaimed tomb Regulini-Galassi at Cervetri was an blow in jewelry. The accessories of gold begin in it (all now in the Vatican) were agilely advised by Castellani, aback alleged aloft to adjudge them. Comprehending the methods and the actualization of the work, he angrily followed tradition.

The discoveries of Campanari of Toscanella, and of the Marquis Campana of Rome, gave admired aid to this new annex of art.

Thus it went on improving; and Castellani produced actual able pupils, all of them Italians. Fashion, if not accessible feeling, came to aid the renaissance and others, in Rome and elsewhere, undertook agnate assignment afterwards the models of Castellani. It may be asserted that the celebration of the archetypal adornment is now complete. Castellani abandoned the avant-garde methods of block and engraving, and adhered abandoned to the aged actualization of overlaying with cords, grains, and finest accoutrement of gold. From the Etruscan actualization he anesthetized to the Greek, the Roman, the Christian. In this aftermost he alien the asperous mosaics, such as were acclimated by the Byzantines with abundant aftereffect and array of casting and of design.

The assignment of Castellani is dear; but that after-effects from his adjustment of execution, and from the absolute accomplishment of all the details. He does not seek for cheapness, but for the accomplishment of art: this is the abandoned affair he has in view. As he is a man of genius, we acquire adherent ample amplitude to his admirable productions.

The Talmud informs us that Noah had no added ablaze in the ark than that which came from adored stones. Why do not our avant-garde jewellers booty a adumbration from the age-old safety-boat, and ablaze up accordingly? We cartel say old Tavernier, that alive French gem-trader of the seventeenth century, had the art of anecdotic his alcazar at Aubonne in a way amazing to the beholder. Amidst all the jewellers, age-old or modern, Jean Baptiste Tavernier seems to us the best absorbing character. His abundant ability of adored stones, his astute ascertainment and absolute judgment, brand him as one of the arresting men of his day. Forty years of his activity he anesthetized in travelling through Turkey, Persia, and the East Indies, trading in gems of the richest and rarest lustre. A abundant affluence was amassed, and a barony in the Canton of Berne, on the Lake of Geneva, was purchased as no bad anchorage for the blow of his days. There he hoped to adore the all-inclusive abundance he had so agilely acquired. But, alas! brainless nephews abound everywhere; and one of his, to whom he had intrusted a bales annual two hundred and twenty thousand livres, acquired him so abundant a loss, that, at the age of eighty-four, he acquainted answerable to captain afresh for the East in adjustment to retrieve his fortune, or at atomic adjustment the ill-luck arising from his adverse speculation. He forgot, poor old man! that adolescence and backbone are all-important to action adjoin reverses; and he died at Moscow, on his way, in 1689. Aback you appointment the abundant Library in Paris, you will accretion his “Travels,” in three volumes, appear in 1677-79, on a shelf amidst the quartos. Booty them down, and absorb a affable hour in attractive through the pages of the agog old merchant-jeweller. His adventures in chase of chunk and added adored bolt are able-bodied told; and although he makes the mistakes adventure to abounding added aboriginal travellers, he never wilfully romances. He declared he was the aboriginal European that had explored the mines of Golconda; but an Englishman of the name of Methold visited them as aboriginal as 1622, and begin thirty thousand laborers alive abroad for the affluent Marcandar, who paid three hundred thousand pagodas annually to the baron for the advantage of digging in a audible mine. The aboriginal abundance visited by Tavernier was that of Raolconda, a five-days’ adventure from Golconda. The address of trading there he appropriately describes—

A actual appealing afterimage is that presented every morning by the accouchement of the master-miners and of added citizenry of the district. The boys, the earlier of which is not over sixteen or the youngest beneath ten, accumulate and sit beneath a ample timberline in the accessible aboveboard of the village. Anniversary has his architecture weight in a bag afraid on one ancillary of his girdle, and on the added a purse absolute sometimes as abundant as bristles or six hundred pagodas. Actuality they delay for such bodies as acquire chunk to sell, either from the about or from any added mine. Aback a architecture is brought to them, it is anon handed to the earlier boy, who is tacitly accustomed as the arch of this little band. By him it is anxiously examined, and afresh anesthetized to his neighbor, who, accepting additionally inspected it, transmits it to the abutting boy. The bean is appropriately anesthetized from duke to hand, amidst ceaseless silence, until it allotment to that of the eldest, who afresh asks the bulk and achieve the bargain. If the little man is anticipation by his assembly to acquire accustomed too aerial a price, he charge accumulate the bean on his own account. In the atramentous the accouchement booty annual of stock, appraise their purchases, and chic them according to their water, size, and purity, putting on anniversary bean the bulk they apprehend to get for it; they afresh backpack the stones to the masters, who acquire consistently assortments to complete, and the profits are disconnected amidst the adolescent traders, with this aberration in favor of the arch of the firm, that he receives division per cent. added than the others. These accouchement are so altogether acquainted with the bulk of all sorts of gems, that, if one of them, afterwards affairs a stone, is accommodating to lose one-half per cent. on it, a accompaniment is consistently accessible to booty it.

Master Tavernier discourses at some breadth on the able methods adopted by the laborers to burrow chunk which they acquire found, sometimes burning them,—and he tells of one miner who hid in the bend of his eye a bean of two carats! Altogether, his assignment is one aces to be angry over, alike in that all-inclusive collection, the Administrative Library, for its clear pictures of gem-hunting two hundred years ago.

Professor Tennant says, “One of the accustomed marks of affluence and aftertaste in all countries is the selection, preservation, and accessory use of gems and adored stones.” Diamonds, from the time Alexander ordered pieces of beef to be befuddled into the aloof basin of Zulmeah, that the vultures ability accompany up with them the adored stones which absorbed themselves, acquire everywhere ranked amidst the luxuries of a aesthetic cultivation. It is the best ablaze of stones, and the hardest accustomed body. Pliny says it is so adamantine a substance, that, if one should be laid on an anvil and addled with a hammer, attending out for the hammer! [Mem. If the clairvoyant acquire a decidedly able diamond, never apperception Pliny’s story: the blow is something, and Pliny cannot be able for an explanation, should his agreement fail.] By its own dust abandoned can the architecture be cut and polished; and its abundant lustre challenges the annual of the world. Accustomed individuals, with annihilation to analyze them from the accustomed herd, acquire “got diamonds,” and straightway became anytime afterwards famous. An uncommon-sized brilliant, ashore into the advanced linen of a absurd fellow, will set him up as a credible man, and point him out as article annual attractive at. The advertisement in the affidavit of the day, that “Mademoiselle Mars would abrasion all her diamonds,” never bootless to activate the auction of tickets on all such occasions. As it may absorption our readers to apperceive what treasures an extra of 1828 possessed, we archetype from the archive of her furnishings a few items.

“Two rows of brilliants set en chatons, one row composed of forty-six brilliants, the added of forty-four; eight sprigs of aureate in brilliants, composed of about bristles hundred brilliants, belief fifty-seven carats; a album of brilliants that may be taken to pieces and beat as three audible ornaments, three ample brilliants basic the centre of the arch flowers, the able absolute seven hundred and nine brilliants, belief eighty-five carats three-quarters; a Sevigne army in atramentous gold, in the centre of which is a burnt topaz amidst by chunk belief about three grains each, the drops consisting of three opals analogously amidst by diamonds; one of the three opals is of actual ample size, in actualization oblong, with angled corners; the able set in gold brindled with rubies and pearls.

“A parure of opals, consisting of a chaplet and Sevigne, two bracelets, ear-rings the studs of which are emeralds, comb, belt-plate set with an opal in the actualization of a triangle; the able army in wrought gold, brindled with baby emeralds.

“A Gothic armlet of enamelled gold, in the centre a burnt topaz amidst by three ample brilliants; in anniversary articulation basic the armlet is a aboveboard emerald; at anniversary acme of the topaz basic the centre accessory are two assurance of ablaze gold, and two of wrought gold.

“A brace of girandole ear-rings of brilliants, anniversary consisting of a ample stud ablaze and of three pear-shaped brilliants affiliated by four baby ones; addition brace of ear-rings composed of fourteen baby brilliants basic a clustre of grapes, anniversary stud of a audible brilliant.

“A architecture cantankerous composed of eleven brilliants, the arena actuality additionally of brilliants.

“A armlet with a gold chain, the centre-piece of which is a able opal amidst with brilliants; the opal is ellipsoidal and army in the Gothic style; the brooch is an opal.

“A gold bracelet, with a grecque amidst by six angel active graven on turkoises, and a arch of Augustus.

“A serpent armlet a la Cleopatre, enamelled black, with a turkois on its head.

Heart Flowers Coloring Pages - Coloring Home - coloring pages of hearts and flowers

Heart Flowers Coloring Pages – Coloring Home – coloring pages of hearts and flowers | coloring pages of hearts and flowers

“A armlet with wrought links ablaze on a asleep ground; the brooch a affection of ablaze gold with a turkois in the centre, graven with Hebrew characters.

“A armlet with a row of Mexican chain, and a gold arena set with a turkois and absorbed to the armlet by a Venetian chain.

“A ring, the bandage belted with baby diamonds.

“A ring, a la chevaliere, set with a aboveboard emerald amid two pearls.

“A gold chevaliere ring, on which is engraved a baby arch of Napoleon.

“Two belt-buckles, Gothic style, one of ablaze gold, the added set with emeralds, opals, and pearls.

“A chaplet of two rows coral; a baby armlet of engraved carnelians.

“A adjust of rose diamonds, anatomy D 5, baffled by a ample rose amidst by abate ones, and a cinque-foil in roses, the chatons alternated, beneath a bandage of roses.”

The weight of the diamond, as every one knows, is estimated in carats all over the world. And what is a carat, pray? and beginning its name? It is of Indian origin, a kirat actuality a baby berry that was acclimated in India to counterbalance chunk with. Four grains are according to one carat, and six carats achieve one pennyweight. But there is no accustomed weight anchored for the finest diamonds. Competition abandoned amidst purchasers charge align their price. The bartering bulk of gems is rarely affected, and amidst all accessories of business the architecture is the atomic accountable to depreciation. Panics that agitate empires and topple barter into the dust hardly lower the bulk of this baron of adored stones; and there is no claimed acreage that is so apt to abide banausic in money-value.

Diamond anecdotes abound, the apple over; but we acquire afresh met with two abrupt ones that care to be preserved.

“Carlier, a bookseller in the administration of Louis XIV., left, at his death, to anniversary of his children,—one a babe of fifteen, the added a captain in the guards,—a sum of bristles hundred thousand francs, afresh an astronomic fortune. Mademoiselle Carlier, young, handsome, and wealthy, had abundant suitors. One of these, a M. Tiquet, a Councillor of the Parliament, beatific her on her fete-day a bouquet, in which the calices of the roses were of ample diamonds. The breeding of this allowance gave so acceptable an assessment of the wealth, taste, and accommodation of the donor, that the adult gave him the alternative over all his competitors. But sad was the disappointment that followed the bridal! The bedmate was rather poor than rich; and the bouquet, that had bulk blaster thousand francs, (nine thousand dollars,) had been bought on credit, and was paid out of the bride’s fortune.”

“The gallants of the Cloister of Louis XV. agitated absurdity as far as the acclaimed Egyptian queen. She broiled a pearl,—they burst diamonds, to prove their batty magnificence. A adult accepting bidding a annual to acquire the annual of her bare in a ring, the aftermost Prince de Conti requested she would acquiesce him to accord it to her; she accepted, on action that no adored gems should be set in it. Aback the arena was brought to her, however, a architecture covered the painting. The adult had the ablaze taken out of the setting, and beatific it aback to the giver. The Prince, bent not to be gainsaid, acquired the bean to be arena to dust, which he acclimated to dry the ink of the letter he wrote to her on the subject.”

Let us acknowledgment some of the best acclaimed chunk in the world. The bigger one known, that of the Rajah of Matan, in Borneo, weighs three hundred and sixty-seven carats. It is egg-shaped and is of the finest water. Two ample war-vessels, with all their guns, powder, and shot, and one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in money, were already banned for it. And yet its weight is abandoned about three ounces!

The added in admeasurement is the Orloff, or Admirable Russian, sometimes alleged the Moon of the Mountain, of one hundred and ninety-three carats. The Abundant Mogul already endemic it. Afresh it anesthetized by accretion into the control of Nadir the Shah of Persia. In 1747 he was assassinated, and all the crown-jewels slipped out of the asleep man’s fingers,—a accustomed adventure to mortality. What became of the abundant architecture no one at that time knew, till one day a arch of the Anganians walked, mole-footed, into the attendance of a affluent Armenian admirer in Balsora, and proposed to advertise him (no lisping,—not a chat to abandon him) a ample emerald, a baroque ruby, and the abundant Orloff diamond. Mr. Shafrass counted out fifty thousand piastres for the lot; and the arch bankrupt up his apparel and silently departed. Ten years afterwards the bodies of Amsterdam were acquainted that a abundant abundance had accustomed in their city, and could be bought, too. Nobody there acquainted affluent abundant to buy the abundant Orloff sparkler. So the English and Russian governments beatific bidders to attempt for the gem. The Empress Catharine offered the able sum; and her agent, the Count Orloff, paid for it in her name four hundred and fifty thousand roubles, banknote down, and a admission of Russian nobility! The admeasurement of this architecture is that of a pigeon’s egg, and its lustre and baptize are of the finest: its actualization is not perfect.

The Admirable Tuscan is abutting in order,—for abounding years captivated by the Medici family. It is now endemic by the Austrian Emperor, and is the pride of the Administrative Court. It is cut as a rose, nine-sided, and is of a chicken tint, abbreviation somewhat its value. Its weight is one hundred and thirty-nine and a bisected carats; and its bulk is estimated at one hundred and fifty-five thousand, six hundred and eighty-eight pounds.

The best perfect, admitting not the largest, architecture in Europe is the Regent, which belongs to the Administrative chaplet of France. Napoleon the Aboriginal acclimated to abrasion it in the abject of his state-sword. Its aboriginal weight was four hundred and ten carats; but afterwards it was cut as a brilliant, (a activity of two years, at a bulk of three thousand pounds sterling,) it was bargain to one hundred and thirty-seven carats. It came from the mines of Golconda; and the bandit who blanket it accordingly awash it to the grandfathering of the Earl of Chatham, aback he was governor of a acropolis in the East Indies. Lucky Mr. Pitt pocketed one hundred and thirty-five thousand pounds for his treasure, the client actuality Louis XV. This amount, it is said, is abandoned bisected its absolute value. However, as it bulk the Governor, according to his own statement, some years afterwards the sale, abandoned twenty thousand pounds, his belief was “something handsome.” Pope had a casting at Pitt, in his allegorical way, intimating a amiss with absorption to the control of the diamond; but we acquire the transaction was an honest one. In the annual of the crown-jewels, the Regent architecture is set bottomward at twelve actor francs!

The Star of the South comes abutting in point of celebrity. It is the bigger architecture yet acquired from Brazil; and it is endemic by the Baron of Portugal. It advised originally two hundred and fifty-four carats, but was akin bottomward to one hundred and twenty-five. The grandfathering of the present baron had a aperture apathetic in it, and admired to strut about on gala-days with the gem abeyant about his neck. This arresting jewel was begin by three abandoned miners, who were gluttonous for gold during their exile. A abundant aridity had laid dry the bed of a river, and there they credible this bright wonder. Of course, on promulgating their abundant luck, their book was revoked immediately.

The world-renowned Koh-i-noor abutting claims our attention.

A Venetian diamond-cutter (wretched, bungling Hortensio Borgis!) bargain the abundant Koh-i-noor from its archaic weight—nine hundred carats—to two hundred and eighty. Tavernier saw this acclaimed jewel two hundred years ago, not continued afterwards its discovery. It came into the control of Queen Victoria in 1849, three thousand years, say the Eastern sages, afterwards it belonged to Karna, the Baron of Anga! On the 16th of July, 1852, the Duke of Wellington superintended the admission of the re-cutting of the acclaimed gem, and for blaster canicule the operation went on. Eight thousand pounds were expended in the acid and polishing. Aback it was able and accessible to be adequate to the aristocratic keeping, the actuality (a acclaimed jeweller) to whom the whole

Hearts And Flowers Coloring Pages  Free Emojis-shapes-and-signs  - coloring pages of hearts and flowers

Hearts And Flowers Coloring Pages Free Emojis-shapes-and-signs – coloring pages of hearts and flowers | coloring pages of hearts and flowers

care of the assignment had been intrusted, accustomed a acquaintance to booty it in his fingers for examination. While he was feasting his eyes over it, and axis it to the ablaze in adjustment to get the abounding force of its marvellous beauty, bottomward it slipped from his butt and fell aloft the ground. The jeweller about fainted with alarm, and poor “Butterfingers” was absolutely close with fear. Had the bean addled the arena at a accurate angle, it would acquire breach in two, and been broke forever.

Innumerable anecdotes array about this able diamond. Accepting anesthetized through the easily of assorted Indian princes, abandon and artifice are abundantly circuitous up with its history. We adduce one of Madame de Barrera’s belief apropos it:—

“The Baron of Lahore accepting heard that the Baron of Cabul bedevilled a architecture that had belonged to the Abundant Mogul, the bigger and purest known, he access the advantageous buyer to his court, and there, accepting him in his power, accepted his diamond. The guest, however, had provided himself adjoin such a blow with a absolute apery of the coveted jewel. Afterwards some actualization of resistance, he cautiously acceded to the wishes of his able host. The contentment of Runjeet was extreme, but of abbreviate duration,—the lapidary to whom he gave orders to arise his new accretion pronouncing it to be abandoned a bit of crystal. The annoyance and acerbity of the autocrat were unbounded. He anon acquired the alcazar of the Baron of Cabul to be invested, and ransacked from top to bottom. But for a continued while all chase was vain; at aftermost a bondservant betrayed the secret;—the architecture was begin active beneath a abundance of ashes. Runjeet Singh had it set in an armlet,  between two diamonds, anniversary the admeasurement of a sparrow’s egg.”

The Shah of Persia, presented to the Emperor Nicholas by the Persian monarch, is a actual admirable stone, anyhow shaped. Its weight is eighty-six carats, and its baptize and lustre are superb.

The assorted belief absorbed to the Sancy diamond, the abutting in point of value, would absorb abounding pages. During four centuries it has been accumulating adventurous circumstances, until it is now actual difficult to accord its accurate narrative. If Charles the Bold, the aftermost Duke of Burgundy, anytime wore it abeyant annular his neck, he sported a arresting jewel. If the Curate of Montagny bought it for a acme of a soldier who best it up afterwards the defeat of Granson, not alive its value, the soldier was aback cheated by the Curate. If a aborigine of Berne got it out of the Curate’s fingers for three crowns, he was a acute knave. De Barante says, that in 1492 (Columbus was afresh about authoritative acreage in this hemisphere) this architecture was awash in Lucerne for bristles thousand ducats. Afterwards that, all sorts of incidents are accompanying to acquire befallen it. Actuality is one of them.—Henry IV. was already in a bewilderment for money. The Sieur de Sancy (who gave his name to the gem) admired to accelerate the autocrat his diamond, that he ability accession funds aloft it from the Jews of Metz. A accurate assistant sets off with it, to adventurous the perils of travel, by no agency slight in those asperous days, and is told, in case of crisis from brigands, to absorb the adored trust. The abettor is begin asleep on the road, and is active by peasants. De Sancy, abrupt that his man does not arrive, seeks for his body, takes it from the arena area it is buried, opens it, and recovers his gem! In some way not now known, Louis XV. got the architecture into his possession, and wore it at his coronation. In 1789, it abolished from the crown-treasures, and no trace of it was credible till 1830, aback it was offered for auction by a merchant in Paris. Count Demidoff had a accusation over it in 1832; and as it is admired at a actor of francs, it was annual quarrelling about.

The Nassuck Diamond, admired at thirty thousand pounds, is a arresting jewel, about as ample as a accustomed walnut. Authentic as a bead of dew, it ranked amidst the richest treasures in the British accretion of India.

What has become of the abundant triangular Dejected Diamond, belief sixty-seven carats, baseborn from the French Cloister at the time of the abundant robbery of the crown-jewels? Alas! it has never been heard from. Three millions of francs represented its value; and no one, to this day, knows its hiding-place. What a affable morning’s assignment it would be to ascertain this gem from its aphotic corner, area it has lain buried so abounding years! The accretion of Notre Dame should affirm such good-fortune to all Paris.

But abundant of these abandoned magnificos. Their adorableness and aberration acquire admiring acceptable absorption in their day. Yet we should like to handle a few of those Spanish splendors which Queen Isabel II. wore at the accession of the ambassadors from Morocco. That day she shone in chunk abandoned to the bulk of two actor dollars! We already saw a monarch’s sword, of which

“The jewelled hilt,Whose chunk lit the access of his blade,”

was admired at one hundred thousand dollars! But one of the pleasantest of our claimed remembrances, affiliated with diamonds, is the acrimonious up of a fine, bright gem which fell from O.B.’s violin-bow, (the allowance of the Duke of Devonshire,) one night, afterwards he had been arena his abracadabra apparatus for the appropriate contentment of a few friends. The alpine Norwegian captivated it in a bit of newspaper, aback it was adequate to him, and advance it into his cigar-box! [O.B. sometimes agitated his treasures in aberrant places. One day he was atramentous the blow of a ample sum of money which he had accustomed as the gain of a concert in New York. A anniversary afterwards he begin his missing nine hundred dollars blimp abroad in a aphotic bend of one of his violin-cases.]

There is a actual appealing diamond-story accepted in affiliation with the acceptable Empress Eugenie. Madame de Barrera relates it in this wise.

“When the absolute of France marries, by advantage of an age-old custom kept up to the present day, the helpmate is presented by the burghal of Paris with a admired gift. Addition is additionally offered at the bearing of the first-born.

“In 1853, aback the best of His Majesty Napoleon III. aloft the Empress Eugenie to the throne, the burghal of Paris, represented by the Municipal Commission, voted the sum of six hundred thousand francs for the acquirement of a architecture chaplet to be presented to Her Majesty.

“The annual acquired absolutely a awareness amidst the jewellers. Anniversary was acquisitive to accord his finest gems to anatomy the Empress’s necklace,—a chaplet which was to achieve its actualization beneath advocacy as favorable as those of the acclaimed Queen’s Chaplet had been unpropitious. But on the 28th of January, two canicule afterwards the vote of the Municipal Commission, all this alacrity was disappointed; the adolescent Empress accepting bidding a ambition that the six hundred thousand francs should be acclimated for the foundation of an educational academy for poor adolescent girls of the Faubourg St. Antoine.

“The ambition has been realized, and, acknowledgment to the beneficent bogie in whose compassionate affection it had its origin, the architecture chaplet has been metamorphosed into an affected edifice, with absorbing gardens. Actuality a hundred and fifty adolescent girls, at first, but now as abounding as four hundred, acquire been placed, and receive, beneath the administration of those angels of alms alleged the Sisters of St. Vincent de Paul, an able apprenticeship ample to their station, and applicable them to be advantageous associates of society.

“The austere aperture of the Maison-Eugenie-Napoleon took abode on the 1st of January, 1857.

“M. Veron, the journaliste, now abettor of the Seine, has given, in the ‘Moniteur,’ a actual amplified annual of this establishment. From it we borrow the following:—

“’The girls accepted are usually clumsily clad; on their entrance, they acquire a abounding clothing of clothes. About all are pale, thin, anemic children, to whom dejected and adversity acquire imparted an old and ashen expression. But, acknowledgment to cleanliness, to wholesome and acceptable food, to a calm and adapted life, to the pure, advantageous air they breathe, the accustomed hues and the alertness of adolescence anon abate the little faces; and with lithe, active limbs, and blessed hearts, these adolescent creatures accompany blithely in the amateur of their new companions. They acquire entered the academy old; they will leave it young.’

“The Empress Eugenie delights in visiting the academy of the Faubourg St. Antoine. This is natural. Her Majesty cannot but feel amusement in the ambition of all she has able by sacrificing a magnificent, but abandoned accessory to the abundance of so abounding beings rescued from ache and ignorance. These four hundred adolescent girls will be so abounding animated, happy, and beholden jewels, basic for Her Majesty in the present, and for her anamnesis in the future, an anytime new set of jewels, an abiding ornament, a absolutely angelic talisman.

Heart flowers coloring  Ideias para o dia das mães, Cartão dia  - coloring pages of hearts and flowers

Heart flowers coloring Ideias para o dia das mães, Cartão dia – coloring pages of hearts and flowers | coloring pages of hearts and flowers

“A beautify painting represents, in a hemicycle, the Empress in her conjugal dress, alms to the Virgin a architecture necklace; adolescent girls are annual about her in prayer; annual and animated acceptance are depicted on their brows.”

A actual ample bulk of the world’s basic is represented in adored stones, and ninety per cent of that basic so invested is in diamonds. This was not consistently the case. Age-old millionnaires captivated their astronomic jewelry-riches added in atramentous stones than is the custom now. Crystallized carbon has risen in the admiration of capitalists, and crystallized adobe has gone bottomward in the calibration of value. If the architecture be the hardest accustomed actuality in the world’s jewel-box, the fair is by no agency its abreast affiliation in that particular. The daughters of Stilicho slept undisturbed eleven hundred and eighteen years, with all their abundance in complete condition, except the chaplet that were begin with their baroque ornaments. The added decorations sparkled in the ablaze as blithely as ever; but the chaplet burst into dust, as their owners had done centuries before. Eight hundred years afore these ladies lived and wore pearls, a queen with “swarthy cheeks and adventurous atramentous eyes” approved a cooler which cost, absolute of the alkali which partly composed it, the handsome little sum of article over eighty thousand pounds. Architecture and alkali would not acquire alloyed so prettily.

Pearls are decaying beauties, admirable in their absolute state, but accountable to blow from the attributes of their aerial composition. Remote antique chronicles their existence, and age-old potentates agilely approved for them to beautify their persons. Pearl-fisheries in the Persian Gulf are earlier than the administration of Alexander; and the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and the Coffer of Coromandel yielded their white wonders ages ago. Beneath the Ptolemies, in the time of the Caliphs, the pearl-merchant flourished, grew rich, and went to Paradise. To-day the pearl-diver is acquisitive beneath the after-effects that are lapping the Sooloo Islands, the coffer of Coromandel, and the shores of Algiers. In Ceylon he is busiest, and you may accretion him from the aboriginal of February to the average of April risking his activity in the perilous seas. His baiter is from eight to ten bags burden, and afterwards a deck. At ten o’clock at night, aback the cannon fires, it is his arresting to put off for the coffer adverse Condatchy, which he will ability by daylight, if the acclimate be fair. Unless it is calm, he cannot chase his trade. As anon as ablaze dawns, he prepares to descend. His diving-stone, to accumulate him at the bottom, is got ready, and, afterwards alms up his devotions, he leaps into the water. Two annual are advised a continued time to be submerged, but some defined can authority out four or bristles minutes. Aback his backbone is exhausted, he gives a arresting by affairs the rope, and is fatigued up with his bag of oysters. Appalling dangers ambit him about. Sharks watch for him as he dives, and not infrequently he comes up bedridden for life. It is recorded of a pearl-diver, that he died from over-exertion anon afterwards he able land, accepting brought up with him a carapace that independent a fair of abundant admeasurement and beauty. Barry Cornwall has remembered the poor chase in song so abounding of humanity, that we adduce his pearl-strung lyric entire.

“Within the midnight of her hair,Half hidden in its centermost deeps,A single, peerless, priceless pearl(All filmy-eyed) consistently sleeps.Without the diamond’s sparkling eyes,The ruby’s blushes, there it lies,Modest as the breakable dawn,When her amethyst veil’s withdrawn,—The annual of gems, a afraid algid and pale!Yet what doth all avail,—All its beauty, all its grace,All the ceremoniousness of its place?He who plucked it from its bed,In the far dejected Indian ocean,Lieth, afterwards activity or motion,In his bawdy dwelling,—dead!And his children, one by one,When they attending aloft the sun,Curse the application by which he drewThe abundance from its bed of blue.“Gentle Bride, no best wear,In thy night-black, aromatic hair,Such a spoil! It is not fitThat a breakable body should sitUnder such accursed gem!What need’st thou a diadem,—Thou, aural whose Eastern eyesThought (a starry Genius) lies,—Thou, whom Adorableness has arrayed,—Thou, whom Love and Truth acquire madeBeautiful,—in whom we traceWoman’s softness, angel’s grace,All we achievement for, all that streamsUpon us in our apparitional dreams?“O candied Lady! casting aside,With a gentle, blue-blooded pride,All to sin or affliction allied!Let the afire conquistador wearThe blood-soaked annual in his hair!Let the atramentous and anfractuous vineRound the drinker’s temples twine!Let the slave-begotten goldWeigh on bosoms adamantine and cold!But be THOU consistently knownBy thy accustomed ablaze alone!”

One of the best board of chaplet that anytime lived, out of the approved trade, was no beneath a actuality than Caesar. He was a abundant connoisseur, and could acquaint at once, aback he took a fair in his hand, its weight and value. He gave one abroad annual a division of a actor dollars. Servilia, the mother of Brutus, was the adult to whom he fabricated the august present.

Caligula, not annoyed with architecture ships of cedar with sterns inlaid with gems, had a pearl-collar fabricated for a admired horse! Pliny grows acrimonious as he chronicles the affluence of this Emperor.

“I acquire seen,” says he, “Lollia Paulina, who was the wife of the Emperor Caligula,—and this not on the break of a austere anniversary or ceremony, but abandoned at a supper of accustomed betrothals, —I acquire credible Lollia Paulina covered with emeralds and pearls, abiding alternately, so as to accord anniversary added added brilliancy, on her head, neck, arms, hands, and girdle, to the bulk of forty thousand sesterces, [£336,000 sterling,] the which bulk she was able to prove on the burning by bearing the receipts. And these chaplet came, not from the dissipated generosity of an administrative husband, but from treasures which had been the boodle of provinces. Marcus Lollius, her grandfather, was abandoned in all the East on annual of the ability he had extorted from kings, ashamed by Tiberius, and answerable to adulteration himself, that his grand-daughter ability display herself by the ablaze of the lucernae afire with jewels.”

Nero offered to Jupiter Capitolinus the aboriginal trimmings of his bristles in a arresting boutonniere accomplished with the costliest pearls.

Catherine de Medicis and Diane de Poitiers about floated in pearls, their dresses actuality actually covered with them. The wedding-robe of Anne of Cleves was a affluent cloth-of-gold, thickly abstract with abundant flowers of ample Orient pearls. Poor Mary, Queen of Scots, had a admirable lot of chaplet amidst her jewels; and the cheating address in which Elizabeth got control of them we will leave Miss Strickland, the biographer of Queens, to relate.

“If annihilation added than the belletrist of Drury and Throgmorton be appropriate to prove the alliance amid the English Government and the Earl of Moray, it will abandoned be all-important to betrayal the blameworthy actuality of the cartage of Queen Mary’s cher parure of pearls, her own claimed property, which she had brought with her from France. A few canicule afore she accomplished her escape from Lochleven Castle, the angelic Regent beatific these, with a best accumulating of her jewels, actual secretly to London, by his accurate agent, Sir Nicholas Elphinstone, who undertook to accommodate their sale, with the abetment of Throgmorton, to whom he was directed for that purpose. As these chaplet were advised the best arresting in Europe, Queen Elizabeth was complimented with the aboriginal action of them. ‘She saw them yesterday, May 2nd,’ writes Bodutel La Forrest, the French agent at the Cloister of England, ‘in the attendance of the Earls of Pembroke and Leicester, and arresting them to be of unparalleled beauty.’ He appropriately describes them: ‘There are six cordons of ample pearls, strung as paternosters; but there are five-and-twenty abstracted from the rest, abundant bigger and beyond than those which are strung; these are for the best allotment like atramentous muscades. They had not been actuality added than three days, aback they were acquainted by assorted merchants; this Queen adulatory to acquire them at the sum called by the jeweller, who could acquire fabricated his accumulation by affairs them again. They were at aboriginal credible to three or four alive jewellers and lapidaries, by whom they were estimated at three thousand pounds sterling, (about ten thousand crowns,) and who offered to accord that sum for them. Several Italian merchants came afterwards them, who admired them at twelve thousand crowns, which is the price, as I am told, this Queen Elizabeth will booty them at. There is a Genoese who saw them afterwards the others, and said they were annual sixteen thousand crowns; but I anticipate they will acquiesce her to acquire them for twelve thousand.’ ‘In the beggarly time,’ continues he, in his letter to Catherine of Medicis, ‘I acquire not delayed giving your Majesty appropriate apprehension of what was activity on, admitting I agnosticism she will not acquiesce them to escape her. The blow of the jewels are not abreast so admired as the pearls. The abandoned affair I acquire heard decidedly declared is a allotment of unicorn abundantly carved and decorated.’ Mary’s aristocratic mother-in-law of France, no atom added conscientious than her acceptable accessory of England, was acquisitive to attempt with the closing for the acquirement of the pearls, alive that they were annual about bifold the sum at which they had been admired in London. Some of them she had herself presented to Mary, and abnormally admired to recover; but the agent wrote to her in reply, that ‘he had begin it absurd to achieve her annual of accepting the Queen of Scots’ pearls, for, as he had told her from the first, they were advised for the delight of the Queen of England, who had been accustomed to acquirement them at her own price, and they were now in her hands.’

“Inadequate admitting the sum for which her chaplet were awash was to their absolute value, it assisted to about-face the calibration adjoin their absolute owner.

“In one of her belletrist to Elizabeth, atoning her to annex some advancement of the accurate bonds of her bound friends, Mary alludes to her baseborn jewels:—’I beg also,’ says she, ‘that you will prohibit the auction of the blow of my jewels, which the rebels acquire ordered in their Parliament, for you acquire promised that annihilation should be done in it to my prejudice. I should be actual glad, if they were in safer custody, for they are not meat able for traitors. Amid you and me it would achieve little difference, and I should be rejoiced, if any of them happened to be to your taste, that you would acquire them from me as offerings of my good-will.’

“From this aboveboard action it is credible that Mary was not acquainted of the abject allotment Elizabeth had acted, in purchasing her arresting parure of chaplet of Moray, for a third allotment of their value.”

One of the best acclaimed chaplet yet credible (there may be shells bottomward beneath that adumbrate a bigger specimen) is the admirable Peregrina. It was fished up by a little negro boy in 1560, who acquired his alternative by aperture an oyster. The bashful bivalve was so baby that the boy in abhorrence was about to angle it aback into the sea. But he anticipation bigger of his adventurous determination, pulled the shells asunder, and, lo, the rarest of priceless pearls! [Moral. Don’t abhor little oysters.] La Peregrina is shaped like a pear, and is of the admeasurement of a pigeon’s egg. It was presented to Philip II. by the finder’s master, and is still in Spain. No sum has anytime bent its value. The King’s jeweller called bristles hundred thousand dollars, but that paltry bulk was scouted as ridiculously small.

There is a Rabbinical adventure which appropriately shows the aerial appraisal of chaplet in aboriginal ages, abandoned one article in Attributes actuality captivated aces to be placed aloft them:—

“On abutting Egypt, Abraham bound Sarah in a chest, that none ability catch her alarming beauty. But aback he was appear to the abode of advantageous custom, the collectors said, ‘Pay us the custom’: and he said, ‘I will pay the custom.’ They said to him, ‘Thou carriest clothes’: and he said, ‘I will pay for clothes.’ Afresh they said to him, ‘Thou carriest gold’: and he answered them, ‘I will pay for my gold.’ On this they added said to him, ‘Surely thou bearest the finest silk’: he replied, ‘I will pay custom for the finest silk.’ Afresh said they, ‘Surely it charge be chaplet that thou takest with thee’: and he abandoned answered, ‘I will pay for pearls.’ Seeing that they could name annihilation of bulk for which the ancestor was not accommodating to pay custom, they said, ‘It cannot be but thou accessible the box, and let us see what is within.’ So they opened the box, and the able acreage of Egypt was ablaze by the lustre of Sarah’s beauty,—far beyond alike that of pearls.”

Shakspeare, who admired all things beautiful, and embalmed them so that their lustre could lose annihilation at his hands, was never annoyed of introducing the architecture and the pearl. They were his admired ornaments; and we advised to point out some of the baroque passages in which he has acclimated them. But we acquire allowance now for abandoned one of those priceless sentences in which he has set the architecture and the fair as they were never set before. No baronial chaplet can avowal such jewels as afterglow forth these curve from “Lear”:—

“You acquire seenSunshine and rain at one: her smiles and tearsWere like a bigger day: Those blessed smilesThat played on her accomplished lip seemed not to knowWhat guests were in her eyes; which beggared thence, As chaplet from chunk dropp’d.”

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