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In 2015, artist Zander Cannon launched Kaijumax at Oni Press. Seven years, six seasons, and 36 issues later, the adventure about the lives of the inmates confined at a maximum-security bastille for behemothic monsters assured with aftermost week’s absolution of Kaijuamax: Division Six #6. The alternation was a massive adventure for Cannon, who crafted the absolute full-color banana book by hand, from layouts to lettering. His efforts paid off. Kaijumax became a critically-acclaimed band archetypal for its admirable artwork, alluring characters, and aerial administration of capacity involving base systems and institutions that bind abounding while allotment a few.

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With Kaijumax finished, Cannon looked aback on the alternation in chat with ComicBook.com, affecting on his goals, process, and how his access to the alternation afflicted throughout its run. That chat follows.

Jamie Lovett, ComicBook.com: I assumption the first, best accessible catechism is, how are you activity now that this seven-year, six-season activity is done and abaft you?

Zander Cannon: No big whoop. [Laughs] I’m actually relieved. I’m a little sad. I was talking to a acquaintance about the alternation this morning, and it’s like, “Oh yeah, you apperceive what? I do absence it already.” But I feel like I did what I capital to do. I was activity to alpha repeating myself if I kept going, and so, it’s a relief. It’s nice. One of the things about the alternation is that it’s so atrociously cynical, and I don’t anticipate of myself as actuality an bound cynic, so it’s a little bit of a abatement to not accept that assemble of, I don’t know, audacious at aggregate to assignment through as the primary framework.

Not to force a metaphor, but was the bastille alternation starting to feel like a prison?

Now we’re talking. [Laughs] I anticipate any alternation you do for a continued time, you feel like you’re accomplishing things through the aforementioned framework all the time. I anticipate you see it with assertive things that aftermost a continued time, that creators afflicted their minds in the average about what they appetite to do. I mean, Cerebus is an accessible archetype area it’s like he actually afflicted all of his philosophies in the average of the series, and it became a actually altered thing. Whether you afflicted for the bigger or for the worse, you’re activity to attending aback at the alpha and go, “Well, that wasn’t what I was aggravating to say.” I mean, alike with six seasons, it’s like, “Oh, the beginning’s altered than the end,” but I’ll angle by it. But I feel like if I went for 10, 15 years, all of a abrupt it aloof wouldn’t assume like it was the aforementioned anymore.

At what point did you apprehend that Division Six was activity to be the aftermost one?

That was planned from the beginning, abnormally enough, with the abstraction that if we feel like it can sustain itself beneath its own power, six seasons would be what it was. Because I said to Charlie Chu, who was the aboriginal editor and the force to get it going., he’s like, “How continued do you appetite it to go?” And I’m like, “I don’t know. Bristles seasons,” or “five series” (I don’t anticipate we were calling them seasons yet). And he’s like, “How about six?” And I’m like, “Why?” And he goes, “Well, again you can bisect it by two, you can bisect it by three. It’s nice.”

Then afterwards we discerned, “Oh, you can booty two seasons to amalgamate them into a album and accomplish three of those. That makes sense. It’s a bigger number. It’s easier to do stuff.” And I said, “Okay, we’ll do six issues for anniversary one.” They actually approved to advance me to alpha authoritative it bristles because a 140-page ablaze atypical and a 120-page ablaze atypical are about the aforementioned bulk point. It would accomplish added faculty to do bristles issues than six, but I don’t know. I’m difficult, I guess, so I aloof kept it at six.

You talked about how creators can change throughout a long-running series. I went aback and reread as abundant Kaijumax as I could acquisition time for afore this interview, including the article you put in the aback of the additional aggregate about how, area you say that you didn’t set out to accomplish a amusing banter but you that’s area you concluded up. You can see that a little bit in Administrator Kang, for example, in the aboriginal season, is a little added brutal than how he is in division two, abnormally compared to Matsumoto. Already you accomplished that that’s what you begin yourself doing, how abundant did that change your access to the alternation and the belief you started aggravating to tell?

I anticipate allotment of it was, I was aggravating to do article that was cynically mashing up two things, aerial abstraction stuff. You’re interpolating from what you anticipate bodies appetite to read. I’d been like, “Oh, I appetite to do article with monsters. I appetite to do article about what they do aback they’re not monstering and stuff,” and again I came up with that bastille thing. But you’re cerebration about, “Well, how’s that activity to hit the shelves?” I anticipate aback I got into it, I started to apprehend how atrocious and how coldblooded the abstraction was. Over time, I acquainted like I started to inject added of my own personality into it, which I achievement is a little sunnier, but additionally a little added dejected and a little bit added emotional, and beneath Rick and Morty, “See how I did that? See what I did there?” affectionate of thing. There are a lot of gags and a lot of tricks, but I actually capital to accomplish bodies affliction about the characters and all that stuff. That’s a little bit added humanist, so to speak, than the aboriginal abstraction was.

So it became added of a ball because you were added invested in the characters? You started attractive at them as added than fodder for jokes?

Yeah. Obviously, they alpha as chess pieces that charge to accomplish a assertive purpose. They’re there to be the antagonist. They’re there to be a abstruse counterpoint or whatever. But yeah, I capital to accomplish them into absolute characters that bodies actually liked. It was consistently a absolute abruptness to me that bodies were like, “Oh, I actually adulation Daniel, this sad goat,” pr, “I actually abhorrence this appearance because they’re so evil.” That’s an amazing activity to accept people, rather than aloof say, “Oh, your comic, yeah, I admired it. It’s fine. It’s good,” but instead saying, “Oh, I actually like this character.” It’s like, “Oh, okay. Able-bodied again that agency that I’ve actually engineered an acquaintance for you that you’ve actually admired and you’re not aloof coldly assessing it as, ‘This banana is fine.'”

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Did you acquisition yourself accepting that way with any of the characters? Did you become decidedly absorbed to any over the advance of the series?

Yes, but for a brace altered reasons. Sometimes I aloof like them and I appetite to accumulate them around. But sometimes it’s like, “Boy, they’re useful.” I accumulate talking about a appearance alleged Ding Wing — the Behemothic Monster Terongo, the Terror of Pago Pago, as he calls himself. He was a actually advantageous character. I anticipate that he wasn’t a actual abysmal character. He was appealing shallow. He was aloof a aerial or whatever, and the antic teller. But he was actually advantageous because he was abundant in a arena because you could accord him the button, that antic to end the arena with, or that he could consistently be blame people. A lot of my characters are centralized and numb, and so addition who’s a motor aperture will draw them out. So he was a actually able autograph apparatus to have.

There were assertive added characters, like the Lady of Lake appearance in the women’s bastille who was aggravating to accord bodies swords. She could be the actuality who’s animation bodies out. Some of the base guards are consistently blame bodies — or characters, not bodies — but blame characters so that they would acknowledge and do article alive instead of passive. Also, I like the characters that everybody likes. I like Daniel. I like Electrogar. I admired Go-Go Space Baby and Dr. Zhang. I actually admired their accord and I admired how that was going, and of course, I had to abort it. The animality of the alternation never actually went away, for sure.

It was fun to see these characters and feel article for them. Alike characters that were mostly bad, like Matsumoto. She represents the thin, dejected band of cops and bribery and actuality like that. I acquainted like I formed overtime giving her a adverse backstory that could explain it a little bit. It was actually an amoebic activity to accord characters backstory, to accord characters altruism aback they didn’t consistently alpha that way. Almost afterwards exception, they started as chess pieces to accomplish a assertive artifice goal.

I admired Kaijumax as addition who has alone apparent a scattering of tokusatsu or kaiju things and has never apparent a bastille cine or drama, but those are two almost alcove dramas. Did you anytime accept any animosity of affair apropos award an admirers for a apriorism that — at the elevator angle akin — seems to amalgamate two niches?

No, frankly, the opposite. Aback I started the series, we were advancing out of an era in comics that had affectionate of an accoutrements chase of agrarian mashups — “Dracula vs. a Shark and a Bear” affectionate of things — and so article that was cool and agitated acquainted like an accessible choice. Also, the actuality that it was actual ablaze and based on things area anybody affectionate of knew the accordance of — Godzilla goes to HBO’s Oz — was a big advice in affairs the series, both to the administrator and to the readers.

In the frequently asked questions you put in the aftermost issue, you thanked Zack Soto, Sarah Gaydos, and Desiree Wilson as editors, but additionally for actuality addition to allocution to about abyssal some of the cultural avenues you were activity down. I feel there is a altercation amid creators appropriate now area some creators anguish acuteness readers or alike aloof extensive out to editors in this way somehow deprives them of some of their artistic freedom. Could you allocution at all about what those conversations looked like if alone to deflate that process? Because it seems to be a boogeyman in some creators’ minds.

I don’t anticipate it’s a boogeyman. I anticipate that’s a abundant idea. The alpha of this book predated that actuality a accepted practice, and so in a lot of senses, they affectionate of let me do what they would. They actually didn’t baffle in any way added than to say, “Well, accept you anticipation about this?” A lot of it was added like, “This seems like it’s headed bottomward a alley that’s weird.” And I would say, “Oh, well, I’m activity to go this way instead,” and, “Oh, okay. Fine. That’s good.” I anticipate aback you’re ambidextrous with animation characters, for one thing, monsters for addition thing, and article that’s so abstruse from our society, you’re not in as abundant trouble. I anticipate that you can consistently run into awe-inspiring emblematic things area you’re like, “Oh, I anticipation it represented this, but bodies anticipation it represented this, and I adumbrated article cruel.”

I anticipate a lot of the actuality that we had to anguish about was this arising accord that cops maybe don’t accept everybody’s best absorption at affection all the time. The banana is abounding of cops as both heroes and villains, and protagonists and antagonists. Certainly, that was in my apperception to say, “Well, let’s not bless the attenuate dejected band blazon of stuff.” I approved to stick to things that I knew article about. There’s a little articulation about transracial adoptions, area the monster boy is adopted into what amounts to a white common suburb. We’re adoptive parents, and my son is Korean. We drew a lot from our own experiences, but additionally from talking to added adoptive parents and audition them say weird, easygoing racist things that we don’t love, and so to not actually accept a apriorism so abundant as saying, this is an amiss system, and it’s amiss in these ways, and hopefully, bodies can appear out of it with their own choices to be made.

I’m animated that acuteness readers are acceptable a thing. I’m abiding that does bassinet some people. I anticipate that’s the idea. If you’re about to blooper into article that’s racist or cultural allotment or article of that nature, I anticipate that you charge somebody to tap you on the shoulder, abnormally middle-aged, common white guys like me. I’ve been blundering into things my accomplished life. I could do with somebody to say, “Dial it aback a bit.”

This was acutely a huge project. All these issues, six seasons, six issues each, and you’re accomplishing about all of it, admitting you’ve mentioned you had a blush abettor and editors that were all helpful. What was your activity like on this? Would you alpha with a calligraphy and assignment from there? Did you alpha by animation the adventure out? What did your activity attending like?

I wrote one calligraphy for the aboriginal affair because it was activity to be fatigued by addition abroad initially. Generally speaking, what I would do is accomplish a little lath with post-it notes, and again I’d address out scenes, basically. Usually, I would say, “scene starts this way, arrow, arena ends this way, here’s some added details.” Again I would blush cipher them so that I could say, okay, well, actuality are the bristles scenes advance beyond the six issues of this appearance or this bond or article like that. Again I’d anticipate to myself, “All right, I’ve got it all. I ample out who’s in what issue.” And anniversary issue, I’d try to bookend it with the aforementioned characters or accept an A artifice and a B plot, and again a C plot. And then, the C artifice would become the B artifice and the abutting one, and again become the A artifice in the abutting one, that affectionate of stuff. Aloof affective pieces around.

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Hard Coloring Pages – Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults – difficult coloring pages | difficult coloring pages

Then I would go in and I would draw layouts. I would accept a certificate accessible with 22 pages, and I would alpha authoritative layouts. I wouldn’t alike name them by the folio number. I’d aloof name them like, “Zhang 1,” so it’s the arena with Zhang in folio one, and there you’d accept four pages or whatever, and again I could move it up or bottomward a little bit. And again already that was all put together, I would alpha calculation the pages and I would pencil them in. Usually, aback I was about amid laying out and penciling, I would alpha dialoguing it, because you apprehend how abundant beneath you charge to address aback the pictures are basically there, aback the breeze is there, aback you get to say, “Oh, I’ll accept to accept a little bit of chat to aloof set up, set up, set, set up, and again the about-face the page. Okay. Now, we’ve got the account that answers all the questions that the words accept been asking.” Again I can alpha to move the book into the chat balloons and put it all together.

I would adapt the chat until the actual aftermost minute, abundant to my own annoyance because I would hand-letter. The accomplished thing, the accomplished issue, the accomplished alternation is hand-lettered, alike admitting I would use a computer. There’s never a allotment of paper, but I hand-lettered it on the computer. I’m not activity to try to acquaint anybody that’s a acceptable idea. It’s actually careless in agreement of time, but I like it and it feels good. Already I had the layouts and the chat in, the pencils, inks, letters, colors, that’s no problem. I never diaphoresis that stuff. It would all aloof booty as continued as it took, but it consistently took the aforementioned bulk of time.

Writing could be over in an afternoon or it could booty until an alarmingly backward stage. I consistently anticipation that that was actually absorbing because I anticipate that a lot of bodies think, “Oh yeah, autograph is the accessible allotment of comics. It’s the animation that’s so hard.” Well, I’ve fatigued abundant comics that animation comics is now appealing accessible for me, abnormally if you’re not activity to change art styles, you aloof draw it how you consistently draw it. But advancing up with a acceptable adventure was exhausting. That’s the best part. I don’t accept to appear up with any added belief about these guys.

You mentioned that you weren’t originally activity to draw it. Aback you concluded up demography on the art, what were the goals you had for yourself, and for the beheld appearance of Kaijumax? I think, visually, it has this absolute abracadabra of aphotic and light, and a lot of that is the appearance is so ablaze and beautiful, and again the story’s like, “Oh well, that’s unfortunate.”

“Unfortunate,” that’s a acceptable way of putting it. A lot of it was, that’s the way I draw. I can alone draw in one way and I can go a brace of degrees in either direction, but that’s about it. I do feel like it started off a little bit beneath stylized. By dispatch up, I had to actualize a hardly altered style. It had to move into cartoony territory. I would advantage the cartoonishness of it to accomplish it cool and sad at the aforementioned time or cool and abominable at the aforementioned time or whatever it bare to be.

I bethink activity into it thinking, “This is impossible. It’s cool to do all this work.” But I had afresh done this banana alleged Heck, which is atramentous and white and it had been done not on a bound timeline, but I was accomplishing it actual fast. I started to apprehend you can calibration back. You don’t accept to do aggregate at the best detail level. You can calibration it aback and do it faster and it can be better. It can apprehend better. It can be apprehend added calmly or whatever. And I anticipation to myself, “Okay. I can blush things in a way that’s not actually so elaborate. I can ink things in a way that’s not actually so elaborate.”

It bankrupt bottomward a brainy barrier for me area I could say, “Oh, I assumption I can do this, all these things that I consistently capital to do.” I consistently capital to abnormally actualize a alternation that I could set up and pay off all these belief and so forth. I acquainted like there was no way I could accumulate up because the gold accepted was you got to get 22 pages done every four weeks. Kaijumax came out, at first, maybe every six weeks. It wasn’t abundant slower. And it’s like, okay, well, all of a abrupt that’s doable. That’s not so bad.

And again from there, my art style, my personality started advancing through, so it started to get a little added cartoony, a little sillier, a little added absurd. But additionally the acceleration that I was accepting to work, the duke becomes three little bananas or article way faster to draw. I afflicted up my autograph methods, my workflow. I would pencil things at the flat and again I would booty home a Cintiq, the constituent one, a laptop type, and again I could ink while I was watching TV so I wouldn’t get bored. An added hour of inking meant that the art looked that abundant better, that abundant added refined, and so the art started to get better. I started to acquisition the best means to accumulate affianced while I’m working, alert to podcasts or books on band while I was penciling. I’ll still alike be attractive at a folio and be like, “Oh yeah, I remember. I was alert to The Flop House podcast or whatever.” Or, “I was alert to the Dracula audio book or whatever, article weird.”

The appearance designs in Kaijumax angle out and are abundantly varied. Did you accept a accumulation access or access in apperception for your designs? Did any appear as a favorite, or did you appear to affliction a accurate character’s architecture afterwards accepting to draw them repeatedly?

I had a brace accumulation theories. One was that I capital all of the monsters to be, in one way or another, article that could be operated by a actuality in a clothing (or a boob in some cases, I suppose) so that they could all be added or beneath the aforementioned admeasurement and potentially activity anniversary other. Added than authoritative it like what the apple would be like if behemothic monsters were real, it was what the apple would be like if the accurate monsters from movies, and how they were presented in those movies, were real. I alike had one alarm addition a “zipperback”, aloof to drive that home. 

Another tactic was that I actually approved to architecture them on the page, and added to the point, architecture them array of in the average distance. What that did was that I tended to be added bourgeois in agreement of how circuitous they were and how abounding colors they had. A appearance like that, if I drew them abutting up, could consistently accept added capacity like scales or apparent texture, but if I had advised them abutting up, it was catchy to adjudge what to abridge aback animation them in the background.

Some of my admired designs were affectionate of asinine ones, like Ding Wing or the Mongolian Death Worm, or the aboriginal Ape Whale. I like the ones that accept a assertive way that they stand, but accept some adaptability in how they can be airish and move. 

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And I’m abashed I regretted a abundant cardinal of designs over the years, mostly because they are too circuitous and adamantine to accumulate straight: the administrator of the women’s bastille is a lot to draw anniversary time; she’s bristles altered robots, all with altered architecture and blush schemes, and alert as alpine as all the added characters. Exhausting. Any appearance with a lot of tattoos, like Pikadon or Hellmoth, was a lot of assignment to accumulate consistent; I concluded up accepting one of Hellmoth’s accoutrements get chopped off aloof to lighten the load. There are additionally a fair cardinal of characters that are blooming and affectionate of adamantine to analyze from the blooming hills in the background. That was aloof bad planning on my part.

One of the signature elements of Kaijumax to me is the chat and the use of kaiju slang. How did you go about creating that dialect? What goals did you accept in mind? Were there assertive pitfalls or tropes that you were aggravating to avoid?

Since I was authoritative an accomplishment to accomplish the ball appealing straightforward, I capital article that would inject a little amusement on every page, and argot that had references to monster cine characters/concepts formed appealing able-bodied for that. There are a lot of opportunities in that array of actuality to bark out my admired stuff, or affectionate of arresting to my adolescent nostalgia-laden accompany what array of adventure I was aggravating to make. The capital achievement was that the accent would affectionate of flow, and that there would be means that you could affectionate of actuate who would say assertive things and who wouldn’t, etc. As for things I was aggravating to avoid, I acquainted like the alternation leaned into equivalents to racist (or reclaimed) slurs a little adamantine aboriginal on, and I backed off on that, abnormally aback they would end up assuming up in accessories or account about the alternation with a lot added accent than I intended.

Something I noticed in alteration Kaijumax is there are several pages that feel like they’d be a bewilderment catastrophe in a Marvel or DC or Image book. I’ve apprehend abundant of those that my academician is accomplished to attending at this big burst folio adumbration and think, “Oh, this charge be the aftermost folio of the issue.” But you consistently accumulate going. Best of those comics, the way they’re paced, generally feel like anniversary affair is account the one act of a television appearance average two commercials. But anniversary affair of Kaijumax acquainted like a abounding episode. Can you allocution about your aesthetics for acute out the story, adding it affair by issue, and how abundant you capital to get into an affair to accept a beginning, middle, and end?

I never put it into words or anything, but I never capital a cliffhanger. I never capital to accomplish it bisected of a story. I see the aptitude in accomplishing that. My God, it’s so abundant easier. If the story’s the adamantine part, again you can accept one adventure over 40 pages. Well, you could aloof aggrandize the scene, but I never capital to do that because I’ve been a banana book clairvoyant for my accomplished life, and it’s actually arresting aback you apprehend a banana that’s aloof amid commercials or aloof the latest seven account in some guy’s activity or whatever. I acquisition that to be actually frustrating.

With the annoying framework of the seasons, it’s ablaze I was aggravating to accomplish this like TV. An affair was an episode. It’s setup, ascent action, climax, denouement, all that stuff, so that you could feel like, “Well, that was appealing satisfying.” It’s activity to abide but I never capital to set up a cliffhanger, because cliffhangers are consistently BS. You’re consistently ambuscade article that you’re activity to use to boldness it and bodies will be like, “Oh, meh, that’s a bargain trick” or whatever. That affectionate of actuality collection me up the wall.

I seemed to be the alone actuality who acquainted that way. It’s amazing that I kept to it the accomplished time because it would’ve been actual accessible to aloof say, “All right, issues two and three are activity to be a two-parter. Affair two’s not alike activity to actually get anywhere.” That would’ve been easier for sure. But I’m animated I ashore with it because I feel like you could aces up any one of those issues and you’ll get article out of it. You’d be a little lost, but amid the ahead on and the actuality that bodies say to bolt you up, I feel like they’re all appealing abundant article you could aces up by themselves. Not that it actually affairs because the alone banana books basically abatement by the wayside and there are alone barter paperbacks now because it doesn’t accomplish any faculty to go aback and buy old aback issues of article that’s been calm a agglomeration of places.

Do you anticipate that changes at all with the appearance of agenda comics? It’s easier to acquisition alone agenda issues, admitting the agenda trades are aloof as accessible to find.

There’s activity to be bodies who delay for the trades no amount what, and that’s great. I’m one of them for a lot of things. I approved to accomplish there be no acumen that that would be a bigger experience. I had a belletrist page. I had cine reviews. I approved to accomplish it, this is account your four bucks. If it’s a 20-page book that doesn’t achieve and doesn’t accept a belletrist page, why would you buy the alone issue? Unless you cannot delay to acquisition out what the X-Men are doing, or you charge to awning it, I guess, for you. I capital to accomplish abiding that it was worthwhile, that it was account your brace dollars. I did apprehend from some bodies that this is the alone banana that they buy. It’s anecdotal, but it’s the alone banana area they buy alone issues and it’s great. I cannot ask for a college acclaim than that.

Now that it’s finished, do you accede Kaijumax a success in your mind? Based on whatever metric is best allusive to you: creative, sales, whatever.

Oh, absolutely. Aback we were negotiating it at the start, I actually could accept buried my heels and captivated on for a college folio amount and actually played that out. That apparently would’ve formed abundant for 12 issues or article like that. But this banana was, let’s say, a accessory band hit, and that will sustain a folio amount that’s middling. I could accept gone for higher, but I aloof capital to accomplishment it. I feel like it’s so abundant added admired to me, if I’m not active paycheck to paycheck, to accept accomplished the adventure and to have, eventually, these three hardcovers as this anatomy of assignment that is indivisible. There’s no asterisk about it area you can say, “Well, I never got to boldness that thing,” or, “Yeah, it got canceled center through”or whatever. That’s the metric that I use. I’m so admiring that’s area we got to. I mean, it comes at a cost, a accurate cost, but it’s actually account it to me.

Well, acknowledge you for demography the time to allocution with me today. Aback can we abutting apprehend to see some Zander Cannon comics on the shelves?

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I’m alive on actuality at Oni. I’m accomplishing some Rick and Morty covers, and I’m accomplishing a YA ablaze novel. Who knows aback that’ll be out, but appealing soon. But I am alive on a ablaze atypical itself. It’s not activity to be serialized.

This account has been edited for accuracy and length. All 36 issues of Kaijumax are accessible now. The series’ aboriginal bristles seasons are accessible in barter paperback. Kaijumax: Division Six releases in barter album on August 30th. Kaijumax is additionally accessible in two Choice Edition, anniversary accession two seasons of the series, with the third and final choice copy on the way.

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