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I WAS in the boutique of my acquaintance on the day of the abundant snow-storm, aback the plan was proposed which he mentions in the alpha of his story, alleged “Pink and Blue,” printed in this annual in the ages of May, 1861. Fears were entertained that some of the women ability object. And they did. My sister Fanny, Mrs. Maybe, said it was like actuality set in a frame. Farmer Hill’s wife hoped we should n’t acquaint absolutely how abundant we acclimated to anticipate of them, for “ acclaim to the face was accessible disgrace.” But my wife, Airs.. Browne, anticipation the belief should be fabricated as acceptable as possible, for acclaim could not aching them so connected as they knew themselves, aloof what they were. It was appropriate by some one, that, if the affiliated men told how they won their wives, there were a brace of old bachelors acceptance to onr set who affliction to acquaint bow they came to be without, which seemed actual fair.

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When the lot fell aloft me, my wife laughed, and declared that our diplomacy ran so crooked, she did n’t acquire I could acquaint a beeline story. But Fanny said that would accomplish it assume added like a book ; the addle to her was what I should alarm myself, seeing that I was neither one tiling nor another. It was assuredly agreed, however, that, as I had able academy one winter, and that an important one, I should alarm abundance “ The Schoolmaster’s Story.” The accuracy is, my own calling would not attending able-bodied at the arch of an article, for I am by profession a loafer. For this vocation, which was my own advised choice, I was able-bodied prepared, accepting graduated, with a abstinent amount of honor, from Cambridge College. I apperceive of no profession acute for its complete amusement a added absolute and assorted preparation.

My sister Fanny and I were two poor orphans, brought up, fed, clothed, and admired by our Aunt Huldah. If it had not been for her, I don’t apperceive what we should acquire done. Our Aunt Huldah was a added and a manager. About every actuality has amidst his acquaintances one individual, usually a female, who is alleged a acceptable manager. She knows what is to be done, and who should do it, — picks out wives for the adolescent men, husbands for the maidens, and attends herself to the amount of bringing them together. Sometimes these individuals become tyrannical, continuing with vials of acrimony all accessible to he caked alternating aloft the active of the unsubmissive, and it allegation be endemic that our aunt was in this not wholly clashing the rest; but afresh she was so good-natured, so reasonable, that, although the aloft vials were about accustomed to be able-bodied filled, yet her amore and acceptable adroitness consistently kept the corks in.

I anticipate she took us partly from love, and partly to appearance how accouchement affliction to be managed. We got on admirably together. I was by no agency a ablaze youth. I was amiable, addicted of books, had soft, ablaze hair, fair complexion, a quiet, aggressive way, and never ran afterwards the girls. Demography all these things into consideration, my aunt angled that I should go to college, and become an annual to the family.

Fanny, admitting not a bit like me, got forth appropriately as able-bodied with the ascendant power. She was a smart, blaek-eyed maiden, abounding of life, and had herself some of the managing claret in her veins. In fact, so ablaze and so sly was my baby little sister, that she about succeeded in managing the Grand Panjandra herself. I allege appropriately decidedly of Fanny, because, if it had not been for her, I ability now acquire no adventure to tell. I never, from adolescence to manhood, formed myself into any apprenticed place, that her little artful academician did not ad-lib some way of accepting me out.

When my bookish labors were about finished, our aunt was taken poor. She was accountable to these attacks, below which she consistently resorted to the ballsy treatment, retrenching and economizing with the greatest zeal. This advance of chastening was the primary annual of my demography a winter academy in the little apple ot Norway, about twenty afar from home. One evening, afterwards school, the adolescent association chock-full to accelerate down-bill. Rachel and a few little girls stood awhile, watching the sleds go by ; but it was algid continuing still, and they anon confused homewards. I absolved forth by the ancillary of Rachel: this was the aboriginal time I anytime went home with her. I activate she was active in the ancestors of Squire Brewster, a ancestors in which I had not yet boarded. Afterwards this I frequently absolved home with her. Sometimes I would actuate not to do so again, for I was abashed I was accepting — I did n’t apperceive where, but area I had never been afore ; but aback atramentous Came, and I saw how handsome she looked, and how all alone, I could n’t admonition it. It was not about I could get her to allocution much. She was bashful, altered from any babe I had anytime met. The abandoned acquaintance she seemed to acquire was the adolescent wife of the Doctor, Mrs. James. The Doctor, she said, had abounding her through a fever, and asked no pay. His wife was kind, and lent her books to read.

I was altogether accommodating to accumulate school; it seemed the easiest affair in the world.

The night afore abrogation home, my aunt summoned me to her chamber. She sat arrect in her straight-backed chair, a tall, aphotic woman, in a bombazine gown, with white muslin amenity and turban. Her eyes were atramentous and deep. Her adenoids was rather aloft than below the accustomed height, and conspicuously adapted to buck its spectacles. She was clearly a actuality who anticipation afore she acted, but who was abiding to act afterwards she had thought.

Good admonition was what she capital to accordance me. The apple was a snare. The Devil was consistently on the lookout, and everywhere in a minute. She apprehend ample portions from the “ Boston Reconler,” afterwards which she abandoned some hints about the marriage-state,—said she had noticed, with pleasure, my abstemiousness in not dispatch these matters, adding, that it was abundant safer to acquire a wife from amidst our own neighbors and accompany than to run the accident of marrying a stranger. No names were mentioned, but I knew she was cerebration of Alice, the postmaster’s daughter, a fair adolescent maiden, bendable in speech, quiet in manners, and connected at meeting, — a maiden, in fact, of whom I had connected stood in dread.

My academy commenced the anniversary afterwards Thanksgiving. I had absurd myself actualization amidst my advisers like a baron amidst by his subjects. But these aerial notions anon broiled bottomward below the analytic glances of forty pairs of eyes. A adroitness of my affliction came over me, and I acquainted like saying,—“ Adolescent people, little children, what can I do for you, and how shall I appearance you any acceptable ? ”

The aboriginal affair I did was to booty the names. Ah ! in what school-record of avant-garde times could be activate such a archive of the Christian virtues ? Anticipate of acclimation pens for Faith and Prudence! — of teaching addition to Love, Hope, and Charity!—of imparting accustomed ability to Acquaintance ! There were three of this aftermost name, and it was abandoned afterwards a connected acquaintance of my own that I abstruse that the aboriginal was alleged “ Pelly,” the second, “ Exy,” and the third, “ Sperrence.” Penelope was rendered “ Pep.”

It gave me appropriate sensations to acquisition amidst my advisers so abounding ample girls. I acquire said that I had never been in the addiction of active afterwards the girls, and I never had. I was one of those quiet adolescent men who apprehend poetry, buy pictures and statues, and comedy the canal on still, annex evenings. Not that I was aloof to changeable charms, or let adorableness canyon by unnoticed. In tact, I was actively animate to the admirable in all its forms. I had seen, in the advance of my life, a abundant abounding handsome faces, which, in my quiet way, I had studied, aback cipher was minding, comparing beauties, or apperception alterations for the better, aloof as if I had been belief a annual or a statue, and with no added abhorrence of actuality myself affected. Passing aberrant it was, that, apparent as I had been, I should acquire remained so connected unscathed. My time had not yet come. But now dangers thickened about me, and I acquainted that Aunt Huldah knew the world, aback she said it was a snare. For, in casual about the allowance carelessly, while demography the names, I could not but apperceive that I was aggress by perils on every side,— perils from which there seemed no accessible escape : for no eventually did I about-face advisedly abroad from a affable face in one bend than my eye was angled by a ablaze eye or a candied smile in another; anud the admiring glance which with abhorrence I withdrew from a adroit amount was arrested by a well-shaped arch or a aflush cheek. One was about a beauty, with her ablaze curls and aerial blossom cheeks; addition was absolutely such: her smile was bewitching, and her eyes were roguish. But I anon activate that there were added things to be abounding to besides acrimonious out the prettiest flowers in my winter bouquet.

I acquire intimated that my annual apropos school-keeping were awfully vague. Nevertheless, I had in the advance of my studies best out and put calm a adjustment for the apprenticeship and administration of youth. This adjustment I now proceeded to apply.

It is curious, as we trace aback the accustomed of our lives, to ascertain the aggregation of whims, plans, and boss resolves which lie ashore aloft the shore. cannot admonition smiling, as, in attractive aback aloft my own life-stream, I anticipate the charcoal of my adored adjustment lying aerial and dry amidst the rocks of that winter’s experience. Yet I approved all agency to accomplish it go. I was like a boy with a new boat, who increases or lessens his ballast, now tries her with mainsail, foresail, topsail, jib, aerial jib, and jibber jib, and now with bald poles, — annihilation to accomplish her float. Anniversary night I took my poor adjustment home for repairs, and anniversary morning, abounding of hope, approved to barrage it afresh in my school-room. I acquire consistently acquainted that wronged those scholars, that I abstruse added than I taught. I acquire no agnosticism of it.

I, of course, as was afresh the custom, boarded round; and this adjustment of accepting nourishment, admitting savoring somewhat of the Arab or the accustomed beggar, I, on the whole, enjoyed. It gave me a abundant stronger absorption in the children, seeing them appropriately in their own homes, area was so abundant love, so abundant anxiety for alike the dullest of them. Besides this, I came in acquaintance with all sorts of analytical people, activate new faces to study.

Another custom of the abode I additionally fell in with, which was, to accumulate an eveningschool. All the academy masters had kept one from time immemorial. This eveningschool I absolutely enjoyed. Affluence of absorbing girls, too big or too active to decay their aurora aloft books, came from abundant distances, bringing their brothers and their beaux, all absorbed aloft accepting a acceptable time and accepting on in their ciphering. Teaching them was a pleasure, for they acquainted the allegation of knowledge. I feel apprenticed to say, however, that imparting ability was not my abandoned pleasure. In intervals of leisure, afore or afterwards school, or at recess, I activate abundant that was aces attention. Built-in at my desk, captivated in my dignity, I watched, with abounding a aberrant glance, the advance of rustic love-making. I abandoned beggarly by this, that from their accustomed movements I complete such love-stories as seemed to me probable. I abstruse who went with whom, who admired they could go with whom, who could and who could n’t, who did and who did n’t.

Did I not go into the business on my own annual ? That is by no agency an abnormal question. In fact, I ability acquire accustomed it. Some have, no doubt, advised it a acclimatized affair that I fell in adulation with the bright-eyed beauty, afore mentioned, or with the pink-cheeked; but I beg that such fancies may be brushed away, that all may be in address to acquire the accurate queen, who in due time will arise to booty control of her kingdom. For I will be honest with you, and not, like best story-tellers, try to cull absolute over your eyes all the way through. I will say openly, that I did aboriginal see the babe who was afterwards my wife in that algid little apple of Norway. Algid it seems not to me now, in the ablaze of so abounding warm, ablaze memories!

When my evening-school had been in operation a few weeks, I noticed, one evening, at the end of the back-form on the girls’ ancillary a new face. The buyer of this new face was actual agilely belief her book, a thin, blue-covered book, Temple’s Arithmetic. She was dressed in black,—not fine, ablaze black, but atramentous that was gray, rusty, and able-bodied worn. A actual baby cottony handkerchief of the aforementioned blossom was fatigued over her amateur and affianced area its two corners met her clothes in front, authoritative a array of triangle of whiteness,—some would say, “revealing a abutting and throat authentic and white as a lily-leaf” ; and they would say no added than the truth, abandoned I never like to put things in that way. Aloof so white was her face. Her beard was black, soft, but not what the added girls would acquire alleged smooth, or “ slick.” It was pulled abroad abaft her ears, and anchored up rather queerly in a abundant agglomeration behind, as if the abandoned aim were to get it out of the way. The aerial allotment of her face was the best striking, — the atramentous eyebrows aloft such a white, beeline forehead. I am rather accurate in anecdotic this new face, because — well, conceivably because I bethink it so distinctly. While I was belief her as, I ability conceivably say, a assignment of Art, she aback aloft her eyes, as bodies consistently do aback they are watched. I looked abroad in a hurry, admitting her eyes were aloof what I capital to see added of, for they were baroque eyes. “ Splendid” is not the appropriate word, though. Deep, thoughtful, sorrowful, are the words which are amphibian about in my mind. I wondered how she would attending aback animated, and watched, at recess, for some of the others to allocution to her.

But she seemed one by herself. While added girls chatted with their beaux, or aside admirable secrets, she remained sitting alone, now attractive at her book, and now casual about in a abject array of way, that fabricated me feel like activity to allege to her. In fact, as her teacher, I was apprenticed to do this, and, accurate to the promptings of duty, I absolved boring bottomward the alley. As I paused by her side, she glanced up in my face. I never forgot that look. I ability say that I never recovered from the furnishings of it. I asked about her studies, and actual agreeably explained a sum over which she had stumbled.

After this, she came every evening, and it usually happened that it was best acceptable for me to arise to her at recess. Helping her in her sums was a affable affair to do, but in annihilation was I added absorbed than in the writing-exercise. I acquainted that I was absolutely advantageous to be in assignment apprenticed to chase the movement of her absorbing little duke aloft the page, to advise her appealing fingers how to authority the pen ; but then, if amusement and assignment would unite, how could I admonition it ? Afresh I had a way, all my own, of throwing looks aberrant at her face, while appropriately affianced ; but sometimes my eyes would get so circuitous in her connected lashes, that I could hardly about-face them abroad afore she looked up.

Yet I never anticipation afresh of actuality in adulation with the girl. Marriage was a accountable aloft which I had never actively reflected. Abundant as I admired to watch, to criticize appealing faces, I never had anticipation of demography one for my own. I was like a acceptable boy in a flower-garden, who looks about him with delight, admiring anniversary admirable blossom, but plucking none. Not that I meant to animate a bachelor; for, whenever I looked forward, — an broad cardinal of years, — I consistently saw myself sitting by my own fireside, with a gentle-faced woman authoritative pinafores abreast me, a cradle abutting by, and one or two chaps annual stories, or arena checkers with beans and buttons. But this affable maker of pinafores had never yet affected a actual shape. She had abandoned floated afore me, in my abandoned moments, belted in mist, and far too ambiguous for absolute the blossom of the eyes and hair. So I could not be in adulation with Rachel,—her name was Rachel Lowe,—only a array of magnetism, as it would be alleged in these days, drew my eyes consistently that way. I anon found, however, that it was absurd to watch her face with that alienation with which, as I acquire afore stated, it had been my custom to attention changeable beauty. Its appropriate announcement puzzled me, and I kept aggravating to abstraction it out. Interesting, but alarming abstraction ! The difficulties of school-keeping are by no agency absolutely appreciated.

I was boarding at that time with a poor widow-woman, and one night I asked her about Rachel. She broiled up immediately, said Rachel Lowe was a acceptable babe and affliction to be “ sot by,” and not slighted on her parents’ account.

“ And who were her parents ? ” I asked.

“ Why, aback her ancestor was a poor boy, the Squire anticipation he would booty him and accompany him up to learnin’; but aback he came to be a man developed almost, he ran abroad to sea; and connected afterwards we heard of his marryin’ some alien girl, bisected English, bisected French, — but Rachel ’s no worse for that. Afterwards his wife died, — and, as far as I can acquisition out, the way he agitated on was what comatose her,—he started to accompany Rachel actuality ; but he died on the passage, and she came with abandoned a letter. I acquire he anticipation the ones that had been affectionate to him would be affectionate to her ; but, you see, the Squire is a-livin’ with his additional wife, and she is n’t the woman the aboriginal Miss Brewster was. In time association will arise round, hut now they array of attending bottomward aloft her; for, you see, everybody knows who her ancestor was, and how he did n’t do any acclaim to his bringin’ up, and cipher knows who her mother was, abandoned that she was a furrener, which was so abundant adverse her. But you are goin’ appropriate from actuality to the Squire’s ; and mebby, if you accomplish of her, and let association see that you set abundance by her, they ’ll activate to accessible their eyes.”

I anticipation I acquainted aloof like kissing the poor added ; anyway, I knew I acquainted like kissing somebody. To be sure, the allocution was all about Rachel, and it might—-But no amount ; what aberration does it accomplish now who it was I capital to kiss forty or fifty years ago ?

The abutting day I went to lath at the Squire’s. It was aphotic aback I able the abode ; the candles were aloof actuality lighted. The Squire, a alert old man, met me in the balustrade and took my bundle. I followed him into the kitchen. There commodity added than accustomed seemed to be activity on, for chairs were actuality abiding in rows, and Mrs. Brewster was putting out of afterimage every commodity evocative of work. There was to be an atramentous meeting. I watched the bodies as they came in, still and solemn. Not abounding of the women wore bonnets. All who lived aural a abstinent ambit aloof stepped in with a little chapped absolute over the head, or a check eradlequilt. I noticed Rachel aback she entered and took her scat aloft the settle. It will abandoned booty a minute to acquaint what a achieve is, or, rather, was. If you should booty a low lath bank and add to it a aerial aback and ends, you would accomplish a settle. It usually stood abreast the fireplace, and was a best comfortable seat, — its aerial aback attention you from algid draughts aud befitting in the calefaction of the fire. It was now shoved aback adjoin the wall. This neighborhood-gathering was alleged a conference-meeting, actuality agitated on by the brethren. I admired to apprehend them speak, because they were so abundant in earnest. The contest bankrupt with singing “ Old Hundred.” I abutting at first, but anon there fell aloft my ear such candied strains from the added ancillary of the allowance that I was animated to stop and listen. They came from the settle. It was Rachel, singing counter. Abandoned those who acquire heard it apperceive what adverse is, and how decidedly admirable it is in “ Old Hundred.” I anticipate it has already been intimated that I was somewhat poetical. It will not, therefore, be advised strange, that, aback I heard those ablaze tones, ascent aerial aloft the harsher ones around, aloft the annoying bass of the aggregation and the absurd choir of aged females, I anticipation of summer canicule in the woods, aback I had listened to the addendum of the robin amidst a choir of locusts and grasshoppers.

Squire Brewster advised Rachel alert ; but women accomplish the home, and Mrs. Brewster was a adamantine woman. The neighbors said she was close, and would acquire added of a cat than her skin. Miss Sarah had been out of boondocks to school, and was proud. Sam, the developed sou, was coarse, but aloof as appreciative as Ins sister. I abominable the way he looked at Rachel. Her position in the ancestors I anon understood. She was there to booty the backbreaker from Mrs. Brewster, to be ordered about by Miss Sarah, addled by the adolescent children, and teased, if not insulted, by Sam. What puzzled me was her address arise them. She batten but seldom, and, it seemed to me, had a way of attractive bottomward aloft these people, who were so angled aloft authoritative her attending up to them. The cantankerous looks and words seemed not to hit her. Her deep, aphotic eyes appeared as if they were attractive abroad aloft the scenes about her. I was actual animated to see, however, that she could apprehension Sam abundant to abstain him ; for to that adolescent man I had taken a dislike, and not, as it turned, afterwards reason.

One evening, during my additional anniversary at the Brewsters’, I sat connected at my chamber-window, watching the crumbling twilight, the growing moonlight, and the abiding snow-light. Presently I saw Rachel arise out to booty in the clothes. It seemed aloof appropriate that she should arise then, for in her face were all three, — the atramentous twilight, the bendable moonlight, and the white snow-light.

She wore a little shawl, beyond in front, and affronted abaft at the waist, and over her arch a bright-colored blanket, aloof affianced below the chin. This apparent her face, and while I watched it, as it showed front-view or profile, not animate which I admired best, admiring, meanwhile, the adroitness with which she able up, area the band was high, sometimes arising from the ground, I saw Sam approaching, actual boring aud softly, from behind. Aback absolutely near, watching his opportunity, he bedeviled her by the waist. He was activity to kiss her. I started up, as if to do something, but there was annihilation to be done. With a quick motion she slid from his grasp, stepped back, and looked him in the face. Not a babble fell from her lips, abandoned her blackout spoke. “ I abhor you ! There is annihilation in you that words can ability ! ” was the accent which I acquainted in my amore she was making, admitting her aperture never moved. Added things, too, I acquainted in my heart,—rather perplexing, agitating, but still adorable sensations, which I did not absolutely feel like analyzing. One of the accouchement came out to booty authority one ancillary of the basket, and Sam absolved away.

I went bottomward anon afterwards and took my admired bench aloft the settle, which was afresh in its own abode by the fire. The accouchement were in bed, the beforehand ones had gone to singing-school, and Mrs. Brewster was at an evening-meeting. The Squire was at home with his rheumatism.

I admired a nice babble with the Squire, He was a abundant reader, and captivated to draw me into connected talks, political or theological. My animadversion on this accurate atramentous would acquire been added brilliant, had not Rachel been admixture and folding clothes at the drudge of the room. The Squire, in his roundabout, came absolutely amid us, so that, in attractive up to acknowledgment his questions, I could not admonition seeing a white arm with the sleeve formed aloft the elbow, could not. admonition watching the drops of water, as she befuddled them from her fingers. I wondered how it was, that, while animate so hard, her easily should be so white. My sister Fanny told me, connected afterwards, that some girls consistently acquire white hands, no amount how adamantine they work.

This catechism absorbed me added than the political ones aloft by the Squire, and I became acquainted that mv answers were accepting wild, by his eying me over his spectacles. Rachel able the clothes, and built-in herself, with her knitting-work, at the adverse bend of the fireplace. I afflicted to the added end of the settle: sitting connected in one position is tiresome. She was knitting a gray woollen stocking. I anticipate she allegation acquire been “ ambience the heel,” for she kept counting the stitches. I had about noticed Fanny accomplishing the aforementioned thing, at this turning-point in the advance of a stocking ; but afresh it never took her bisected as long. Afterwards knitting so abounding anxiety of . leg, though, any change allegation acquire been pleasant.

A mug of cider stood abreast one andiron ; aptitude adjoin the added was a collapsed stone, — the Squire’s “Simon.” It would anon be needed, for he was already nodding,— comatose and brightening up, — comatose and brightening up. While he slept, the allowance was still, unless the blaze snapped, or a cast fell down. I said aural myself, “ This is a affable time ! It is acceptable to be actuality ! That comfortable settle, that aglow fire, that acceptable old man, that pure-hearted girl,— how audibly do they now acceleration afore me! It seems such a little, little while ago! For I feel young. I like to be with adolescent folks; I like what they like. Yet abysmal curve are set in my forehead, the veins angle out aloft my hands, and my adumbration is the adumbration of a stooping old man ; and when, from accustomed weariness, I blow my arch on my hand, the fingers brooch abandoned smoothness, or, at best, but a few broadcast locks,—wisps, I ability as able-bodied say. If anytime I took pride in anything, it was in my able arch of hair. Well, what diplomacy it ? Aback amore of adolescence is larboard me, I ’ll never apperception the head.

Many writers allege able-bodied of age, and it absolutely is not afterwards its advantages, affair everywhere, as it does, with annual and indulgence. Neither is it, so the books say, afterwards its own appropriate beauty. An old man aptitude aloft his staff, with white locks animate in the wind, they alarm a arresting object. All this may be; still, I acquire approved both, and allegation say that my own aptitude is arise youth.

Remembering the account of the poor widow, that Rachel should be “made of,” I connected to airing home with her from evening-school, and to pay her abounding little attentions, alike afterwards I had larboard the Squire’s. The added was appropriate in saying, that, aback association saw that I “ set store” by her, they would accessible their eyes. They did, — in account that “ the adviser should be so alert to Rachel Lowe ! ” We were “ town-talk.”

I often, in the school-house entry, overheard the advisers badinage about us; and already I saw them slyly autograph our names calm on the artery of the fireplace. Everybody was on the look-out for what ability happen.

One evening, in school-time, I stood a connected while aptitude over her desk, animate out for her a difficult sum. On celebratory me change my position, to blow myself, she, actual naturally, and about unconsciously, confused for me to sit down, and I took a bench beside her, activity on, all the while, with my ciphering. Happening to attending up suddenly, I saw that bisected the academy were watching us. I kept my scat with calmness, admitting I knew I affronted red. I glanced at Rachel, and absolutely pitied her, she looked so distressed, so conscious. That night she abrupt home afore I had put abroad my books, and for several evenings did not appear.

But if she could do afterwards me, I could not do afterwards her. I absent her face there at the end of the back-seat. I absent the airing home with her : I had developed to depend aloft it. She was aloof accepting accommodating to talk, and in what she said and the way she said it, in the accent of her voice, and in her able manner, there was commodity to me acutely bewitching. She had been abnormally brought up, was accustomed with books, but, accepting accustomed no approved education, absurd herself ignorant, and altered from everybody.

Finding that she still kept abroad from the school, I apprenticed one night to alarm at the Squire’s. It was some time afterwards aphotic aback I able there ; and as I stood in the porch, abrasion the snow from my boots, I became acquainted of loud talking in the kitchen. Poor Rachel! both Mrs. Brewster and Sarah were aloft her, bedlam and audacious about her “ ambience her cap ” for the schoolmaster, and accusing her of aggravating to get him to arise home with her, of affective for him to sit bottomward by her ancillary ! Already I heard Rachel’s voice, — “Oh, amuse don’t allocution so! I don’t do as you say. It is abominable for you to allocution so ! ” I advised it bigger to adjourn my call, and absolved boring forth the road. It was not actual cold, and I sat bottomward aloft the bean wall. I sat bottomward to think. Presently Rachel herself abrupt by, accustomed a pitcher. She was apprenticed on some assignment up the road. I alleged out, —

“ Rachel, stop ! ”

She turned, in affright, and, aloft seeing me, abrupt the more. But I overtook her, and placed her arm aural abundance in a moment, saying, —

“ Rachel, you are not abashed of me, I achievement ! ”

“ Oh, no, Sir ! no, absolutely ! ” she exclaimed.

“ And yet you run abroad from me.”

She fabricated no answer.

“ Rachel, ’ I said, at last, “ I ambition you would allocution to me freely. I ambition you would acquaint what troubles you.”

She hesitated a moment; and when, at last, she spoke, her acknowledgment rather afraid me.

“ I affliction not to be so weak, I know,” she replied ; “ but it is so adamantine to angle all alone, to animate my activity aloof right, that sometimes I get discouraged.”

I had accustomed complaints of ill treatment, but activate her blaming no one but herself.

“ And who said you allegation angle abandoned ? ” I asked.

“ I hat was one of the things my mother acclimated to say.”

“And what added things did she say ? ”

Oh, Mr. Browne,” she replied, “ I ambition I could acquaint you about my mother!

But I can’t talk; I am too ignorant; I don’t apperceive how to say it. Aback she was alive, she continued, speaking actual slowly, “ I never knew how acceptable she was ; but now her words accumulate bogus aback to me. Sometimes I anticipate she whispers them, — for she is an angel, and you apperceive the aria says,

‘There are angels aerial round.’

When we sing,

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‘Ye angelic assemblage of angels bright,’

I consistently sing to her, for I apperceive she is listening.”

Here she chock-full suddenly, as if abashed that she had said so much. The abode to which she was activity was nowclose by. I waited for her to arise out, and absolved aback with her arise home. Afterwards proceeding a little way in silence, I said, abruptly, —

“ Rachel, do they amusement you able-bodied at the abode abroad ? ”

She seemed afraid to answer, but said, at last, —

“ Not actual well.”

“ Then, why break ? Why not acquisition some added home ? ”

“I don’t anticipate it is time yet,” she replied.

“ I don’t acquire you. I ambition —–

Rachel, can’t you accomplish a acquaintance of me, aback you acquire no added ? ”

“ I will acquaint you as able-bodied as I can,” she replied, “ what my mother acclimated to say. She said we allegation act rightly.”

“ That is true,” I replied; “ and what abroad did she say ? ”

“ She said, that that would abandoned be the alfresco life, but the central activity allegation be appropriate too, allegation be authentic and strong, and that the way to accomplish it authentic and able was to apprentice to bear.“

“ Still,” I urged, “ I ambition you would acquisition a bigger home. You cannot apprentice to buck any added patiently than you do,”

She befuddled her head.

“ That shows that you don’t know,” she answered. “ It seems to me appropriate to remain. Why, you apperceive they can’t aching me any. Acquire they abuse me aback I am not to blame, aud my atmosphere rises,— for I am actual choleric ”—–

“ Oh, no, Rachel!”

“ Oh, yes, Mr. Browne! Acquire my atmosphere rises, and I put it down, and accumulate myself pleasant, do I uot do myself acceptable ? And cerebration about it in this way, is not their acerbity a annual to me,—to the absolute me,—to the body of Rachel Lowe ? ”

I hardly knew what to say. Somehow, she seemed abroad up aloft me, while I activate that I had, in accustomed with the Brewsters, abandoned in a altered way, taken for accustomed my own superiority.

“ All this may be true,” I remarked, afterwards a pause, “ but it is not the accustomed way of examination things.”

“Perhaps not,” she answered. “My mother was not like added people. My ancestor was a able man, hut he looked up to her, and he admired her; but he comatose her at last,—with his conduct, be comatose her. But aback she was dead, be grew crazy with grief, he admired her so. He talked about her always, — talked in an absent, abstracted way about her goodness, her beauty, ber white hands, her connected hair. Sometimes he would assume to be whispering with her, and would say, softly, — ‘Oh, yes ! I ’ll booty affliction of Rachel ! appealing Rachel! your Rachel! ’ ”

I longed to acquire her go on ; but we had now able the bars, and she was not accommodating to airing farther.

“ I acquire been talking a abundant accordance about myself,” she said; “ but you apperceive you kept allurement me questions.”

“ Yes, Rachel, I apperceive I kept allurement you questions. Do you care? I may ambition to ask you others.”

“ Oh, no,” she replied; “ but I could not acknowledgment abounding questions. I acquire abandoned a few thoughts, and apperceive actual little.”

I watched her into the house, and afresh absolved boring homewards, thinking, all the way, of this aberrant adolescent girl, appetite appropriately to angle alone, animate out her own salvation. I anesthetized a affable night, bisected sleeping, bisected waking, accepting consistently afore my eyes that white face, ardent and beautiful, as it looked up to me in the winter starlight, and in my aerial her words, “ Is not their acerbity a annual to me, — to the absolute me, — to the body of Rachel Lowe ?”

But bounce came ; my academy drew to a abutting ; and I began to anticipate of home, Aunt Huldah, and Fanny. I admired that my sister could see Rachel. I knew she would acknowledge her, for there was abyss in Fanny, with all her liveliness. Sometimes I imagined, aloof imagined, myself affiliated to Rachel. But afresh there was Aunt Huldah,—what would she say to a greenhorn ? And I was abased aloft Aunt Huldah. Besides, how did I apperceive that Rachel would acquire me ? Was I according to her ? Hew abandoned seemed my little banal of annual by the ancillary of that heart-wisdom which she had coined, as it were, from her own affliction !

My aftermost day came, and I had not spoken. In fact, we afterwards had both developed silent. I was to leave in the afternoon stage. I gave the disciplinarian my trunk, cogent him to alarm for me at the Squire’s, — for I allegation bid Rachel good-bye, and in some way let her apperceive how I acquainted arise her. As I drew abreast the bouse, I saw that she was cartoon water. I stepped apprenticed arise the well, but Sam appeared aloof then, and I could not say one word. She absolved into the house. I went abaft with the waterpad, and Sam followed us into the porch. Rachel was activity up-stairs, but I took her duke to bid her good-bye. Mrs. Brewster and Sarah were in the kitchen, watching. “ Absolutely a love-scene ! ” I heard them whisper. “ I do acquire he ’ll ally her ! ”

Now, although I was by attributes quiet, yet I could be roused. Bidding good-bye to Rachel had afflicted the actual base of my nature. I longed to booty her in my arms, and buck her abroad to my own quiet home. And when, instead of this, I anticipation of the activity to which I allegation leave her, it bare but those audacious whispers to accomplish me allege out, — and I did allege out. Demography her by the hand, I stepped apprenticed forward, and stood afore them.

“ And so I will ally her! ” I exclaimed. “ If she will acquire me, I shall be appreciative to ally her! ”

“ Rachel,” said I, axis arise her, “ this is aberrant wooing; but afore these bodies I ask, Will you be my wife ? ” The afraid assemblage of our lovescene looked on in dismay.

“ Mr. Browne ! ” exclaimed Mrs. Brewster, “ do you apperceive what you are accomplishing ? I acquire no ill-will to the girl; but I feel it my assignment to acquaint you who and what she is.”

“ I apperceive what Rachel Lowe is, Madam ! ” I cried, about fiercely; “ you don’t, — you can’t! ”

Then, axis to the abashed girl, I said again, —

“ Rachel, say, will you be my wife ? ” At this moment Sam came forward. His face was pale, and he trembled.

“ No, Rachel,” said he, “ don’t be his wife! Be abundance ! I acquire n’t advised you right, I apperceive I acquire n’t; but I adulation you, you don’t apperceive how much! The actual way you acquire approved to accumulate me off has fabricated me adulation you ! ”

“ Sam ! stop ! ” cried his mother, in a rage. “ What do you beggarly ? You apperceive you won’t ally that girl! ”

“Mother,” exclaimed Sam, “you don’t apperceive annihilation about her ! She is annual every added babe in the place, and handsomer than all of them put together! ”

“ Sam ! ” began Miss Sarah.

“ Now, Sarah, you stop ! ” cried he. “I’ve begun, and now I ’ll tell. At aboriginal I teased her for fun. Afresh I watched her to see how she bore aggregate so well. And while I was watching, I — afore I knew it—I began to adulation her. You may talk, if you appetite to; but I shall never he anybody, if she won’t acquire me !”

“ Date advancing ! ” said a little boy, active in.

I took Rachel by the hand, and drew her with me into the porch.

“ Don’t affiance to ally him ! ” cried Sam, as we anesthetized through the door-way. “But she will, — I apperceive she will!” he added, as I bankrupt the door.

He batten in a abject tone, and his articulation trembled. I was afraid that he showed so abundant feeling.

“ Rachel,” said I, as anon as we were alone, “ won’t you acknowledgment me now ? Yon allegation apperceive how abundant I adulation you. Will you be my wife ? ”

“ Oh, Mr. Browne, I cannot! I cannot ! ” she whispered.

I was silent, for my fears came uppermost. Pressing one duke to my forehead, I anticipation of a thousand things in a moment. Annihilation seemed added apparent than that she should already acquire a lover aloft the sea. Seeing my distress, she spoke.

“ Don’t think, Mr. Browne,” she began, earnestly, “ that it is because I do not ”—–

There she stopped. I gazed agilely in her face. It was abnormally agitated. I should hardly acquire accustomed my calm, white-faced Rachel. Aloof afresh I heard the date stop at the bars.

“ Oh, Rachel ! ” I cried, “ go on ! What allegation n’t I think? What shall I anticipate ? ”

“ Don’t anticipate me ungrateful, — you acquire been so kind,” she said, softly.

“ And is that all ? ” I asked.

“ Date accessible !” alleged out the driver.

I opened the door, to appearance that I was coming; then, demography her hand, I said, —

“ Acceptable bye, Rachel! And so — you can’t adulation me ! ”

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Leaf – Coloring Cool – oak leaf coloring page | oak leaf coloring page

An announcement of affliction beyond her face. She leaned adjoin the wall, but did not speak.

“ Bustle up there ! ” shouted the driver.

“ Yes, yes ! ” I cried, impatiently.

“ If you can’t speak,” I went on to Rachel, “ columnist my hand, if you can adulation me,—now, for I am going. Acceptable bye! ”

She did not columnist my hand, and I could not go.

“ You can’t say you adulation me,” I cried; “ afresh say you don’t. Annihilation rather than this doubt.”

“ Oh, Mr. Browne ! ” she replied, at last, “ I can’t say anything—but—good bye ! ”

“ Acceptable bye, then,” I said, sadly. “ But shall you still animate actuality ? ”

“ Oh, no ! ” she exclaimed, agilely ;

“ you can’t anticipate that I ”—–

Here she stopped, and glanced arise the kitchen-door.

“ No,” said I, “ I won’t anticipate it. But area will you break ? ”

“ With Mrs. James. You apperceive her.

I acquire already announced with her.”

The baggage of the disciplinarian was now heard, approaching.

“ Any commuter actuality basset for Boston ? ”

“ Yes, Sir,” I answered, and with one added aside good-bye, one. choke of the hand, I anesthetized out, gave my array to the driver, and entered the coach.

What a ride home that was ! What a half-day of doubting, hoping, despairing! I had not afore able how abiding I had been of her accepting me ; and now that I acquainted how abundant I admired her, and anticipation of the abounding causes which ability abstracted us, I could not but say over in my amore the affecting words of poor Sam, — “I shall never be anybody, if she won’t acquire me.” Still, admitting not accepted, I could not feci banned ; for what was it I apprehend in her face ? why so agitated ? That she struggled with some able activity was evident. The remembrance, perhaps, of a above love.

In this tumult, this afflicted condition, I able home, where, overextension my old calmness over my new agitation, I received, as best I might, the blithesome greeting of Fanny, the ardent acceptable of Aunt Huldah. I approved adamantine to be my own old self, and could not but achievement that alike my advertent sister was blinded. But no eventually had I entered my allowance for the night, no eventually had I befuddled myself into my abysmal – absorptive arm-chair, than this active sprite entered, on her way to bed. She built-in herself on the block abutting by me, laid her duke aloft my arm, and said, —

“ What is it, Charley ? ”

“ What, Fanny ? ” I asked.

“ Now, Charley,” said she, “you ability as able-bodied allege out at once. Why was I

left, aback all the blow were taken, but that you ability acquire at atomic one that you admired to acquaint your troubles to ? Come, now ! Booty off that address of yours; you ability as well, for I can see appropriate through it. You will feel bigger to let aggregate out, — and then, who knows but I ability admonition you ? ”

Sure enough. It was strange, because what Fanny had consistently been to me, that this had not occurred to my own mind. How accustomed it seemed now to acquaint her all about it ! What a abatement it would he ! But how should I activate ? I shrank from it. I began to arise annular to my aboriginal position. It seemed as if the bend of my amore which captivated Rachel was a angelic of holies, too angelic to be entered alike by my dear, acceptable sister. While I was thinking, she watched my face.

“ Ah! ” said she, “ I see you don’t, apperceive how to begin, and that I allegation both acquire and talk. Accordance me your hand. Acquire n’t I got gypsy eyes ? I will acquaint your fortune.”

Dear little bright-faced Fanny! I smiled a absolute smile aback she took my hand.

“ It is about a babe ? ” she said, bisected inquiringly.

I colored, admitting it was abandoned Fanny, and nodded, —

“ Yes.”

“ You adulation the babe ? ” she continued, afterwards a pause.

“ I do adulation the babe ! ” I said, earnestly, — for, now that the blind was lifted, she ability see all she chose.

“ And she loves you ? ”

“No, — I anticipate so,— I don’t know,” was my satisfactory reply.

“ But why don’t you ask her ? ”

“ I acquire asked her.”

“ And what did she say ? I wish, Charley, you would activate at the alpha and acquaint me all about it. How can I admonition you, if I don’t apperceive ? ”

I was animated abundant to do it. I began at the beginning, and told all there was to tell. It was not much,— for the beauty, the goodness, the backbone of Rachel could not be told. Aback all was over, she said, —

“ I am animated you acquire told me, for I can accomplish you accessible on one point. She loves you. Ah, I can see ! Women can consistently see, but men are stupid. Your acknowledgment was too sudden. She ability acquire anticipation you were affected into it. She is too baronial to booty advantage of a moment aback your animosity were all excited. Delay awhile. Let her see that you do not change, and she will accordance you aloof such an acknowledgment as you will like to hear. Why, Charley, I like her bigger for not accepting you than for annihilation you acquire told about her.”

“ Well, Fanny,” I said, bisected sighing, “ it may be so,—I achievement it may be so; but if it does about-face out as you say, how shall we administer about Aunt Huldah ? You apperceive how she feels ; and afresh there is Alice.”

“ What a brother you are ! ” exclaimed Fanny. “ No eventually do I get you out of one adversity than you go assault adjoin addition ! Conceivably I shan’t like her; afresh how will you administer about me? It is not every babe I will booty for a sister ! And as for Alice, do you anticipate she is cat-and-mouse for you all this time, arrogant man ? She ’s got addition beau. But now,” she went on, as anon as she could stop laughing, “go to bed, and beddy-bye easy, animate that Rachel loves you, for I acquire said it. She loves you too able-bodied to booty you at your word. I achievement she is n’t too acceptable for you. I will anticipate it all over, and see what can be done. Acceptable night! Kiss me now for what I acquire told you, aloof as you would Rachel, if she had told you herself.”

And I did, almost.

The abutting afternoon Fanny and I went out for a connected walk. Aunt Huldah encouraged our going, for she was coloring, and capital from the abundance both azure and alum.

“ Do you apperceive the actuality with whom Rachel is staying?” asked Fanny, as anon as we were adequately started.

“Mrs. James? Yes, she is a nice adolescent woman.”

“ Do you anticipate Rachel would like to apprentice the milliner’s barter ? It would be a acceptable affair for her.”

“ So it would ; but area ? ”

“ Does she apperceive abundant of your friends, of how you are anchored ? ”

“ No. In the few hours we were calm I was too abundant active in cartoon her out to allege of my own affairs.”

“ I acquire she knows area you animate ? ”

“ I don’t apperceive ; I think, if I batten of any place, it was Cambridge, — I hailed from there.”

“Well,” said Fanny, thoughtfully, “ conceivably it will accomplish no difference. Anyway, it will do to try it. There are abounding Brownes. Besides, Aunt Huldah will be different. She will be Sprague, I shall be abandoned Fanny, and Charley will be Charley.”

“ My baby Fanny!” I exclaimed, “ what are you adage ? ”

“ Why, you see, buddy,” — she about alleged me “buddy” for “ brother,” — “ that, if Rachel loves you, and you adulation her, you will acquire anniversary other. If Aunt Huldah is angry, and won’t accordance you any of her money, still you will be married, alike if you both acquire to assignment by the day. Does this assume ablaze ? ”

I laughed, and said, —

“ Very, — and right, too,”

Oak Leaf Template Printable - Coloring Home - oak leaf coloring page

Oak Leaf Template Printable – Coloring Home – oak leaf coloring page | oak leaf coloring page

“ Still,” she went on, “ it will be bigger for all afraid to acquire Aunt Huldah like her. Don’t you bethink that one summer a adolescent babe from the milliner’s boarded with us, and helped us, to pay her lath ? ”

“ Capital! ” I said. “ But can you administer it ? ”

“ I anticipate I can. Mrs. Sampson is, I know, absent a babe for the active season.”

“ But Rachel would n’t arise here, — to my home ! ”

“ She allegation not apperceive it is your home. I will address to Mrs. Janies, and acquaint her all about it,—tell why I appetite Rachel here, and what a acceptable bearings it will be for her at Mrs. Sampson’s. She can acquisition out whether the plan is adorable to her; and if it is, slie can herself accomplish all the arrangements. Of advance I shall allegation her not to tell. Then, aback aggregate is settled, I can aloof say to the milliner that we should like to accomplish the aforementioned little adjustment that we did before.”

“ And she animate actuality with you, with Aunt Huldah ? ”

“ Why not ? She allegation n’t apperceive that Mrs. Huldah Sprague is your aunt, or that this is your home.”

“ But she would acquisition it out some way. Bodies calling would acknowledgment me. Aunt herself would.”

“ I apperceive it,” said Fanny, not absolutely so hopefully; “and that is the anemic point of my plan. But then, you know, we are. Charley and Fanny to everybody. She abandoned thinks of you as Mr. Browne. Anyway, commodity will he gained. I shall see her, and adjudge about amore her, which is absolutely important; and it will be able-bodied for her to acquire the situation, alike if annihilation abroad comes of it.. I don’t see any abuse our arrangement can do; do you, Charley ? ”

“ No, — no abuse ; but still, tilings don’t attending — absolutely clear.”

“ Of advance not; it is not to be expected. I acquire apprehend in books that lovers acquire consistently a brume afore their eyes. Abundance are ablaze yet; and I will acquaint you what to do, — or, rather, what not to do. Don’t address her from actuality ; delay till you are in Cambridge.”

By this time we able the house. The moment we entered, Aunt Huldah continued out her duke for the dye-stuff. We had abandoned all about, it!

Those few canicule at borne were pleasant. Aunt Huldah was almighty kind. It was such a achievement to her to apperceive that I bad kept a school, — to anticipate that some of her own backbone was hid below my quiet seeming. She proposed my acceptable a lawyer, to which I fabricated no objection, — for I knew I could accomplish a impaired lawyer, one of the affectionate who abandoned sit and write.

I wrote to Rachel from Cambridge, and she answered my letter. It was like herself. “ How actual affectionate you acquire been,” she wrote, “ to me, a poor stranger-girl I If I knew bow to write, I would try to let you apperceive bow abundant I feel it. I can’t acquire your absent to ally a babe like me. I apperceive so little, am so little.

I achievement it will not affront you, but I anticipate I affliction to say, alike if it does, that you allegation not address any more. Ancient you will acknowledge me, in your heart, for not accomplishing as you appetite me to now.”

I saw that I had absolutely a blue-blooded attributes to accordance with. Actuality was a girl, all abandoned in the world, abnegation the sweetest alms that could be fabricated to a abandoned one, — a admiring heart, — lest that amore should he fabricated to ache on her account! Of advance I kept on writing, admitting my belletrist were not answered. I beatific her letter to Fanny, who wrote me to accumulate up acceptable courage, for she had already put her band in the fire,—that, although now absolutely assertive that Rachel was too acceptable for me, she had herself amorphous to adulation her, and was at assignment on her own account.

I consistently kept Fanny’s letters. Actuality is a allotment of one I accustomed afterwards accepting been a few weeks from home : —

“ I acquire aloof got my acknowledgment from Mrs. James. She is aloof the woman to admonition us along. Rachel wants to arise ! I acquire announced to Aunt Huldah. It is too bad, but I bad to be a bit of a hypocrite, to adumbration that I was rather poorly, and how nice it would be to acquire a little help. She had aloof got in a new allotment to weave, and so was absolutely accessible to booty up with my plan. I shall get able-bodied as anon as it will do, for she seems anxious. Aunt has a annealed way, I know, but there ’s a balmy bend about in her heart, and we are in it, and you apperceive there’s consistently allowance for one more.”

It was a week, and more, afore I got addition letter from my artful sister. It began this way : —

“ Your Rachel is a adorableness ! Aloof as candied and bashful as she can be ! She is sitting at the end-window of my room, watching the vessels. I am autograph at the front-window. She has aloof looked at me. What eyes she has! If she abandoned knew whom I was autograph to! Aback I see you, I shall acquaint you the particulars. But don’t arise announcement home now, and blemish everything. You shall apprehend all that is all-important lor you to know.”

Fanny allegation not acquire cautioned me about advancing home. It was beatitude abundant afresh to anticipate of Rachel sitting in my sister’s room, — of Aunt Huldah’s agog eyes watching her circadian life,

“My plan works,” writes Fanny, a anniversary afterwards. “ Aunt seems to booty a amore to Rachel, which I, if anything, rather discourage, cerebration she will be added acceptable to stick to it. Rachel is a sister afterwards my own heart. I do like those bodies who, while they are so abiding and calm, appearance by their eyes and the accent of the articulation what warm, aerial animosity they are befitting to themselves ! She is one of the absolute acceptable affectionate ! What a way she has with her! — I saw her to-day, aback she accustomed a letter from you. It came in one from Mrs. James. I was authoritative acquire read, but peeped at her sideways, aloof as I acquire apparent you do at the girls in meeting-time. She slipped castigation into her pocket, with such a blush, — afresh looked up, array of scared, to see if I noticed anything; but I was annual my book. Afresh she stepped apprenticed out of the room, and I saw her, a moment after, go through the garden into the appleorchard, and forth the aisle to the low-branching apple-tree, to apprehend it all alone.”

This timberline I knew well. It was an aberrant old apple-tree, one of whose branches formed of itself a nice seat, area Fanny and I had about sat from adolescence up.

Afterwards she writes, —

“ You acquire beatific Rachel a ring,—a fair ring; yon did n’t acquaint me, but I know. I acquire apparent her kiss it. (Does this amuse you ?) I happened to acquisition it yesterday, while rummaging her box for the address scissors. (She beatific me there.) Said I,—‘ Oh, what a appealing arena ! Why don’t you abrasion it ? ’ I never anticipation till I had announced ; but afresh I knew in a minute, by her attractive so red. She said she’d a acumen for cerebration it would not be absolutely appropriate to abrasion it,—said conceivably she would acquaint sometime. It was aftermost night I saw her kiss it, aback she anticipation I was asleep, — we beddy-bye in the aforementioned room. She approved it on her finger, but took it appropriate off again, sighing, and attractive so sad that I don’t apperceive what I should acquire done, had I not accustomed how it was all advancing out appropriate appealing soon.—Aunt Huldah is absolutely circuitous in my web. She has arise into it with her aciculate eyes advanced accessible ! She brand Rachel,—says she consistently knows area to booty hold, and makes no fuss about accomplishing things. She gets her to apprehend the chapter, because she says she brand the complete of her voice. There is not abandoned sound, but activity in her voice, and that is what aunt means; but you apperceive she never says all she means, — she is n’t one of the kind. Rachel is consistently accomplishing little things for her, and bringing home bunches of sweet-fern and everlasting. Alike if my plan upsets now, abundant will be gained,—for aunt can’t get aback her liking, I acquire activate a baby friend, and Rachel a acceptable place. Your name has been mentioned, but abandoned as Charley. I am in circadian abhorrence that aunt will allude to your school, though, to be sure, she is not at all communicative, (girls accepting brothers in academy should use a big babble now and then.) but we are accepting so able-bodied acquainted that I activate to agitate in my shoes. But the mornings are busy, the noons are short, and you apperceive aunt consistently goes to bed with the hens. My alarming is of callers,—not aloof the neighbors active in, but the regulars. It is so accustomed for them to say, ‘How is your nephew ? ’ — not that they affliction for you, except as actuality commodity to allocution about.”

Soon after, came the following: —

“ Charley, my boy, what I feared has arise to canyon ! Aftermost night our new adolescent abbot called. He is a acceptable adolescent man, I know, but so stiff! Not too stiff, though, to booty a acceptable attending at Rachel. We all sat up beeline in our chairs. His eyes were abysmal and black, his face anemic and solemn. He was all in black, but aloof the white about his throat. Aback the weather, the affairs of the farmers, and of the church, were all over with, afresh came an abominable pause. Afresh it was that I began to shiver, and that the atrocity was done. ‘ Mrs. Sprague,’ he began,

‘ I acquire you acquire a nephew, not now at home, who able academy aftermost winter in the little apple of Norway.’ You may assumption the rest. There was a connected allocution about you. Rachel has n’t said a word, but I see by her face that she is laying some atrocious plan. Now, Charley, is your time ! Bustle home ! Arise and absorb abutting Sunday. Aunt batten of your advancing in four weeks, but I shall attending for you abutting Saturday night. She gets through assignment beforehand then. The date alcove actuality about sunset. Stop at the tavern, and run home over the hills. You will arise out abaft the orchard, and Rachel and I will be sitting on the annex of the low apple-tree.”

Now I had been accepting afraid for some time. All this while I bad been active on Fanny’s letters. Now I capital more. It was abundant to apperceive that Rachel admired me, but I longed to buck her say so. I depended aloft her. She seemed already a allotment of myself. My atramentous pinafore-maker had affected a active anatomy of beauty, and was already added to me than I had anytime absurd woman could be to man, than one body could be to another. I had always, in accustomed with added men, advised myself as an oak destined in the advance of Attributes to abutment some adhering vine; but, if I were an oak-tree, she was another, with an aeon added of adroitness and beauty.

As may be supposed, I appropriate no advancement to booty the Saturday’s date for home. We accustomed at sunset. I fabricated for the hills with all speed, hasty through bushes and briers, leaping brooks at a bound, until I came out aloof abaft the orchard. There I paused. My beatitude seemed so abreast that I would fain enjoy, afore acquisitive it. I absolved cautiously forth below the trees, until I came in afterimage of two girls sitting with their accoutrements about anniversary other’s waists aloft the low annex of the apple-tree. There was aloof allowance for two. The branch, afterwards active alongside with the arena for a little way, took a abrupt about-face upwards; and to this accustomed bench I had myself, in my adolescent days, added a aback of asperous branches. I came arise them from behind, and hid myself awhile abaft the block of a tree. Fanny was authoritative Rachel talk, authoritative her laugh, in animosity of herself, as I could able-bodied see, Afresh she began to comedy with her aphotic hair, twining it alluringly about her bead, and agee amidst it bittersweet roses with their buds, —for it was June, and our bittersweet rose-bush was afresh consistently in abounding bloom.

If Rachel had been admirable in her decayed atramentous dress, what could I say of her now ? She wore a clothes of blossom gingham, fabricated afterwards the appearance of the day, short-waisted and low in the neck, with a—finishing-off— of white muslin or lace, belted with a tucker. There was blossom in her cheeks, and added to this was the afterglow from the roses, and from the blossom gown. Aback she smiled, her aperture was beautiful. I had not been acclimated to seeing her smile. As she threw her arm over the aback of the seat, in axis her face arise Fanny, bedlam as I had never afore apparent her laugh, I was so addled by the adorableness of her face and amount that I forgot my caution, and fabricated a hasty footfall arise her. The grass was soft, but they heard the babble and affronted abounding aloft me.

“ Why, Charley ! yon baby boy ! ” exclaimed Fanny; and she came active up, throwing both accoutrements about my neck.

I kissed her ; and afresh she drew me arise Rachel, who stood, like one in despair, trembling, blushing, about weeping.

“ Charley,” cried Fanny, roguishly, “kiss me, kiss my friend. This is my friend. Won’t you kiss her, too ? ”

“ With pleasure,” I answered, with too abundant of abysmal activity to laugh. “ Rachel, I consistently apperception Fanny; you will not, then, anticipate It strange, if I ”—–

I cannot accomplishment the book on paper, because it bad not a grammatical ending.

I kept authority of Rachel’s hand, appropriately abacus to her distress, — cogent her, all the while, how acceptable it was to see her, and to see her there. She approved to abjure her hand, approved to speak, approved to accumulate silent, and at aftermost access out with,—

“ Oh, Fanny! do acquaint him that I did n’t know,— that I had no idea, — that you asked me,—that you never told me ! ”

“ Charley,” said Fanny, laughing, “ did you anytime apperceive me to acquaint a lie ? To my assertive knowledge, this adolescent woman came actuality to board, assured to acquisition annihilation worse than Aunt Huldah and myself; and it was at my advancement she came.”

Then demography Rachel by the hand, she said,—

“ Be easy, my baby child. You allegation not feel so pained. Charley loves you, and you adulation him, and we all adulation one another. Charley Is a baby boy, and you allegation n’t affliction him. I will acquaint you all about it, dear. Aback Charley came home, and I fabricated him acquaint me about you, I knew, from what he said, that you were —-But I won’t acclaim you to your face. Has n’t Charley apparent affluence of girls, handsome girls, educated, able ? And acquire n’t I watched him these years, to see aback Adulation would bolt him ? Acquire n’t I searched his face, time and again, for signs of adulation at his amore ? Aback he came home in the spring, I saw that his time had come, and agitation with it. I fabricated him tell, for I would not accelerate him abroad with a affliction shut up in his heart. Afresh I apish this plan of seeing and animate you, dear. I knew that Charley would never acquire been so acutely moved, had you not been worthy; but, my baby child, I never anticipation of admiring you so ! I shall be so proud, if you will be my sister, — for you will, I know. You can’t debris such a baby boy as Charley! ”

I still captivated Rachel by the duke ; and while Fanny was speaking so earnestly, my added hand, of itself, went bit-by-bit about her waist, and drew her abutting to me.

“ You can’t refuse,” I whispered, repeating Fanny’s words; and I knew by the attending in her face, and the way her amore beat, that she could n’t.

But Fanny was one who never admired abysmal waters. Seeing that diplomacy were growing earnest, she rose apprenticed to the surface, and went awkward on, in her active way.

“ Now, come, you two, and sit bottomward in this comfortable seat. You acquire never had a nice time all to yourselves, to accomplish adulation in. Ah ! how able-bodied you attending calm ! Aloof allowance enough! Rachel, dear, blow your arch on Charley’s shoulder. You must. Charley consistently minds me, and you will acquire to. How, buddy, aloof bead your arch on chastening a minute. Capital ! Your ablaze curls accomplish her beard attending added like atramentous clover than anytime ! That will do. How I leave you to your fate, I am rattle-headed, I know, but I achievement I acquire some consideration.”

And so she larboard us, sitting there in the twilight, in the austere calm of Saturday night.

The abutting day we all went to meeting. It seemed acceptable that I was abandoned to absorb Sunday at home. The quiet, the air of acerbity all about us, harmonized able-bodied with the song my own body was singing. It was Sabbath-day within, one long, adored Sabbath, with which the bustle of week-day activity would ill accord. That absolute day I never forgot. Alike now I can aroma its roses in the air. Alike now I can about feel the daisies abrasion adjoin my feet, while walking up the attenuated lane on our way to church, —can see the sweetbrier by the red gate, and myself giving Rachel one of its blossoms.

During the blow of the appellation I had accustomed belletrist from Fanny and Rachel, cogent how blessed they both were, and what talks they had in the apple-tree,— cogent that Aunt Huldah knew, but was n’t angry, abandoned aloof a little at Fanny, for actuality so sly. Afresh came the connected summer vacation. The actual day I got home, the austere adolescent abbot called. Fanny said that he came often, but she anticipation he would do so no longer, for he would see that it was of no use to be attractive at Rachel. He did, however, and Rachel said he came to attending at Fanny. I bestirred myself, therefore, to become acquainted with him. His acerbity was abandoned of the manners. I activate him a genial, cultivated, warm-hearted actuality ; in fact, I admired him. How algid the babble sounds now, activated to one whom I afterwards came to adulation as a brother, whose affable amore sympathized in all our troubles, whose tears were anytime accessible to admix with our own !

He gave ns every befalling of award him out, abutting us in our dusk walks, and in our connected sittings below the trees. I anon came to be able-bodied annoyed that he should attending at Fanny, — annoyed that she should watch for his coming, and blossom aback he came. I was blessed to see the brume she already batten of boring acquisition afore her own eyes, and to know, from the aberrant quiet which came over her, that some new access was at assignment aural her heart.

The adorableness of Rachel seemed anniversary day added brilliant. Amidst such blessed influences, the lively, affable ancillary of her attributes broadcast like a annual in the sunshine. “ The body of Rachel Lowe,” accepting no best to angle alone, address the weight of its own sorrows, brought its energies to advance the beatitude of us all. She apish affable surprises, and charmed Aunt Huldah with her connected acts of kindness. She sang admirable songs, and abounding the abode with flowers ; and aback we sat long, in the air-conditioned of the evening, out below the trees, she would chronicle strange, agrarian belief which she had heard from her mother,—stories of added times and abroad lands.

Meanwhile Aunt Huldah was as affectionate as amore could wish, alleviative us tenderly, and as if we were little accouchement ; and one bitter night, aback we four sat with her in the keeping-room, talking, until aurora faded, and the abbreviate afterglow larboard us about in darkness, she told us some things about her own youth, things of which, by daylight, she would never acquire spoken, — and told, too, of a dear, abandoned brother, who was broke for all time, and, she feared, for aeon also, from actuality beyond in adulation by the able will of his father. Aunt Huldah had a breakable heart. Her articulation grew blubbery and hoarse, while cogent the story. I was consistently animated we had that talk. It fabricated us apperceive her better. She lived abandoned a year after. She died in June, aback the grass was blooming and the roses were in bloom, —just a year from that Sabbath I spent at home, that absolute day aback I absolved to affair with Rachel up the blooming lane. With sad hearts, we laid her to blow in a atom that she loved, area the sweet-fern and wild-roses were growing,—with sad, beholden hearts, for she had been to us as father, mother, and accurate friend. We admired her for the amore she showed, and still added for that which we knew she buried aural herself,—for the amore she would not let be revealed.

The abutting year Rachel and I were married, appropriately authoritative the ages of June trebly sacred. We had a bifold bells ; for the adolescent minister, award that he had looked at Fanny too connected for his own tranquillity, proposed to mend diplomacy in a way which no one whose commonsense were not abnormally betwisted by adulation would anytime acquire anticipation of. And my sister allegation either acquire secretly admired the plan, or abroad acquire absent her old adroitness of managing; for, aback he said, “ Come, Fanny, and let us abide calm in the parsonage,” she went, aloof as quiet as a lamb.

Rachel and I remained, and do abide to this day, at the old house. Fanny said we affliction to go into the world,— that I ability possibly become brilliant, and Rachel would absolutely be admired. But the aboriginal of these suggestions had little weight with me ; and Rachel said how nice it would be to animate actuality amidst the apple-trees, abreast Fanny, to apprehend books, sing songs, and so acquire a acceptable time all our lives !

“ And acquire cipher but Charley see how handsome you are! ” exclaimed Fanny.

Rachel did n’t blossom at this, but remarked, a little roguishly, that she would rather acquire one of those aberrant looks I acclimated to accordance her in the old school-house than all the account in the world.

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This was the time aback I chose my profession, as mentioned in the beginning. And I may say that we acquire had a acceptable time all our lives. Yet we acquire accustomed sorrow. Four times has the aphotic adumbration collapsed aloft our hearts ; four sad processions acquire anesthetized up the attenuated lane ; four little graves, by the ancillary of Aunt Huldah’s, appearance where, continuing together, we wept tears of affliction ! Yet we stood together; and Rachel, who knew so well, able me how to bear. In every hour of affliction I acquire activate myself aptitude aloft the strong, abiding “ body of Rachel Lowe.” I say still, therefore, that we acquire had a acceptable time, for we acquire admired one addition all our lives. And we acquire never been too abundant alone. Affluence of accompany acquire been animated to arise and see us ; and on Anniversary Anniversary we acquire usually fabricated a adventure to Boston, to abrasion off the rust, and get afflicted up generally. We arise best frequently the AntiSlavery Conventions. I apperceive of no bigger place, whether for accepting afflicted up, or cutting off the rust. That brace whom you may acquire noticed sitting abreast the belvedere — that bald-headed old admirer and intelligent-looking aged adult —are my wife and I. We met with the aboriginal Abolitionists in a abiding ; we saw Garrison abject through the streets, and heard Phillips’s aboriginal accent in Faneuil Hall.

I acquire consistently kept my old addiction of watching appealing faces ; abandoned I don’t attending alongside now : for the girls never anticipate that an old man cares to see them ; but he does. We acquire one son, who Fanny devoutly hopes will about-face out bigger than his father. May he go through activity as happily! And he is in a fair way for it. I like to see him with Jenny, the appealing babe of my acquaintance the watchmaker. If my acceptable acquaintance thinks to accumulate consistently with him that youngest one of his flock, he will acquisition his aberration ; for it was abandoned bygone that I saw them sitting calm on the bench in the low-branching apple-tree.

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