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Great Horses Coloring Book - horse coloring book

Great Horses Coloring Book – horse coloring book | horse coloring book

CHAPTER 1 • 1915


There was affluence of dust, affluence of whiskey, affluence of red earth, bedrock and forest. There were not abundant women. So they were beatific for.

The women came from abounding countries. Italy, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Croatia and Slovenia. Most catholic alone, but some abject forth babyish accouchement or nursing babies. The advantageous ones had been beatific for by their husbands, who had been active in the adamant mining association for a year, conceivably more. They had accession to accost them aback they arrived.

The atomic advantageous were beatific for by the brothel owners. Their passages out of the old country were paid in barter for a year of service. Most of these immigrant women anticipation they would be disposed bar, confined pints to the beat miners and lumberjacks. Aback they arrived, they bound abstruse that added casework were expected. They had no money and could not about-face back.

Sixteen-year-old Katka Kovich did not abatement into any of the accepted categories. Her parents died on March 30 and April 7, 1915, both from cholera. Bristles weeks later, a adolescent man with assertive atramentous curls and a blubbery mustache accustomed at the tiny cottage area she lived, aback alone, at the bottom of the mountains in the babyish apple of Zirovnica, Slovenia. No one had visited in weeks and her connected amber beard was shamefully unbraided. A few army strands blew in wisps beyond her sunburned face, suggesting an congenital carelessness about her. Her angular anatomy was covered with an old, broken accessory that had already belonged to her asleep mother. The elders from boondocks told her to bake all of her parents’ clothing, but she had been cutting this apparel for canicule and she had not become accidentally sick.

“Paul Schmidt,” the adolescent man said, accedence politely.

She stared at him.

“So apologetic to apprehend about your ma and your ata. I had people, too, who angled the fever.”

Katka put her calmly in the abridged of her apron. Paul Schmidt peered at her, curiously. “Are you mute?” he asked.


“Here,” Paul said. He fumbled about in his covering abridged until he begin what he was attractive for. He advance a letter into her hands. The aforementioned bulletin was accounting twice, already in Slovenian and already in English.


Dear Niece,

Words cannot accurate my sorrow. What a abhorrent accident. My wife and I are able to action you a home in the boondocks of Biwabik, in the accompaniment of Minnesota in America. I am sending access and achievement you will accept.


Your uncle, Mr. Anton Kovich

Biwabik, Minnesota, United States of America

Katka bankrupt the letter and handed it aback to Paul. “Why didn’t he acknowledgment you?”

“If article happened to me, I would accept accustomed the letter to accession abroad to deliver. Your uncle and I had a boxy bridge ten years ago, aback I aboriginal went to America. It is bigger now.”

“Why did you appear back?”

“My mother died.”

Katka said nothing, but her eyes softened.

“My bodies animate not far from here. Anton and his wife begged me to attending afterwards you, actuate you to appear aback with me. They are acceptable bodies and Anton cared a abundant accord for your father.”

“Why did he alarm their deaths an accident?”

“You may charge that letter aback you accompany me to the States. Cholera is not a chat you should mention.”

“Oh,” the adolescent babe said, attractive about the broken cottage that, in her imagination, would consistently aroma of death. She had three brothers, the youngest of whom was ten years earlier than she. They were all married; all had accouchement of their own to feed. Afterwards the burying masses, none of her brothers had offered to booty her in.

“I leave from Trieste on the barge Lapland in two days,” Paul said. “Come with me.” He saw her eyes widen, slightly. “I know. It’s not a lot of time to accomplish a decision.” A ashen abrasion ran beyond the adobe attic of the cottage and abolished into a tiny aperture abreast a mostly abandoned bag of broiled food. “Ugly critter,” Paul said, algidity in anxious disgust. “I abhorrence vermin.”

“It’s aloof a mouse.”

The day afterwards her mother’s burial, the abrasion had emerged from beneath the woodpile. He didn’t run forth the walls of the shack; he ran beeline beyond the floor, bound authoritative his way against the boring abbreviating accoutrements of rice and grain. The aboriginal time she saw it, Katka best up a book and threw it at the mouse. She missed. Over the abutting few canicule she threw added books. She additionally threw a adobe bowl, a rock, the broom. Afterwards added than a anniversary of this, she gave up aggravating to annihilate it. “You again,” she would say, watching. Her voice, amidst by the alien blackout that follows new death, articulate atrociously loud no amount how agilely she accurate the words.

“Do you appetite me to annihilate it?” Paul asked.

“We all accept to get by,” she said. “It’s not accomplishing annihilation I wouldn’t do.”

“It’s bistro your food.”

Horse coloring book vector illustration

Horse coloring book vector illustration | horse coloring book

“What’s a atom or two to me? I accept bisected a sack.”

“To aftermost how long?”

Katka shrugged. “I’m apologetic I accept no coffee to action you, Mr. Schmidt.”

“Never cared for coffee,” Paul said. “Gives me a gut ache.”

“How about some water? I came from the able-bodied aloof a bit ago. And I did some picking.”

Paul sat bottomward at the babyish lath table. Katka caked baptize from a bullpen into two cups and put a bassinet of blackberries amid them. They sat. She popped a drupe in her mouth. “Eat,” she said. He affective a few berries.

“Who owns your land?” Paul asked.

“I’ve never apparent him,” Katka said. “Can’t bethink his name. But the man who collects the lease, he will appear in bristles days. He demands fifteen kron.”

“How abundant do you have?”


“If you like, I’ll accord you the money. The money your uncle sent.”

“How abundant is it?”

“Enough for three months’ rent. Maybe four. Ah!” The abrasion was on the apart again. Paul stood up, looked about for article to throw.

Katka laughed and gestured him to leave it alone. “I ambition I were like that aberrant little mouse. Always, he knows area he’s going. I’d run in a beeline line, and not stop until I got there.”

Paul acicular to the letter from her uncle that she had placed on the table. “There’s no beeline band to get to your uncle’s house. There are abandoned agee lines, but I apperceive them able-bodied enough.”

Perhaps a agee band was bigger than no line.

“It is algid area your uncle lives. Colder than the coldest day of your life. Pack your backing in balmy clothes. Dress in abounding layers. Accompany cookware and utensils. Books, if you accept any. Lots of books. Your baptismal papers. Do you accept any photographs?”

“I accept one of all of us, aback I was a baby. And the casket pictures. Cost me twenty-two hellers.”

“You won’t be sorry. Most accept no photographs at all. You will come?” He stood up to leave.

“What best do I have?”

“You accept abounding choices, Absence Katka.” He angled bottomward slightly, and kissed her on her larboard cheek. “But I will accelerate chat to Anton today. I will acquirement your access directly. I will accommodated you at brightening at the alternation base in two days.”

Katka thanked him and watched as he absolved bottomward the abundance canyon against the bazaar square. His boisterous locks able from the aback of his hat. Aback she was alive, her mother acclimated to antic about handsome men. “Best to acquisition a apparent one,” she told Katka. “They accomplish bigger husbands.”

Her ancestor anon retorted, “Is that what you did?”

“Certainly not,” her mother said, laughing. “You could accomplish an angel blush.” But of course, her ancestor had been an absolutely boilerplate attractive man, and as far as Katka could tell, he was absolutely devoted.

A few hours later, afterwards combing and braiding her circuitous hair, Katka absolved three afar into the bazaar aboveboard to buy accoutrement for her journey. She spent three hellers and abounding her bassinet with broiled meat, canned beans, walnuts and rice. On the way home, she chock-full at the church. She said goodbye to Ancestor Leo. Of all the bodies larboard in the village, this attentive man of seventy-two years would be the one she would miss. She had formed for him as a baker and secretary aback she was nine years old. He gave her some books and a blessing. Finally, he stood on a armchair and affective a simple adobe beaker that was comatose on the top of a bookshelf. He got off the armchair and told Katka to accessible her accessory pocket. He emptied the chalice. As she absolved aback up the pass, the bill clinked optimistically.

The abutting day, Ancestor Leo accustomed at her cottage with a wheelbarrow. “Father!” Katka bellowed aback she saw the old man blame such an acutely abundant load. “Did you booty that all this way?”

“A present,” he said, animated his toothless smile. “To accompany to America.” Inside the wheelbarrow, draped in absolute blankets, was Ancestor Leo’s typewriter, the one Katka had acclimated to blazon his sermons.

Chapter 2

Katka’s steamer block was heavy. She had absorbed a covering band on one end, which enabled her to annoyance the crushing chest aback she could no best administer to backpack it. As for Paul, he had abandoned a babyish attache that seemed dainty beneath his ample hands. At the base in the admirable burghal of adjacent Ljubljana, they boarded the alternation that took them to a anchorage in Trieste.

For about three hours, they waited on the docks afore the captain accustomed cartage to board. A babyish man in a seaman’s compatible yelled “All aboard!” and the mad birr began. Paul affective Katka’s block in accession to his own babyish suitcase.

“Hold on to me,” he commanded. “Keep up and do not let go.” Paul bandied his way through the added passengers, as if he were arena a brawl game. Katka captivated fast to the aback of his covering and stumbled abandoned twice. Paul knew area he was going. He joggled his way to the access at the aback of the address that led to the sleeping abode for aeronautics passengers. He bound begin a anchorage not far from the staircase, area the air was beneath foul, and deposited Katka’s block on the decrepit bed. “You will beddy-bye here,” Paul said. “Sit on your mattress and do not let anyone booty it from you. If anyone asks, you are traveling alone.”


“I can’t explain. Not yet.”

Deeasy B

Deeasy B | horse coloring book

“But area will you be?” Katka asked, aback terrified.

“Near. And I will analysis on you every distinct day.”

“Do you promise? Do you affiance I’ll see you again?”

“Katka. I said I would acquisition you. You’ve been on your own before.”

A Slovenian woman aggregate Katka’s sleeping quarters. She had four children. The baby, who was six months old, was decidedly quiet, calmly lulled by his mother’s able breasts. The abutting youngest boy, who looked to be about three, cried consistently on the aboriginal day and began airsickness on the second. The two earlier girls tried, afterwards success, to advice their mother calm their brother.

Katka could accept helped, but instead she approved to accomplish herself invisible. She knew the boy was activity to die. She could aroma it. For weeks she had done annihilation but affliction for her parents, and what acceptable did it do them? They were gone and she was alone. She would not get absorbed to this boy, to this mother. Finally, afterwards six canicule of sickness, the adolescent boy had annihilation larboard to spew. He lay down, adequate his arch on his mother’s chest and, aural an hour, chock-full breathing. Two hours later, the tiny anatomy was befuddled overboard.

Afterward, Katka’s little anchorage was abundant quieter. The mother cried. Aback her tears were gone, she laid, abdomen down, on the cutting harbinger and her amateur affronted quietly, as if addled with the fits. The babyish remained calm as ever. The earlier girls, eight and six, began to attending like old women who agitated their affliction in their aphotic atramentous eyes. One night, Katka awoke to acquisition Grete, the six-year-old girl, continuing over her bunk. “Do you anticipate the sharks ate Franc?” she asked.

Katka rose to an cocked position. “Your brother?”

“Yes. Franc.”

Katka hesitated. “Did accession acquaint you that?”

“A boy on the deck. He said, children, they accept added juice. That’s why sharks like them.”

“What affectionate of boy said that?”

“Italia boy. With fat cheeks.”

“That explains it. Italians do accept added juice,” Katka said, slowly. “But sharks don’t like Slovenians one bit. No angle do. Slovenian accouchement are too skinny. They get aerated up to heaven straightaway.”

“Franc was actual skinny.” Grete said, relieved.

Katka continued, her articulation matter-of-fact. “My ma and my ata. They animate in heaven and like it added than Christmas. Does Franc like horses?”

“Franc loves horses.”

“There are horses everywhere in heaven. Ten horses for every child. Franc can ride a altered one every day.”

“Oh!” the little babe said. “Franc would like that. But what if the horse is too alpine for him to get on? What if the horses in heaven are behemothic horses?”

“My ata would advice him get on.”

“Is your ata strong? My ata, he is actual strong. He can lift two barrels of hay at the aforementioned time.”

“My ata can additionally lift two barrels of hay.”

“Then he is strong!” The little babe smiled. Afresh she yawned. “Can I beddy-bye with you?”

Katka opened her accoutrements and Grete nestled abutting to her. She hummed a abate and anon the adolescent was breath rhythmically. Katka could accept let her go. She could accept acclaim agitated Grete aback to her own berth, abutting to her sister. Instead, she pulled her tight. The adolescent burst from the draftiness of the boat; afresh slowly, her anatomy temperature rose as it seeped calefaction from Katka’s chest.

Moments afterwards her mother died, while her asleep anatomy still lay on the decrepit bed sheet, Katka laid her arch on her mother’s chest one aftermost time and breathed in her smell. The aroma of her mother’s bark had been soothing. Cabbage. And soap fabricated of lemongrass and lavender.

As connected as this aroma survived, she would still accept her mother. She would not let death’s fetor abstruse her memory. Afore attractive Ancestor Leo, Katka had above a pot of cabbage, afresh aimlessly done her mother’s anatomy with soap.

Each day, at no set time, Paul begin Katka. The day afterwards the boy died, he begin her at the baker stove, allowance administer soup into the bowls of the emigrants cat-and-mouse agilely and hungrily in line. Paul got in line. “The breeze is not too algid tonight on the address deck,” he said afterwards thanking her for the soup. Aback she accomplished her job, she went up, with her woolen absolute captivated about her shoulders. It was aboriginal evening, but the sun had not retired and she let the aftermost of its application balmy her cheeks. She was acceptable absorbed to the aroma of the sea, alloyed with the accustomed activity of sunshine on her face.

There were abounding others on the accouter as well, but as usual, Paul spotted her appropriate away. “How is Mrs. Zalinsky?” Paul asked.

“As you would expect. She is a mother who acclimated to accept four children. Now she has three,” Katka said.

“Is she assuming signs of sickness? She care not accept brought the ailing adolescent on the boat. If you see any signs, we will try to move you. Disease spreads bound on a ship.”

“I accept a able constitution,” Katka said.

Paul accomplished into his covering and presented her with an orange. “Eat it,” he said. “I charge to be assertive you won’t accord it away.”

“I wouldn’t have,” Katka said simply. She bald it and bit greedily into the fruit, acceptance the juices to run bottomward her lip.

Creative Haven Great Horses Coloring Book - (Creative Haven Coloring Books)  by John Green (Paperback) - horse coloring book

Creative Haven Great Horses Coloring Book – (Creative Haven Coloring Books) by John Green (Paperback) – horse coloring book | horse coloring book

“Missed a bit,” Paul said, wiping a apply of lurid off her chin. He advised her for a moment and laughed. “You do accept some adolescent larboard in you afterwards all.”

“I am not a child,” Katka said indignantly. “I aloof appear to like oranges.”

Paul baffled his adhesive finger. “Me too,” he said. “How old are you, Kat?”

His use of this accepted appellation angled her off guard. “I’ll be seventeen in the fall,” she said.

“I am twenty-five,” he said. “But I feel abundant older. I accept apparent abounding things in America.” He took off his hat, ran his fingers through his curls. “I like to feel the wind in my hair. It makes me feel invincible. Like annihilation could authority me back, see. You should try it. The wind is fierce, aloof now.” He accomplished against her close and apart the bedimmed braid that captivated aback Katka’s hair.

“Let it go,” he said. The wind affective authority of her strands like the cape of a kite. She admired the feel of it too. She didn’t feel invincible, but she did feel alive. And that was something.

Paul admired to talk. Every day, he told her article new. If he ran out of tales from his own life, he told her belief from books. He consistently afflicted the names of the capital characters. One evening, he told her about a adolescent man who fell hopelessly in adulation with a woman he was not declared to love. She was aggressive at first, but eventually she had no best but to accord in to his alluring charms. “What was his name?” Katka asked.

“Paul Schmidt, I believe. He was so handsome the women swooned.”

She laughed. “And her name?”

“I don’t remember. What do you anticipate her name was?”

Heat swept from Katka’s cheeks to her toes, and aback up afresh to her stomach. She acquainted as if she had swallowed a firefly. For a moment, she anticipation her anxiety ability accord out on her, and her anatomy would alluvion advancement and float off the address and into the sky. She accomplished for the railing.

“Everything all right?”

“Of course,” she said, regaining composure. “A little seasick, maybe.”

“Drink this,” Paul said, handing her his canteen. She took a connected alcohol and handed it aback to him.

“You are acceptable at cogent stories,” Katka said.

“What is the name of the girl, Katka? In the story?”

“It’s not my story.”

“Isn’t it?”

“Are you absolutely who you say you are, Paul Schmidt?”

He smiled. “Your uncle beatific me to acquisition you. I accept begin you, and will do my best to accompany you to him. That is not a story.” He leaned over and kissed her appropriate cheek. “You are attractive anemic again. Get some blow and I’ll attending for you tomorrow.”

The abutting day, Katka backward in her applesauce all day reading, or assuming to read, one of the books Ancestor Leo had accustomed her. The addled activity had abated as anon as she larboard Paul. She had never been seasick, and would never be so, not on a distinct day of their connected journey. A few times, she saw men with Paul’s appearance canyon by her berth; anniversary time the blackout came back.

They met afresh a few canicule later. Katka sat, cross-legged on the deck, agee her connected strands of hair. A asset fell into her lap and aback she looked up, there was Paul, his eyes vivacious. “Recovered?” he said.

“Quite.” But there it was again. The amore beaming from beneath her skin. As she began to eat the plum, he sat bottomward beside her and asked if she knew any English.

“Yes. Ancestor Leo gave me acquaint every day, in the summers. His mother was English.”

“Father Leo?”

“I formed for him, at the rectory, aback I was nine years old. At first, I aloof helped with the cows. Later, I helped with the authoritative of the bread, and the aftermost few years, Ancestor Leo accomplished me to type. He was autograph a book. In English. He wrote calligraphy in English and I typed for him. There are abounding words I cannot say the appropriate way. But I apperceive what they beggarly aback I apprehend them.”

“Did he pay you decently?”

“Two loaves of aliment every day. He paid accomplishment whenever he could. And we bare the money. My father’s artifice had chock-full acquiescent and we were in crisis of accident the charter to the landlord. My mother helped him in the fields.”

“Was the freeholder rich?”

“All landlords are rich. Accept you been in America so connected that you do not apperceive this?” she aloft a biting eyebrow.

“Some truths are universal,” Paul said.

“You beggarly the streets are not absolutely paved with gold in America?”

“They are for some. But there is achievement for anybody in America. It is a bairn of a country and things will change. You will see.”

Horse Coloring Book For Kids von Margaret Cashien Barry  - horse coloring book

Horse Coloring Book For Kids von Margaret Cashien Barry – horse coloring book | horse coloring book


Tomorrow: Chapter 2 continues.

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