Ever wondered why ENVE was such a high-quality brand? Ever wondered why you would pay such a substantial amount of money for components? The ones who used ENVE know. The ones who have not already, will. A few questions, direct answers to explain what ENVE stands for.

Kring: ENVE has established itself as a synonym for the highest of standards in the cycling world. What are the keys to such a success?

ENVE: We at ENVE have never compromised on created a better riding experience. It is the relentless pursuit to build and make the ultimate products that we want to ride. This is the mythos for the products we make and how we go about daily business. To be the best.


Kring: What differentiates an ENVE wheelset from another carbon wheel? What are the technical components behind your rims and spokes?

ENVE: Each rim is hand made using the highest grade unidirectional carbon fiber. This allows us to produce a wheel for what type a bike a person rides, where they ride and how they ride. Paired with molded in spoke holes, removable bladders, ENVE wheels have garnered the reputation as being some the strongest, yet lightest wheels on the market.

Kring: You work with a lot of professional athletes. What does that bring to your company  in terms of visibility and improvements to your materials? 

ENVE: Our professional team and athlete sponsorship program is not just a marketing exercise, but an extension of our product development and testing. We are very selective with which athletes/ team we work with. Professional racing is the ultimate proving grounds for our products, which have helped us develop products that consumers can purchase and ride. The 4.5 AR was developed hand in hand with Team Dimension Data for the spring classics, and has rapidly become one of our top selling wheel sets.


Kring: What are you working on right now, in terms of bike components? What is the next big thing for ENVE composites? A breakthrough stem? A new incredible wheelset?

ENVE: As bikes become more integrated, so do our components. We just launched a new Di2 integrateble SES road bar. We will be launching a new MSeries line up of mountain wheels at EuroBike with a revolutionary integrated technology to improve pinch flat protection and rim durability. This technology has been tested and proven in the rigors of the downhill mountain bike world cup.

Kring: You are quite centered on the Sports aspect of cycling. Are there any plans for urban riding in your business?

ENVE: We don’t have any current plans to enter the urban market, however we do work with some fixed bike racers and are researching e-bikes. If there is a place for us to play in the urban market, then sure, why not.


Kring:You obviously are a carbon specialist company. Any plans for trying out new materials?

ENVE: Our focus has been and will be carbon. That being said we do manufacture our own tooling and some small parts in metal. If there would be a product developed that was superior in another material and we had the capabilities, we would certainly give it due diligence. We do make some really nice softgoods!

Kring: What does the future of ENVE look like? Every road bike fully equipped with your components? 

ENVE wants to be the most desired aftermarket carbon wheel and components manufacture in the world with the most loyal customers. We also want to continue to be opinion leaders in the industry, defining the direction of the sport based on valid, good strong data.

Thanks a lot!