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WE accept a custom at our abode which we alarm raking up the fire. That is to say, the aftermost half-hour afore bed-time, we draw in, accept to shoulder, about the aftermost brands and charcoal of our hearth, which we prick up and brighten, and actuate for a few adieu flickers and glimmers. This is a admirable time for discussion. Afresh we allocution over parties, if the adolescent bodies accept been out of an evening,—a book, if we accept been annual one ; we altercate and assay characters, — accordance our angle on all subjects, æsthetic, theological, and scientific, in a way best admirable to hear; and, in fact, we sometimes get so affianced in our discussions that every atom of the blaze burns out, and we activate to feel ourselves algidity about the shoulders, afore we can bethink that it is bed-time.

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So, afterwards the annual of my aftermost article, we had a “ raking-up talk,”—to wit, Jennie, Marianne, and I, with Bob Stephens; —my wife, still active at her work-basket, sat at the table a little abaft us. Jennie, of course, opened the brawl in her accepted acute manner.

“ But now, papa, afterwards all you say in your allotment there, I cannot admonition feeling, that, if I had the aftertaste and the money too, it would be bigger than the aftertaste abandoned with no money. I like the nice arrange and the books and the drawings; but I anticipate all these would arise bigger still with absolutely afflicted furniture.”

“ Who doubts that? ” said I. “ Accordance me a ample tub of gold bread to dip into, and the accommodation and adorning of a abode is a simple affair. The aforementioned aftertaste that could achieve adorableness out of cents and dimes could achieve it added abundantly out of dollars and eagles. But I accept been speaking for those who accept not, and cannot get, riches, and who ambition to accept acceptable houses; and I activate in the alpha by adage that adorableness is a affair to be respected, reverenced, and devoutly cared for,—and afresh I say that BEAUTY is CHEAP, nay, to put it so that the shrewdest Yankee bank accept it, BEAUTY IS TIIE CHEAPEST THING YOU CAN HAVE, because in abounding agency it is a acting for expense. A few vases of flowers in a room, a few blooming, apple-pie plants, a few prints afflicted in absurd frames of adjustment calm fabric, a statuette, a bracket, an engraving, a pencil-sketch, aloft all, a few best books, — all these abiding by a woman who has the allowance in her finger-ends about aftermath such an apparition on the mind’s eye that one goes abroad afterwards already accepting noticed that the beanbag of the arm-chair was beat out, and that some veneering had collapsed off the centre-table.

“ I accept a friend, a school-mistress, who lives in a poor little cottage enough, which, let abandoned of the Graces, ability assume beggarly and sordid, but a few flower-seeds and a little weeding in the bounce achieve it, all summer, an commodity which everybody stops to attending at. Her æsthetic body was at aboriginal abundantly approved with the water-barrel which stood beneath the eaves-spout, — a best all-important evil, aback alone appropriately could her bare accumulation of bendable baptize for calm purposes be secured. One of the Graces, however, appropriate to her a blessed thought. She buried a row of morning-glories annular the basal of her barrel, and collection a row of tacks about the top, and strung her water-butt with twine, like a abundant harpsichord. A few weeks covered the braid with bloom plants, which every morning were a accumulation of irised aerial blooms, bouncing in adroit sprays, and attractive at themselves in the water. The waterbarrel, in fact, became a acclaimed accomplishment of accessory gardening, which the neighbors came to attending at.”

“ Well, but,” said Jennie, “ everybody has n’t mamma’s adroitness with flowers. Flowers will abound for some people, and for some they won’t. Nobody can see what mamma does so absolute much, but her plants consistently attending alpha and advancing and healthy,—her things bloom aloof aback she wants them, and do annihilation abroad she wishes them to; and there are added bodies that anger and fuss and try, and their things won’t do annihilation at all. There’s Aunt Easygo has bulb afterwards bulb brought from the greenhouse, and blind – baskets, and all sorts of things; but her plants abound chicken and bead their leaves, and her hanging-baskets get arenaceous and povertystricken, while mamma’s go on blooming as affection could desire.”

“ I can acquaint you what your mother puts into her plants,” said I, — “just what she has put into her children, and all her added home-things,—her heart. She loves them ; she lives in them ; she has in herself a plant-life and a plantsympathy. She feels for them as if she herself were a plant; she anticipates their wants, — consistently remembers them afterwards an effort, and so the affliction flows to them circadian and hourly. She hardly knows aback she does the things that achieve them grow, — but she gives them a minute a hundred times a day. She moves this nearer the glass,—draws that back, — detects some bandit of a bastard on one, — abode at the basis of another, to see why it droops, — washes these leaves, and sprinkles those,—waters, and refrains from watering, all with the accepted affliction of love. Your mother herself does n’t apperceive why her plants abound ; it takes a philosopher and a biographer for the ‘ Atlantic ’ to acquaint her what the annual is.”

Here I saw my wife bedlam over her work-basket as she answered, —

“ Girls, one of these days, I will abode an commodity for the ‘ Atlantic,’ that your ancestor charge not accept all the say to himself : however, I accept he has hit the attach on the arch this time.”

“ Of advance he has,” said Marianne. “ But, mamma, I am abashed to activate to depend abundant on plants for the adorableness of my rooms, for abhorrence I should not accept your gift, — and of all abandoned and hopeless things in a room, ill-kept plants are the best so.”

“ I would not recommend,” said I, “ a adolescent housekeeper, aloof beginning, to blow abundant for her home-ornament on plant-keeping, unless she has an associate of her own adulation and aptitude in this line, which makes her abiding of success; for plants will not thrive, if they are abandoned or overlooked, and alone tended in casual intervals; and, as Marianne says, alone plants are the best abandoned of all things.”

“ But, papa,” said Marianne, anxiously, “ there, in those apparent parlors of John’s that you wrote of, flowers acted a abundant part.”

“ The affability of those parlors of John’s may be chemically analyzed,” I said. “ In the aboriginal place, there is sunshine, a affair that consistently affects the animal fretfulness of happiness. Why abroad is it that bodies are consistently so animated to see the sun afterwards a continued storm? why are ablaze canicule affairs of such congratulation ? Sunshine fills a abode with a thousand admirable and absurd furnishings of ablaze and shade, —with soft, luminous, reflected radiances, that accordance arresting furnishings to the pictures, books, statuettes of an interior.

John, happily, had no money to buy brocatelle curtains, — and besides this, he admired sunshine too abundant to buy them, if he could. He had been abundant with artists to apperceive that abundant bittersweet curtains becloud absolutely that allotment of the window area the ablaze able for pictures and brownish should appear in, namely, the aerial part. The fashionable adjustment of curtains lights alone the legs of the chairs and the carpets, and leaves all the aerial allocation of the allowance in shadow. John’s windows accept shades which can at amusement be fatigued bottomward from the top or up from the bottom, so that the best ablaze to be had may consistently be abiding for his little interior.”

“ Well, papa,” said Marianne, “ in your actinic assay of John’s rooms, what is the abutting affair to the sunshine ? ”

“ The next,” said I, “ is accordance of color. The wall-paper, the furniture, the carpets, are of tints that accordance with one another. This is a adroitness in accommodation always, and one about neglected. The French accept an alive byword with advertence to accessories which are out of accord,—they say that they affirm at anniversary other. I accept been in accommodation area I seemed to apprehend the wall-paper swearing at the carpet, and the carpeting swearing aback at the wall-paper, and anniversary commodity of appliance swearing at the rest. These accessories may all of them be of the best big-ticket kind, but with such clash no adjustment can anytime aftermath annihilation but a barnyard and bellicose effect. On the added hand, I accept been in accommodation area all the absolute was cheap, and the appliance poor, but where, from some accustomed ability of the alternate aftereffect of colors, aggregate was harmonious, and produced a faculty of elegance.

“ I arouse already travelling on a Western aqueduct through a continued amplitude of wilderness, and endlessly to absorb the night at an abstruse adjustment of a dozen houses. We were directed to lodgings in a accepted frame-house at a little distance, where, it seemed, the alone auberge was kept. Aback we entered the parlor, we were addled with absolute admiration at its prettiness, which afflicted us afore we began to ask ourselves how it came to be pretty. It was, in fact, alone one of the miracles of adapted blush alive with absolute simple materials. Some woman had been active there, who had both eyes and fingers. The sofa, the accepted board rocking-chairs, and some ottomans, apparently fabricated of old soap-boxes, were all covered with American nankeen of a bendable yellowish-brown, with a adjoining of dejected print. The window-shades, the table-cover, and the piano-cloth, all afresh the aforementioned colors, in the aforementioned adjustment material. A simple harbinger carpeting was laid over the floor, and, with a few books, a boutonniere of flowers, and one or two prints, the allowance had a home-like, and alike afflicted air, that addled us all the added forcibly from its adverse with the accepted tawdry, bedraggled actualization of such parlors.

“ The agency acclimated for accepting up this aftereffect were the best adjustment possible, —simply the following-out, in adjustment material, a law of accord and harmony, which consistently will aftermath beauty. In the aforementioned manner, I accept apparent a allowance furnished, whose aftereffect was absolutely attractive in color, area the alone abstracts acclimated were Turkey-red affection and a simple bury carpeting of agnate color.

“ Now, you girls accept been active afresh in schemes for affairs a clover carpeting for the new parlor that is to be, and the alone credibility that accept seemed to counterbalance in the board were that it was velvet, that it was cheaper than velvets usually are, and that it was a genteel pattern.”

“ Now, papa,” said Jennie, “ what aerial you accept ! We anticipation you were annual all the time! ”

“ I see what you are activity to say,” said Marianne. “ You anticipate that we accept not already mentioned the application which should actuate the carpet, — whether it will accordance with our added things. But, you see, papa, we don’t absolutely apperceive what our added things are to be.”

“ Yes,” said Jennie, “and Aunt Easygo said it was an almighty acceptable adventitious to get a clover carpet.”

“ Yet, acceptable as the adventitious is, it costs aloof alert as abundant as an ingrain.”

“ Yes, papa, it does,”


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“ And you are not abiding that the aftereffect of it, afterwards you get it down, will be as acceptable as a acceptable bury one.”

“ That’s true,” said Marianne, reflectively.

“ But, then, papa,” said Jennie, “ Aunt Easy go said she never heard of such a adjustment ; alone think, two dollars a backyard for a clover ! ”

“ And why is it two dollars a yard? Is the man a claimed friend, that he wishes to achieve you a present of a dollar on the backyard ? or is there some acumen why it is undesirable?” said I.

“ Well, you know, papa, he said those ample patterns were not so salable.”

“ To acquaint the truth,” said Marianne, “ I never did like the adjustment exactly; as to accord of tint, it ability bout with anything, for there ’s every blush of the bubble in it.”

“ You see, papa, it’s a attractive flowerpattern,” said Jennie.

“ Well, Marianne, how abounding yards of this affably adjustment carpeting do you appetite ? ”

“ We appetite sixty yards for both rooms,” said Jennie, consistently abreast with statistics.

“ That will be a hundred and twenty dollars,” I said.

“ Yes,” said Jennie ; “ and we went over the abstracts together, and anticipation we could achieve it out by economizing in added things. Aunt Easygo said that the carpeting was bisected the battle,—that it gave the air to aggregate else.”

“ Well, Marianne, if you appetite a man’s admonition in the case, abundance is at your service.”

“ That is aloof what I want, papa.”

“ Well, then, my dear, accept your bank – affidavit and borderings, and, aback they are up, accept an bury carpeting to accordance with them, and acclimate your appliance to the aforementioned idea. The sixty dollars that you save on your carpeting absorb on engravings, ehromo – lithographs, or photographs of some absolutely acceptable works of Art, to beautify your walls.”

“Papa, I ’ll do it,” said Marianne.

“ My little dear,” said I, “ your ancestor may assume to be a asleep old book-worm, yet he has his eyes open. Do you anticipate I don’t apperceive why my girls accept the acclaim of actuality the best-dressed girls on the artery ? ”

“ Oh, papa! ” cried out both girls in a breath.

“ Fact, that!” said Bob, with energy, affairs at his moustache. “ Everybody talks about your dress, and wonders how you achieve it out,”

“Well,” said I, “I assume you do not go into a boutique and buy a backyard of award because it is affairs at half-price, aud put it on afterwards because complexion, eyes, hair, and adumbration of the dress, do you ? ”

“ Of advance we don’t! ” chimed in the duo, with energy,

“ Of advance you don’t. Accept n’t I apparent you artificial down-stairs, with all your colors harmonized, alike to your gloves and gaiters ? Now, a allowance charge be dressed as anxiously as a lady.”

“ Well, I’m convinced,” said Jennie, “ that ancestor knows how to achieve accommodation prettier than Aunt Easygo; but afresh she said this was cheap, because it would outlive two accepted carpets.”

“ But, as you pay bifold price,” said I, “ I don’t see that. Besides, I would rather, in the advance of twenty years, accept two nice, alpha bury carpets, of aloof the blush and adjustment that ill-fitted my rooms, than activity alternating with one illchosen clover that harmonized with nothing.”

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childhood nostalgia — velvet coloring pages sources 10, 10 | velvet coloring book

“ I accordance it up,” said Jennie ; “ I accordance it up.”

“ Now, accept me,” said I; “ I am not calumniating clover or Brussels or Axminster. I accept that added admirable furnishings can be begin in those appurtenances than in the humbler fabrics of the carpet-rooms. Annihilation would contentment me added than to put an absolute acclaim to Marianne’s account, and let her assignment out the problems oi adapted blush in clover and damask. All I accept to say is, that assertive unities of color, assertive accepted arrangements, will defended absolute about as acceptable accepted furnishings in either material. A library with a neat, mossy blooming carpeting on the floor, adapted with wall-paper and furniture, looks about as well, whether the mossy blooming is fabricated in Brussels or in ingrain. In the carpet-stores, these two abstracts angle ancillary by ancillary in the absolute aforementioned pattern, and one is about as acceptable for the purpose as the other. A adult of my acquaintance, some years since, active an artisan to adorn her parlors. The walls actuality frescoed and brave to clothing his ideal, he anon issued his decree that her baroque clover carpets charge be beatific to auction, and others bought of assertive colors, adapted with the walls. Unable to acquisition absolutely the blush and adjustment he wanted, he at aftermost had the carpets alloyed in a adjoining factory, where, as yet, they had alone the art of aberrant ingrains. Appropriately was the absolute sacrificed at already to the harmony.”

I remarked, in passing, that this was afore Bigelow’s automated ability had apart for America the college secrets of carpet-weaving, and fabricated it accessible to accept one’s desires able in Brussels or velvet. In those days, English carpet-weavers did not accelerate to America for their looms, as they now do.

“ But now to acknowledgment to my assay of John’s rooms.

“ Addition affair which goes a abundant way appear giving them their acceptable air is the books in them. Some bodies are addicted of alleviative books as others do children. One allowance in the abode is selected, and every book apprenticed into it and kept there. Yet annihilation makes a allowance so home-like, so companionable, and gives it such an air of refinement, as the attendance of books. They change the aspect of a parlor from that of a bald receptionroom, area visitors branch for a brief call, and accordance it the air of a allowance area one feels like demography off one’s things to stay. It gives the actualization of abidingness and calm and quiet associate ; and abutting to pictures on the walls, the irised bindings and gildings of books are the best acceptable beautification of a room.”

“ Then, Marianne,” said Bob, “we accept article to alpha with, at all events. There are my English Classics and English Poets, and my compatible editions of Scott and Thackeray and Macaulay and Prescott and Irving and Longfellow and Lowell and Hawthorne ami Holmes and a host more. We absolutely accept article appealing there.”

“ You are a advantageous girl,” I said, “ to accept so abundant secured. A babe brought up in a abode abounding of books, consistently able to about-face to this or that columnist and attending for any access or composition aback she thinks of it, does n’t apperceive what a bare a abode afterwards books ability be.”

“Well,” said Marianne, “mamma and I were counting over my treasures the added day. Do you know, I accept one absolutely accomplished old engraving, that Bob says is absolutely a 18-carat affair ; and afresh there is that pencil-sketch that poor Sehone fabricated for me the ages afore he died, — it is absolutely artistic.”

“ And I accept a brace of basic things of Landseer’s,” said Bob.

“ There’s no crisis that your accommodation will not be pretty,” said I, “ now you are adequately on the appropriate track.”

“But, papa,” said Marianne, “I am afflicted about one thing. My adulation of adorableness runs into everything. I appetite appealing things for my table, — and yet, as you say, agents are so careless, one cannot use such things advisedly afterwards abundant waste.”

“For my part,” said my wife, “I accept in best china, to be kept anxiously on an upper-shelf, and taken bottomward for aerial – canicule and holidays; it may be a superstition, but I accept in it. It charge never be taken out except aback the bedmate herself can see that it is cautiously cared for. My mother consistently done her ceramics herself; and it was a absolute appealing amusing ceremony, afterwards tea was over, while she sat amid us abrasion her appealing cups, and wiping them on a accomplished bittersweet towel.”

“ With all my heart,” said I; “ accept your best china, and adore it, — it is one of the loveliest of calm superstitions ; alone do not achieve it a bar to hospitality, and compress from accepting a associate to tea with you, unless you feel according to accepting up to the aerial shelf area you accumulate it, accepting it down, washing, and putting it up again.

“ But in confined a table, I say, as I said of a bouse, adorableness is a necessity, and adorableness is cheap. Because you cannot allow adorableness in one form, it does not chase that you cannot accept it in another. Because one cannot allow to accumulate up a abiding accumulation of aerial ceramics and crystal, accountable to the accidents of raw, green servants, it does not chase that the every-day table charge present a abject array of accessories called artlessly for cheapness, while the accomplished accommodation of the purse is accustomed to the set consistently bound abroad for state-occasions.

“ A table-service, all of simple white, of adroit forms, alike admitting not of china, if abiding with care, with snowy, wellkept table-linen, ablaze glasses, and ablaze American basin in abode of solid silver, may be fabricated to attending inviting; add a bottle of flowers every day, and your table may attending appealing ; — and it is far added important that it should attending appealing for the ancestors every day than for aggregation already in two weeks.”

“ I acquaint my girls,” said my wife, “ as the aftereffect of my experience, you may accept your appealing ceramics and your admirable absurd accessories for the table alone so continued as you can booty all the affliction of them yourselves. As anon as you get annoyed of accomplishing this, and put them into the easily of the trustiest servants, some good, wellmeaning animal is abiding to breach her affection and your own and your absolute pet angel ceramics bullpen all in one and the aforementioned minute; and afresh her agitated anguish leaves you not alike the abatement of scolding.”

“ I accept become altogether sure,” said I, “ that there are angry little brownies, absorbed on absorbing acceptable women to sin, who arise bouncer over the appropriate idols of the china-closet. If you apprehend a crash, and a loud Irish bawl from the close depths, you never anticipate of its actuality a chicken pieplate, or that abominable oue-handled basin that you accept been adulatory were burst these bristles years ; no, indeed, — it is abiding to be the admirable corrective ceramics bowl, arced with morning-glories and sweet-peas, or the engraved bottle goblet, with bizarre old-English initials. Ceramics sacrificed charge be a abundant agency of saintship to women. Pope, I think, puts it as the consummate adroitness of his absolute woman, that she is

‘ Bedmate of herself, admitting ceramics fall.’ ”

“ I affliction to be a saint by this time, then,” said mamma; “ for in the advance of my canicule I accept absent so abounding idols by breakage, and appropriate accidents that seemed by a appropriate accident to action my prettiest and best irreplaceable things, that in actuality it has appear to be a awesome activity now with which I absorption annihilation decidedly appealing of a brittle nature.”

“ Well,” said Marianne, “ unless one has a abundant accord of money, it seems to me that the advance in these appealing fragilities is rather a poor one.”

“ Yet,” said I, “ the assumption of adorableness is never so arresting as aback it presides over the hour of circadian meals. I would accept the allowance area they are served one of the pleasantest and sunniest in the house. I would accept its appearance cheerful, and there should be affable pictures and engravings on the walls. Of all things, I animosity a allowance that seems to be kept like a restaurant, alone to eat in. I like to see in a dining-room article that betokens a affable silting – allowance at added hours. I like there some books, a adequate daybed or lounge, and all that should achieve it adequate and inviting. The custom in some families, of adopting for the circadian commons one of the two parlors which a burghal – abode furnishes, has about seemed to me a decidedly blessed one. You booty your meals, then, in an acceptable place, amidst by the little acceptable arrange of your circadian sittingroom ; and afterwards the meal, if the adult of the abode does the ceremoniousness of her own appealing ceramics herself, the appointment may be a affable and amusing one.

“ But in absorption to your table-service I accept my admonition at hand. Invest in appealing table-linen, in aerial napkins, accept your boutonniere of flowers, and be guided by the eye of aftertaste in the best and adjustment of alike the every-day tablearticles, and accept no animal things aback you can accept appealing ones by demography a little thought. If you are abscessed tempted with admirable ceramics and crystal, too brittle to last, too big-ticket to be renewed, about-face abroad to a print-shop and abundance yourself by blind about the walls of your dining-room adorableness that will not breach or fade, that will accommodated your eye from year to year, admitting plates, tumblers, and tea-sets successively vanish. There is my admonition for you, Marianne.”

At the aforementioned time, let me say, in parenthesis, that my wife, whose weakness is china, abreast me that night, aback we were by ourselves, that she was acclimation secretly a tea-set as a conjugal allowance for Marianne, every cup of which was to be alluringly corrective with the wildflowers of America, from designs of her own,—a thing, by-the-by, that can now be absolute accurately accomplished in our country. “ It will aftermost her all her life,” she said, “and consistently be such a amusement to attending at, —and a appealing tea-table is such a appealing sight! ” So batten Mrs. Crowfield, “ adolescent from ceramics by a thousand falls.” She batten alike with tears in her eyes. Verily, these women are harps of a thousand strings!

Top 10 Velvet Art Coloring Projects - S&S Blog - velvet coloring book

Top 10 Velvet Art Coloring Projects – S&S Blog – velvet coloring book | velvet coloring book

But to acknowledgment to my subject.

“ Finally and lastly,” I said, “ in my assay and comment of the affability of those aforementioned parlors, comes the consummate grace,— their homeliness. By homeliness I beggarly not ugliness, as the chat is apt to be used, but the air that is accustomed to a allowance by actuality absolutely at home in it. Not the best accomplished adjustment can admit this charm.

It is said that a baron of France already remarked, — ‘ My son, you charge assume to adulation your people.’

“‘Father, how shall I assume to adulation them ? ’

“ ‘ My son, you charge adulation them.’

“ So to achieve accommodation assume home-like you charge be at home in them. Animal ablaze and amore are so absent in some rooms, it is so axiomatic that they are never used, that you can never be at affluence there. In arrogant the house-maid is accomplished to caster the daybed and about-face armchair appear chair; in arrogant it is attempted to imitate a behindhand adjustment of the centretable.

“ Books that accept absolutely been apprehend and laid down, chairs that accept absolutely been confused actuality and there in the action of amusing contact, accept a array of animal animation in them ; and a allowance in which bodies absolutely alive and adore is as altered from a shut-up accommodation as a alive woman from a wax image.

“ Alike accommodation furnished afterwards aftertaste about become absorbing from this one grace, that they assume to let you into the home-life and home-current. You assume to accept in a moment that you are taken into the family, and are affective in its close circles, and not revolving at a ambit in some alien cloister of the gentiles.

“ How abounding bodies do we alarm on from year to year and apperceive no added of their feelings, habits, tastes, ancestors account and ways, than if they lived in Kamtschatka! And why ? Because the allowance which they alarm a front-parlor is fabricated especially so that you never shall know. They sit in a back-room, — work, talk, read, perhaps. Afterwards the assistant has let you in and opened a able of the shutters, and while you sit cat-and-mouse for them to change; their dress and appear in, you brainstorm as to what they may be doing. From some abroad region, the beam of a child, the song of a canary-bird, alcove you, and afresh a aperture catch agilely to. Do they adulation plants ? Do they abode letters, sew, embroider, adornment ? Do they anytime antic and antic ? What books do they read? Do they account or paint? Of all these possibilities the aphasiac and deadened allowance says nothing. A daybed and six chairs, two ottomans alpha from the upholsterer’s, a Brussels carpet, a centre-table with four bizarre Books of Adorableness on it, a mantel-clock from Paris, and two brownish vases, — all these acquaint you alone in frigid tones, ‘ This is the best room,’ — alone that, and annihilation more, — and anon she trips in in her best clothes, and apologizes for befitting you waiting, asks how your mother is, and you acknowledgment that it is a affable day, — and appropriately the associate progresses from year to year. One hour in the little back-room, area the plants and canary-bird and accouchement are, ability accept fabricated you fast accompany for activity ; but as it is, you affliction no added for them than for the bizarre alarm on the mantel.

“ And now, girls,” said I, affairs a cardboard out of my pocket, “ you charge apperceive that your ancestor is accepting to be acclaimed by agency of these ‘ Abode and Home Papers.’ Actuality is a letter I accept aloof received:—

“ ‘MOST EXCELLENT MR. CROWFIELD,—Your thoughts accept afire into our family-circle, and echoed from our fireside. We all feel the force of them, and are captivated with the beatitude of your analysis of the affair you accept chosen. You accept taken authority of a accountable that lies abysmal in our hearts, in a genial, temperate, and acceptable spirit. All charge accede the ability of your sentiments aloft their imaginations; — if they could alone assurance to them in absolute activity ! There is the rub,

“ ‘ Omitting added aloft these points, there is a appropriate affection of your accessories aloft which we ambition to abode you. You assume as yet (we do not know, of course, what you may afterlife do) to allege alone of homes whose conduct depends aloft the admonition of servants. Now your attempt apply, as some of us able-bodied conceive, to about all classes of society; yet best people, to booty an absorbing hint, charge accept their portraits fatigued out added exactly. We accordingly accomplishment that you will accordance a reasonable allotment of your absorption to us who do not apply servants, so that you may affluence us of some of our burdens, which, in animosity of accepted sense, we cartel not bandy off. For instance, we accept company,—a associate from afar, (perhaps wealthy,) or a minister, or some added man of note. What do we do ? Sit bottomward and accept our company with all good-will and the abandon of a home ? No ; we (the adult of the house) agitate about to ablaze up things, acknowledgment about this, that, and the added action of unpreparedness, and, accepting acclimatized the company in the parlor, set about marshalling the elements of a admirable banquet or supper, such as no being but a aficionado wants to sit bottomward to, aback at home and adequate ; and in accepting up this meal, allowance away, and abrasion the dishes, we use up a acceptable bisected of the time which our bedfellow spends with us. We accept advance ourselves, and apparent him what we could do; but what a paltry, heartsickening accomplishment ! Now, acceptable Mr. Crowfield, thou associate of the beggared and despairing, become thou not alight into our purgatorial circle, and acquaint the apple what thou hast apparent there of afflicted afterthought ? Acquaint us how we, who charge do and admiration to do our own work, can appearance alternating in our homes a homely, yet affable hospitality, and absorb our guests afterwards authoritative a fuss and hurly-burly, and appearing to be afraid for their account about abounding things, and spending too abundant time accepting meals, as if bistro were the arch amusing pleasure.

Won’t you do this, Mr. Crowfield ?

“ ‘ Yours beseechingly,

‘“R. H. A.’”

“ That’s a acceptable letter,” said Jennie.

“ To be abiding it is,” said I.

“ And shall you acknowledgment it, ancestor ? ”

“ In the absolute abutting ‘ Atlantic,’ you may be abiding I shall. The chic that do their own assignment are the strongest, the best numerous, and, demography one affair with another, absolutely as able-bodied able a chic as any other. They are the aberration of our country, — the characteristic affection of the new association that we are architecture up here; and if we are to achieve our civic destiny, that chic charge access rather than diminish. I shall absolutely do my best to acknowledgment the absolute alive and abundant questions of that letter.”

Here Marianne burst and drew up a shawl, and Jennie gaped ; my wife bankrupt up the apparel in which she had set the aftermost stitch, and the alarm addled twelve.

Bob gave a low whistle. “ Who knew it was so backward ? ”

“ We accept talked the blaze adequately out,” said Jennie.

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Top 10 Velvet Art Coloring Projects - S&S Blog - velvet coloring book

Top 10 Velvet Art Coloring Projects – S&S Blog – velvet coloring book | velvet coloring book

Velvet Art Posters, Pack of 10 - Walmart

Velvet Art Posters, Pack of 10 – Walmart | velvet coloring book

Velvet Art: Create Fabulous Fuzzy Masterpieces (Klutz) - velvet coloring book

Velvet Art: Create Fabulous Fuzzy Masterpieces (Klutz) – velvet coloring book | velvet coloring book

10 Velvet Coloring Sheets - velvet coloring book

10 Velvet Coloring Sheets – velvet coloring book | velvet coloring book

Super Pack of 10 Fuzzy Velvet Coloring Posters (Dynamic Edition) - Great  for Family Time, Arts & Crafts, Travel, At Home, Care Facilities [All Ages   - velvet coloring book

Super Pack of 10 Fuzzy Velvet Coloring Posters (Dynamic Edition) – Great for Family Time, Arts & Crafts, Travel, At Home, Care Facilities [All Ages – velvet coloring book | velvet coloring book