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Think about addition you accede a acceptable friend. If this actuality were in trouble, how far would you go to advice them out?

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We’re about to accommodated a appearance who goes to abundant lengths to advice her accompany – absolutely literally!

Our adventure is alleged “Friends in Aerial Places.” It was aggressive by tales told in eastern and southern Africa.

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Voices in this adventure accommodate Erika Rose, Dawn Ursula, Denise Crosby, and Mario Cantone. Denise Crosby has starred in such television shows as Ray Donovan, Suits, and Star Trek: The Abutting Generation. Mario Cantone best afresh starred in And Aloof Like That. You kids may admit Mario’s articulation from the activated blur Surf’s Up.

This adventure was acclimatized for Circle Round by Rebecca Sheir. It was edited by authoritative ambassador Amory Sivertson. Original music and complete architecture is by Eric Shimelonis. Our artisan is Sabina Hahn.

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Things To Anticipate About Afterwards Listening

What’s one affair you can do to be a acceptable friend? Maybe you can let one of your pals borrow a book or toy. Maybe you can accomplish them a appropriate altogether card. Or conceivably you can aloof accord them a hug aback they’re activity sad and blue.

Think about what you can do… afresh go out and do it! You’re affirmed to accomplish your friend’s day – and you’ll feel good, too.

Musical Spotlight: The Balafon 

Originally from West Africa, the balafon (a.k.a. bala or balphone) is the antecedent of the marimba, xylophone and vibraphone. This acquainted bang apparatus usually has 16 to 27 keys fabricated of actual adamantine wood.

Beneath the keys are babyish gourds which exhausted and fizz to actualize a characteristic complete that’s both percussive and adapted — not clashing the clams in our story, who brazier and click-clack around, while speaking with funny, banausic voices.


NARRATOR: In addition time… long, continued ago… there came a summer aback the rain accomplished to fall. A abhorrent aridity advance beyond the land, bane the grasses, abbreviating the bushes, and dehydration up the waterholes one by one by one.

This “other time, long, continued ago” was able-bodied afore bodies appeared on earth. Aback in those canicule it was aloof the animals. And as the aridity abject on, the animals were accepting hungrier and thirstier beneath the baking sun. Among those hungry, agog animals were two best friends: Rhinoceros and Giraffe.

RHINO: Okay, Giraffe, this is accepting ridiculous. The two of us accept been abnormality the plains all morning, attractive for article to eat or drink, but we ability as able-bodied face it! We’re either activity to abjure or dehydrate! If not both!

GIRAFFE: I apperceive things aren’t attractive so good, Rhino. But I say we don’t accord up! If we accumulate walking aloof a little bit longer, who knows what we’ll find?

RHINO: “Who knows what we’ll find”?!? I apperceive what we’ll find! Nothing! Zilch! Zero! Look, Giraffe. The grass is dead, the bushes are dying, and when’s the aftermost time you saw a waterhole that absolutely had cool, cooler baptize – (interrupts himself as he feels exhausted bitter him) Agh!

GIRAFFE: Let me guess. Addition exhausted bite?

RHINO: Yeah! Addition exhausted bite! Those parasites are the abandoned ones about actuality who aren’t starving! Because they’re authoritative a meal out of – (another abrupt bite) Ahgh! – (finishing his sentence) … out of me!

GIRAFFE: You’re not the abandoned one, Rhino. With this close tan and white fur of mine, I get my allotment of exhausted bites, too.

RHINO: Yeah… but I get it worse! And I don’t alike accept fur! (beat) I acquaint ya. Ticks… Droughts… Could this summer get any worse?

GIRAFFE: At atomic we accept anniversary other!

RHINO: Yeah. We do. But listen, Giraffe. I gotta get home. I haven’t had a abounding night’s beddy-bye aback this aridity began; I’ve been too athirst and agog to get any shuteye! So I’m gonna go booty a much-needed – (as exhausted bites him) Aghhh!…A much-needed nap.

NARRATOR: But aloof as Rhino angry to go…

GIRAFFE: Rhino! Wait! Attending over there!

RHINO: Attending over where?!

GIRAFFE: Over there! Those trees! Their awning – their advanced branches – they’re covered with breakable blooming leaves! Leaves we could eat! (Sigh) If abandoned we could ability that high.

NARRATOR: Okay, so I apperceive what you’re thinking. Of advance Rhino can’t ability the top of the tree. His bad-tempered anatomy isn’t alpine enough.

But what about Giraffe? Don’t giraffes accept those continued adroit necks and continued angular legs?

Well, remember: our adventure takes abode “In addition time… long, continued ago”! And aback in that “other time,” Giraffe did not accept a continued close or continued legs. Her close and legs were all abbreviate and stumpy.

GIRAFFE: Gosh, Rhino! Can you imagine? Actuality alpine abundant to aloof stride on over to those admirable copse and alpha acquisitive up breakable blooming blade afterwards breakable blooming leaf?

RHINO: That would be amazing, Giraffe! But it’ll never happen. Not afterwards alive some array of magic, anyway… A-HA!

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GIRAFFE: Let me guess. Addition exhausted bite…?

RHINO: No! An idea! Why didn’t I anticipate of this earlier?!? You and I will assignment some magic!

GIRAFFE: “Magic”…?!? But how?

RHINO: It’s simple! We’ll go see… Hyena!

NARRATOR: Hyena was a wise, adroit beastly who, in those long-ago days, bedevilled bewitched powers. So Giraffe and Rhino summoned their backbone and set off beyond the arenaceous plains to acquisition her.

After walking all day, they accomplished Hyena’s den. Aback they told her how they admired they could be alpine abundant to ability the acme of the admirable blooming trees, the astute beastly smiled a alive smile.

HYENA: Ah, yes! The acacia trees! Amazing, aren’t they? Acacias are actual hardy. They can survive alike the driest conditions!

RHINO: But can you accomplish us alpine abundant to ability their leaves, Hyena?

GIRAFFE: Is such a affair alike possible?

HYENA: Actually… it is. I aloof charge to aggregate some appropriate ingredients: bewitched herbs that will accomplish whoever eats them abound nice and tall. Given the drought, the herbs will booty a while to clue down, however. So how about you appear aback tomorrow? Be abiding to access at noon, on the dot – aback the sun takes its accomplished bench in the sky!

NARRATOR: So, with achievement in their hearts – if not aliment or baptize in their bellies – Rhino and Giraffe headed aback to their allotment of the plains.

RHINO: Am I a ability or what, Giraffe? Like I said, you and I are activity to assignment some magic!

GIRAFFE: We aloof accept to accomplish abiding we get to Hyena’s on time. How about I breach with you tonight, afresh we arch aback to her den together?

RHINO: Nah, I don’t anticipate so, Giraffe. I charge to snooze. If you beddy-bye over we’ll breach up all night gabbing… and gossiping… you apperceive how it goes. I’ll aloof accommodated you tomorrow at noon.

GIRAFFE: Actual well. See you then!

NARRATOR: But the abutting day, appear noon, on the dot…

HYENA: Giraffe! Acceptable back! Where’s Rhino?

GIRAFFE: I don’t know, Hyena! I woke afore aurora so I could get actuality on time. I’m abiding Rhino will be actuality any minute.

HYENA: But the bewitched herbs abandoned assignment aback the sun takes its accomplished bench in the sky! So here! Eat the herbs now!

NARRATOR: So Giraffe gulped the herbs bottomward in one bite.


NARRATOR: At first, she acquainted nothing. But then…

GIRAFFE: (feeling amazing sensation) Oooooo!

NARRATOR: … there was a amazing awareness in her neck!


NARRATOR: …and her legs!


NARRATOR: And abutting affair she knew, both her close and legs were accepting best and longer! And the arena was accepting further and further away!

GIRAFFE: Whoa! Whoa! Whooaaaa!

NARRATOR: Afore she knew it, her arch was way aerial up in the sky!

GIRAFFE: Attending at me! I’m so tall, I can see for miles! And there are the acacia trees! With affluence of tender, blooming leaves on top! Thank you, Hyena!

HYENA: You’re best welcome, Giraffe. From now on, you will be the tallest beastly on earth!

NARRATOR: Afterwards missing a beat, Giraffe took off against the acacia trees. Her stride was continued and adroit – and fast! She accomplished the copse in abnormal flat, and plunged her arch into their blooming awning so she could bolt up blade afterwards leaf.

GIRAFFE: (Munching leaves as she speaks) Mmmm! These leaves are so tender! So juicy! I can hardly get –

RHINO: (as if actuality apathetic by tick) Aaaaaagh!

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NARRATOR: Giraffe chock-full bistro and swung her long, adroit close bottomward against the ground. And who should she see continuing at the bottom of the acacia tree, angry off yet addition tick… but Rhino!

GIRAFFE: Let me guess. Addition exhausted bite.

RHINO: Yes, addition exhausted bite! But it wasn’t about as aching as what you did to me today! Bistro the abracadabra herbs?!? Activity to see Hyena? Afterwards me? What happened to “at atomic we accept anniversary other”? I anticipation we were best friends!

GIRAFFE: We are best friends, Rhino! And we do accept anniversary other! But the abracadabra herbs abandoned assignment at noon, and you said you bare your sleep, so I ample I would aloof –

RHINO: I did charge my sleep! And I got my sleep! Unfortunately, I got a little too much. And slept in. And absent Hyena’s noon-on-the-dot deadline. And now, attending at you!!! You’re all alpine and aerial and munching acacia trees, and I’m bottomward here, in this dry, arenaceous grass, angry off – (bitten again) Aaaaaagh! …fighting off ticks and aggravating to avoid the cavernous in my belly!

GIRAFFE: I’m sorry, Rhino. I’ll acquiescently get you some leaves from this timberline if you – (interrupts herself as she detects smell) Hang on a second! (sniffs a few times) What’s that smell?

RHINO: Smell?!? I don’t aroma any – (sniffs a few times) Oh wow! Yeah, I do! It smells like – (sniffs a few times) – like fire! Like something’s burning!

NARRATOR: Giraffe swung her arch aback up against the sky. As she peered against the horizon, her big, bendable eyes bent afterimage of a bushfire across-the-board beyond the plains!

GIRAFFE: Oh no! The baking hot sun charge accept started a blaze on the dry, arenaceous plains! What should we do?!?

RHINO: Well, I can anticipate of one thing… RUUUUUNNN!!!!!

[theme music in]NARRATOR: Rhino’s on the run… but what do you anticipate Giraffe will do next?We’ll acquisition out what happens, afterwards a quick break.

[theme music out]


[theme music in]

NARRATOR: Acceptable aback to Circle Round. I’m Rebecca Sheir. Today our adventure is alleged “Friends in Aerial Places.”

[theme music out]

NARRATOR: Afore the break, Giraffe appear to Hyena’s den at apex on the dot and ate bewitched herbs that fabricated her abound taller. Her best friend, Rhinoceros, slept in and absent his chance.

Not continued after, a bushfire came angry beyond the dry and arenaceous plains and Rhino abrupt away.

RHINO: Gahhhhhhh!

NARRATOR: Giraffe was about to skedaddle too aback all of a sudden, her agog aerial best up…

[SOT: adolescent oxpeckers screeching, continues beneath the following]

NARRATOR: …an abrupt sound!

GIRAFFE: Birds! Arrest birds! They complete young! And helpless! And close!

NARRATOR: Added animals were antagonism accomplished Giraffe, all aggravating to outrun the abutting bonfire as the air abounding with smoke. But Giraffe didn’t devious from the acacia tree.

GIRAFFE: I anticipate the complete is advancing from this tree! But where? There aren’t any birds nesting up actuality in the canopy! I’ll attending lower.

NARRATOR: Giraffe swung her close bottomward to the tree’s trunk. Against the top of the block she begin a hole. And central the aperture she begin a backup abounding of newly-hatched oxpeckers!

Oxpeckers are little amber birds with yellow-ringed eyes and ablaze red beaks. They adulation to eat ticks, and they tend to anatomy their nests not on timberline branches, but central timberline holes.

GIRAFFE: Attending at you tiny little ones! All abandoned in your nest! Where’s your mother? Well, no matter. I’m activity to save you. Hang on tight!

NARRATOR: Anytime so delicately, Giraffe put the backup in her aperture and took off beyond the plains. She raced like the wind, her long, angular legs loping faster and faster until she came to a baobab tree, this one far abroad from the smoke and flames. Luckily, this timberline had a aperture in its trunk, too!

Carefully, Giraffe placed the oxpeckers’ backup central the hole.

GIRAFFE: There you go, little ones. Now we aloof charge to acquisition your mother and –

[SOT: thunderclap]

NARRATOR: Giraffe was disconnected by a complete that no one in the acreage had heard for months: a applause of thunder! And aloof like that…

[SOT: rain]

NARRATOR: Torrents of rain began cloudburst from the sky, bath the earth… and snuffing out the flames.

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[SOT: baptize snuffing out fire]

GIRAFFE: Do you see that, little ones? That… is rain! Article you kids accept never apparent before!

OXPECKER: …And article we grown-ups haven’t apparent in a actual continued time!

NARRATOR: Giraffe swung her close around. Soaring through the raindrops was none added than the oxpeckers’ mother! The amber bird swooped her way assimilate the backup and anon began capacity her babies’ wide-open beaks with food.

OXPECKER: My darlings! I knew you were athirst so I went out and aggregate these aperitive ticks for you! Afresh the fires bankrupt out and I was so worried! I’m animated I begin you!

GIRAFFE: I’m glad, too!

NARRATOR: Oxpecker angry her yellow-ringed eyes against Giraffe.

OXPECKER: Giraffe!?!?? I hardly accustomed you, you’ve developed so tall! But you adored my children! …Tell me! How can I accord you?

GIRAFFE: Accord me?! Oh, that won’t be necessary.

OXPECKER: But I insist! Ask for anything, annihilation at all, and it’s yours.

NARRATOR: Giraffe artsy her head.

GIRAFFE: Honestly, I don’t apperceive what I could possibly ask for! I’ve got my cast new arresting height. I’ve got all this rain alimentative the earth, so the grasses, bushes and waterholes will bounce to activity again! (Distracted) Man! Your babies absolutely are activity to boondocks on those ticks!

OXPECKER: What can I say? They adulation bistro ticks! All of us oxpeckers do!

GIRAFFE: Clearly! Anyway… as I was saying… I’ve got aggregate I need. Appear to anticipate of it, the abandoned affair that’s missing is my best friend, Rhino. He’s mad at me – absolutely mad – and I don’t apperceive if we’ll anytime accomplish up.

OXPECKER: I’m apologetic to apprehend it. I ambition there was article I could do to help!

NARRATOR: Giraffe heaved a blow as she anticipation about her funny, sleepy, tick-fighting friend. And it was afresh – as she watched those babyish birds bolt bottomward their ticks – that it came to her!


NARRATOR: Suddenly, she knew absolutely how the oxpecker could accord her… and how she could accomplish her best acquaintance blessed again.

GIRAFFE: Oxpecker? I’ll be appropriate back!

NARRATOR: Giraffe answerable beyond the plains, befitting her eyes bald for Rhino. And as she approached a waterhole that was rapidly bushing up with cool, ablaze rainwater, she heard a accustomed voice.

RHINO: (slurping up water) Mmmm! Finally! A absolute drink! I was so agog I could accept bashed a – (gets bit) Aaaaaagh!…drunk a baptize bug!

GIRAFFE: Let me guess.

NARRATOR: Giraffe flashed Rhino a smile.

GIRAFFE: …Another exhausted bite?

NARRATOR: Rhino craned his close up. Way up.

RHINO: Giraffe! What do you want?

GIRAFFE: To accomplish apology with an old pal. Please. Appear with me. There’s addition I appetence you to meet.

NARRATOR: Giraffe led Rhino to the baobab tree, area Oxpecker had assuredly accomplished agriculture her babies their barbecue of ticks.

GIRAFFE: Oxpecker, this is Rhino. Rhino has a bit of a…

RHINO: (gets bit) Aaaaagh! Not addition one!

GIRAFFE: …a bit of a exhausted issue. And Rhino, this is Oxpecker. Oxpecker has a bit of a… exhausted appetite. I was cerebration the two of you can assignment article out…?

NARRATOR: Rhino looked at Oxpecker. Oxpecker looked at Rhino. Afresh they both looked at Giraffe, their faces aglow with gratitude.

RHINO: Ya know, I anticipate we can assignment article – (gets bit) Aaaaagh!

OXPECKER: Hang on! Allow me! (eats tick) Mmmm! That was a dank one.

NARRATOR: Afterwards that, Rhino lived acquiescently tick-free. Oxpecker became his connected companion, benumbed aloft his bad-tempered body, acrimonious off ticks and added annoying parasites and acquisitive them up.

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And so it is to this day. Go to the African backcountry and you’ll attestant it for yourself: little amber birds with yellow-ringed eyes and ablaze red beaks, benumbed on top of rhinos. Sometimes the birds ride on giraffes, too, as the long-necked creatures eat acacia leaves to their heart’s content… with their active captivated high.

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