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Fun in February for Teachers & Students Art with Jenny K - free pop art coloring pages

Fun in February for Teachers & Students Art with Jenny K – free pop art coloring pages | free pop art coloring pages

Allan, Jani: Face Value.  Longstreet Publishers (1983). The above Sunday Times columnist does interviews with bounded celebrities, including Sonja Heroldt, Richard Loring and Alvon Collinson.https://www.amazon.com/Face-Value-Jani-Allan/dp/B0037PXPMA

Alter, Cindy: No Substitute.  Self-published (2020). A actual adventurous annual of adaptation by the above advance diva and  songwriter of Clout and Zia, and her all-embracing success. https://www.loot.co.za/product/cindy-alter-no-substitute/djln-3376-g790

Anderson, Muff: Music in the mix: The adventure of South African Accepted Music. Ravan Press (1981). One of the best books out there about our top musicians.https://www.amazon.com/Music-mix-story-African-popular/dp/0869752189

Ansell, Gwen: Soweto Blues. Continuum (2004). The arresting adventure of how applesauce became a key allotment of South Africa’s struggle, and the advancing links amid African and American styles of music.https://www.amazon.com/Soweto-Blues-Popular-Politics-Africa/dp/0826416624

Auld, Robin: Tight Lines. Compress Publishers (2001). An agreeable annual of a academy drop-out, ardent fisherman and  musician. https://www.amazon.com/Tight-Lines-Robin-Auld/dp/191983303X


Ballantine, Christopher John: Marabi Nights: Aboriginal South African Applesauce and Vaudeville. Ravan Press (1994). An all-embracing assay of the development of burghal atramentous music above-mentioned to World War Two. https://www.amazon.com/Marabi-Nights-Early-African-Vaudeville/dp/0869754394

Banches, Edward: Heavy Metal Africa: Life, Passion, and Heavy Metal in the Forgotten Continent. Word Association Publishers (2106). The columnist explores this brand and its musicians in Southern Africa.https://www.amazon.com/Heavy-Metal-Africa-Forgotten-Continent/dp/1633851613?fbclid=IwAR1k8CnLvrg5-9Ft60dG6HjHUvLjamEPB3iiKHxwXN10LlYBdL9SO8nkyGE

Binckes, Robin: What A Boykie – The John Berks Story. 30 Degrees South Publishers (2019).  The adventure of the acclaimed DJ John Berks, who was on all the radio stations: LM Radio, Capital Radio, 702, English Service, etc.  https://www.loot.co.za/product/robin-binckes-what-a-boykie/rcwr-3452-g870

Beukes, Lauren: Femme Magnifique: 50 Magnificent Women Who Changed The World. Atramentous Crown (2018). Illustrated by Anja Venter, this clear atypical tells the adventure of singer/songwriter Brenda Fassie, amid abounding others.https://www.amazon.com/Femme-Magnifique-Magnificent-Women-Changed/dp/168405320X 

Books LLC: Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens – Albums. General Books  (2010). The group’s best albums.https://www.amazon.in/Mahlathini-Mahotella-Queens-Albums-Books/dp/1157489583?fbclid=IwAR1QgL8dDdF0SGhL7R3ahRQh1dF8kXXeJCmNngV0q0E4HGqhtBvtC4EProo

Books LLC: South African Applesauce Guitarists – Jonathan Butler, Johnny Fourie, Ray Phiri, Nataniel. (2010). The abhorrent on some of SA’s top musos.https://www.loot.co.za/product/books-llc-south-african-jazz-guitarists/xjxp-1375-g590?fbclid=IwAR2-a7c_bYP69hAwFHIiSaps9f4Tz7Z4IRYxQKoHBM3vmJ6NRE4PBr3STcc

Brilleaux, Lee: Lee Brilleaux: Rock”n”Roll Gentleman: The Adventures of Dr Feelgood’s Iconic Frontman. Polygon (2015). About South African-born frontman for UK dejection bedrock bandage Dr Feelgood. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lee-Brilleaux…/dp/B013K4Q1KU

Brummel, Beau: In Abounding Colour. Republican Press (1966). A photo banana on the 60s South African pop idol, who additionally acted in abounding added photo comics, including Beau Die Ontembare.https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-nKS0bv1LApQ/UCpKobOMmlI/AAAAAAAABww/0OvLtFwYAss/s1600/img007.jpg&imgrefurl=http://southafricancomicbooks.blogspot.com/2012/08/photo-story-magazines-6.html&tbnid=MSDvm_bTnWS0DM&vet=1&docid=1gKf36a105Q9_M&w=1035&h=1600&hl=en-ZA&source=sh/x/im


Calvert, Robert: Hype. Gonzo Multimedia (2013). An amphetamine-inspired annual of the South African-born singer/author, who was diva for UK space-rock bandage Hawkwind.https://www.amazon.com/Hype-Robert-Calvert/dp/1908728337

Calvert, Robert: Centigrade 232. Quasar Publications (1977). A book of Calvert’s balladry that includes a CD. https://www.amazon.com/Hype-Robert-Calvert/dp/1908728337

Carstens, Nico, De Waal Anton and Hillard, Bob: Zambezi  (Sweet Africa): Accepted Standard; Single Songbook. Roba Digital Bedding (1954). Music addendum for annual area music. https://www.amazon.com/Zambezi-Sweet-African-Standard-Songbook-ebook/dp/B083GNZXPJ

Chislett, David: One, Two, One, Two : A Step By Step Adviser To The South African Music Industry. Self-published (2013). The above top DJ wrote this for musicians and producers, to get a basal abstraction of how the music industry works. Free download.https://davidchislett.com/books/

Chilvers, Garth & Jasiukowiez, Tom: History of Abreast Music of  South Africa. Toga Publishers (1994). Essential book that lists best South African musicians and their discographies. https://www.amazon.com/History-contemporary…/dp/0620181214

Clegg, Johnny: Scatterling of Africa: My Aboriginal Years. Pan Macmillan (2021). This adventures is about Johnny Clegg’s life, Zulu ability and his music. https://www.exclusivebooks.co.za/product/9781770107588

Clingman, Paul: A State of Symmetry. Penguin South Africa (1996). Atypical about the ageism era by South African folk musician.https://www.biblio.com/…/state-symmetry…/d/420537849

Cohn, Ronald & Russel, Jesse: Sonja Herholdt. Bookvika Publishing (2013). South Africa’s angel Afrikaans accompanist from the aboriginal 70s. https://www.loot.co.za/product/jesse-russell-sonja-herholdt/snmh-2300-g340

Coplan, David: In Belt Tonight – South Africa’s Atramentous City Music and Theatre. Addison Wesley Longman Ltd (1985). Coplan delves into the roots of atramentous South African music.https://www.amazon.com/Township-Tonight…/dp/0582644003

Cronje, Carel: Meisie van Nigel: Die Lewensverhaal van Sonja Herholdt. All-around Creative Studios (2007). An Afrikaans adventures on accompanist Sonja Herholdt. https://www.abebooks.co.uk/9780620380591/Meisie-Nigel-Lewensverhaal-Sonja-Heroldt-0620380594/plp?fbclid=IwAR3vTukFhP7GkS1T_q3So7ktP80W6Ixi_mzZ8iuKMFIWeFK2qlZxzKUh-Ag


Daubeney, James: The Adventure of Bedrock and Roll. Kindle (2016). Accounting by a above metalhead and radio DJ, this is a amusing and aweless book about South African music in the 70s.https://www.amazon.com/Story-Rock-Roll…/dp/B01KECQBOW 

Davey, Derek: Three Foot Tiger: A Agreeable Memoir. Self-published (2020). Highly absorbing adventures of this another percussionist, who played with Alive Jimi Presley and abounding added bands.https://derekdavey.com/book/

De Vries, Fred: Club Risiko. Nijgh & Van Ditmar (2006). Dutch book about the underground music scenes in Johannesburg, London, New York, Amsterdam, Berlin and Paris in the 80s. Interviews with Marcel van Heerden of Koos, Blixa Bargeld of Einsturzende Neubauten & Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. Afrikaans readers will accept best of it.https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/12614798-club-risiko

De Vries, Fred: Interviews From Abdullah to Zille. Wits University Press (2008). Appearance interviews with a host of bounded musicians and added celebrities.  https://witspress.co.za/catalogue/the-fred-de-vries-interviews/

De Vries, Fred: Dejection for the White Man: Hearing Atramentous Voices in South Africa and the Deep South. Penguin Books (2021). All about the dejection and racism in South Africa, and the Deep South of the US.https://www.amazon.com/Blues-White-Man…/dp/1776096002

Douglas, Struan: The Adventure of South African Applesauce – Vols I & II. Afribeat (2020). A agitated adventure into villages, abundance compounds, achievement halls and abroad lands. Watch out for Douglas’s added books, too.https://struandouglas.wordpress.com/2021/12/11/story-of-south-african-jazz/amp/?fbclid=IwAR1r37kayrVul6ezDxywDhFryX822dqbrCkaOy-PwifOaCUVbhY2tti1Q58

Pin on coloring pages - free pop art coloring pages

Pin on coloring pages – free pop art coloring pages | free pop art coloring pages

De Wet, Danny: Sex, Drums and Bedrock ‘n Cycle in Africa. Top Reads (2022).  Sprawling book by the allegorical bagman of eVoid, The Electric Petals,  Petit Cheval, Wonderboom and abounding more. https://www.facebook.com/danny.dewet.399


Erskine, Kathryn: How Miriam Makeba Spread Hope with Her Song. Ethnikids (2022). Illustrated adventures of how Mama Africa aloft her articulation to advice action apartheid. https://www.ethnikids.africa/products/mama-africa-how-miriam-makeba-spread-hope-with-her-song


Federasie van Afrikaanse Kultuurvereniginge:  FAK Sangbundel. Protea Boekehuis (2016). Several books of area music of Afrikaans songs, from Ge Korsten to Chris Chameleon.https://www.loot.co.za/search?cat=b&terms=FAK sangbundel

Forrest, Billy: Consistently Swimming Upstream: The Activity and Times of Music Legend Billy Forrest. Kindle (2021). Adventures of one of South Africa’s best accepted country singer/songwriters.https://www.amazon.com/Always-Swimming-Upstream-Legend-Forrest-ebook/dp/B09HHRQSS2


Gaulier, Armelle  & Constant Martin, Denise: Cape Town Harmonies – Memory, Humour and Resilience. African Minds (2013). Book about Cape Town’s music cultures.https://raru.co.za/books/5939326-cape-town-harmonies-armelle-gaulier-paperback?fbclid=IwAR3pacxKc3Do3UxENFnElZoVc4j4HVY0JY6_Mqb0gTliUP_isJv1xFSWsJk


Her Majesty’s Theatre, London: Ipi-Tombi,  Zulu Musical. (1975). The adventure of this iconic musical, featuring the acclaimed Margaret Singana.https://www.abebooks.com/Ipi-Tombi…/13330048606/bd

Hofmeyer, Steve: 50. Penguin Random House (2014). The accompanist has accounting a few books, including the atypical Die Kwesbares – ‘n Sluiper-Roman.https://www.amazon.com/Steve-Hofmeyr-50-Afrikaans-ebook/dp/B00PK0H6GQ

Hopkins, Pat – Voelvry – The Movement That Rocked South Africa. Zebra Press (2006). A certificate of the able Afrikaans movement that created a change of affection in the ageism regime.  https://www.loot.co.za/product/pat-hopkins-voelvry/ggzs-294-g230


Ibrahim, Abdullah: African Songs : 15 Piano Pieces. Schott Musik All-embracing GmbH & Co KG (2016). The aboriginal songbook by Ibrahim contains atmospheric songs for piano. There’s added music books by him in the Book Depository.https://www.bookdepository.com/African-Songs-Abdullah-Ibrahim/9783795754983?ref=grid-view&qid=1649326173409&sr=1-2


Joubert, Gari: Uptown Saturday Night Downtown Sunday Morning.  Createspace Independent Publishing Platform (2015). Set in the 80s Durban another club arena and the sex, drugs and bedrock ‘n cycle of that era. https://www.loot.co.za/product/uptown-saturday-night-downtown-sunday-morning/jrlk-3297-g610


Klopper, Annie: Biografie Van ‘n Bende: Die Storie Van Fokofpolisiekar. Protea Boekehuis (2016). All about a bandage that aloof cannot be ignored.https://www.loot.co.za/product/annie-klopper-biografie-van-n-bende/mmmj-1602-g810

Knight, Bill: Harbour and Added Stories. A book of balladry by Cape Town’s admired folk troubadour, accessible from  the man himself on his Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/billknightsongwriter

Kombuis, Koos: Short Drive To Freedom. Human & Rousseau (2009). This poet/musician has accounting abounding novels and balladry books. This one is about the Voelvry movement and his activity above it.https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16412482-short-drive-to-freedom

Kramer, David: David Kramer, A Biography.  Tafelberg Publishers (2011). Abundant adventures about one of the best iconic musicians in South  Africa. You may additionally appetite to apprehend Short Back and Sides, which has some of his songs and illustrations.https://www.loot.co.za/product/dawid-de-villiers-david-kramer/lnpw-1692-ga80

Kramer, Eddie, and McDermott, John: Hendrix: Setting the Almanac Straight. Grand Central Publishing (1992). South African-born producer/engineer who produced Hendrix and helped body the Electric Ladyland studios in New York. https://www.thriftbooks.com/w/hendrix-setting-the-record-straight_john-mcdermott_eddie-kramer/337130/?resultid=3fe49290-4c8f-4058-82ee-4e7ab77cbe84#edition=2393365&idiq=4674658


Lambrechts, Lizabe: For approaching generations: Hugh Tracey and the All-embracing Library of African Music. Edited by Diane Thram. Rhodes University: ILAM (2010). Essays both by and about Hugh Tracey, with a disc of acceptable African folk music.https://go.gale.com/ps/i.do?id=GALE|A386452789&sid=googleScholar&v=2.1&it=r&linkaccess=abs&issn=00156191&p=AONE&sw=w&userGroupName=anon~b78e9a1a

Lee, Donvé: Syd Kitchen – Scars That Shine.  Tracey McDonald Publishers (2017). Lee wrote this abundant attendant from interviews with Syd and bodies who knew one of South Africa’s favourite troubadours. https://www.loot.co.za/product/donve-lee-syd-kitchen/zfkf-4581-g380

Levine, Laurie: The Drum Café’s Acceptable Music of South Africa. Jacana Media (2005). The  acceptable music of atramentous South Africa, and decidedly its presence  in ceremonies and rituals, is explored in this work.https://www.amazon.com/Drumcafes…/dp/1770090460 

Lilley, Andrew: The Artistry of Bheki Mseleku. African Minds (2020). An all-embracing abstraction of this able applesauce musician, with annotated transcriptions and assay of some compositions.https://www.amazon.com/Artistry-Bheki…/dp/1928331661

Lindberg, Des & Dawn: Every Day is an Opening Night – Our Adventure Together Burnett Media (2021). Mammoth book by South Africa’s favourite folk music couple.  https://www.loot.co.za/product/every-day-is-an-opening-night/vdmp-7280-g980

Lovejoy, Al: Acid Alex. Booksurge Publishing (2009). Lovejoy mentions the another Cape Town music arena and the Playground and Purple Turtle clubs in this accent autobiography.https://www.amazon.com/Acid-Alex-Al-Lovejoy/dp/1439249407

Lucey, Roger: Back in from the Anger. Jacana Media (2013). Must-read from one of South Africa’s greatest beef singers about how the ageism administration set out to abort his career. https://www.amazon.com/Back-Anger-Roger-Lucey/dp/1431404535


Free Flip Flop Coloring Pages  Great End of the Year Activity  TpT - free pop art coloring pages

Free Flip Flop Coloring Pages Great End of the Year Activity TpT – free pop art coloring pages | free pop art coloring pages

Maas, Deon: Witboy in Afrika. Tafelberg Publishers Ltd (2010). An Afrikaans music ambassador capacity his African campaign and the music he begin in the places he visited. https://www.loot.co.za/product/deon-maas-witboy-in-afrika/xjdw-1117-g810

Madondo, Bongani: I’m Not Your Weekend Special. Picador Africa (2014). Fascinating adventure about accompanist Brenda Fassie, with a  exordium by Hugh Masekela.  https://www.panmacmillan.co.za/authors/bongani-madondo/im-not-your-weekend-special/9781770103665

Mackay, Ramsay: Last Letters from the Wilderness. Joburg Records (1978). Highly collectable book featuring balladry and tales by Mackay, above songwriter, bassist of Freedom’s Children and Hawk, with artwork by acclaimed artisan Norman Catherine.https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/56386103-last-letters-from-the-wilderness

Malan, Rian: The Lion Sleeps Tonight and Added Belief of Africa. Grove Press (2008) How the ancestors of songwriter Solomon Linda were eventually compensated for his all-around hit Mbube, and a cardinal of added stories. It’s annual attractive up Malan’s added books, too.https://www.amazon.com/Lion-Sleeps-Tonight-Rian-Malan/dp/0802119905

Maluleke, Sydney: Steve Kekana – The I in Me (2020). Adventures of accepted South African artisan Steve Kekana, who became dark at the age of five. https://www.loot.co.za/product/sydney-fetsie-maluleke-steve-kekana-the-i-in-me/yptw-6483-g920?fbclid=IwAR2bXqM7BbCb9MW2HhLCZU22WmvM6Xg8aszxwqeEYxHF1e0Z2nIPfnKvjLc

Martin, Denis-Constant: Sounding the Cape: Music, Character and Backroom in South Africa. African Minds (2013). The columnist demonstrates that agreeable conception in the Mother City has consistently been accomplished by contacts, exchanges and innovations.https://www.africanminds.co.za/sounding-the-cape-music…/

Masekela, Hugh, & Cheers, D Michael: Still Grazing. There are a brace of books on Bra Hugh, but the absolute one has to be this abundant autobiography.https://www.amazon.com/Still-Grazing-Musical-Journey-Masekela/dp/0609609572

Mathe, Sam: From Kippie to Kippies and Beyond. Independently appear (2021). Accumulation portraits of South African jazz, folk and pop artists. Accessible on Kindle. https://www.amazon.com/Kippie-Kippies-Beyond-Sam-Mathe/dp/B09F166VHM?fbclid=IwAR11WOLi3kZGcR7FAul_Z83UN5FFpA_N5ouKS0PIusR8r8M8DNn8gvQPOFg

Matthews, Mick: I Started out to Write a Song. AbeBooks (2004). As told to Adrian English, this is the story  of Mick Matthews, guitarist and diva from Ballyhoo.https://www.abebooks.com/Started-Out-Write-Song-Matthews-Mick/30507655043/bd

Meintjes, Louise: Complete of Africa! Authoritative Music Zulu in a South African Studio. Duke University Press (2003). An ethnography of recording mbaqanga music, which examines its affiliation to issues of identity, South African politics, and the all-around political economy. https://www.degruyter.com/document/doi/10.1515/9780822384632/html?fbclid=IwAR2qqmwcxBe7pf0W11BDiXzL0q40PVQLdL5ahu2-Hc5onjAD2w9dJhwowUI

Michelle, Lindsay: The Spirit of Resistance in Music and Spoken Word of South Africa’s Eastern Cape. Lexington Books (2021). Includes arresting activists such as Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko and performers such as Johnny Dyani and Samuel  Mqhayi.https://www.amazon.com/Spirit-Resistance…/dp/B09FFG5BQ5

Miller, Collins: South African Applesauce Collection (Download). PR/NS and RMB. This cyberbanking 168-page PDF book includes 68 acclaimed articulate and active compositions.https://prinsdesign.co.za/product/south-african-jazz-collection-download/?fbclid=IwAR2-mleMOLooqWlwBlhvoqqLtYfydLU5Q0RBTb8zSGIF_mYvCHIawbOy55w

Mojapelo, Max: Above Memory: Recording the History, Moments and Memories of South African Music. African Minds (2009). An analysis of bounded music genres, from marabi to mbaqanga, boeremusiek to bubblegum, kwela to kwaito.  https://www.amazon.com/Beyond-Memory…/dp/1920299289

Mochoele, Lenah: Walking a Mile in Your Shoes: My Spiritual Adventure with Lucky Dube. NLSA (2015). The adventure of South Africa’s backward reggae great.https://www.kobo.com/za/en/ebook/walking-a-mile-in-your-shoes-my-spiritual-journey-with-lucky-dube-1

Mofokeng, Phehello: Sankomota: An Ode in One Album.  Gecko Publishing (2019). A cogitating commodity of one man’s attraction with this iconic bandage from Lesotho. https://www.amazon.com/Sankomota-Ode-Album-Reflective-Essay-ebook/dp/B07ZHBXQVW

Monsoon, Jon: Stars, Bars & Guitars. Struik (2008). Interviews and adventures with the Springbok Nude Girls, Battery 9, Sugardrive, Squeal, Fokofpoliesiekar and more. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15108076-stars-bars-guitars

Muller, Carol: Focus: Music of South Africa. Routledge (2008). Examines South African music,  and its ethnic, religious, linguistic, chic and gender diversity.https://www.amazon.com/Focus-Music-South…/dp/0415960711

Muller, Carol: South  African Music: A Century of Traditions in Transformation (World Music  Series). ABC-CLIO (2004). This accurate handbook provides an all-embracing analysis of the abounding spectrum of atramentous and white South African music.https://www.amazon.com/South-African-Music…/dp/1576072762


Naude, Churchill: Drol Innie Drinkwater. Naledi Publishers (2020). Cape Town hip-hop artisan Churchill Naude has accounting a accent another of Afrikaans poems. http://obzbooks.co.za/bib-obz/5017074-drol-innie-drinkwater.html?fbclid=IwAR3-4Jug3mAaNhwWtoCBTJhBkPPFMtE7YPR7v0zk44BC7jnLDAPPyVii_i4

Ndabeni, Esinako & Mthembu, Sihle: Born To Kwaito: Reflections on the kwaito Generation. Blackbird Books (2018). Considers the acceptation of kwaito music now. https://www.amazon.com/Born-Kwaito…/dp/B08DL1JSZP

Nel, Gert Vlok: Om Beaufort Wes se Beautiful Woorde te Verlaat. Queillerie Publishers (1999). Lovely book by this admired singer/songwriter from the Karoo. He additionally wrote Om te Lewe. https://www.loot.co.za/product/gert-vlok-nel-om-beaufort-wes-se-beautiful-woorde-te-ve/kkcc-94-g380

Noone, Shiloh: Seeker’s Adviser to the Rhythm of Yesteryear. Self-published (2014). Brilliant book on breeze bedrock by this acclaimed South African Radio DJ/journalist. https://www.amazon.com/Seeker…/dp/B00JJ3UCD4/ref=sr_1_2…


Olwage, Grant: Composing Apartheid. Wits University Press (2008). Essays about music for and adjoin apartheid. https://www.amazon.com/Composing-Apartheid…/dp/1868144569


Parow,  Jack: Die ou met die snor by die bar. Penguin Books (2015). Wild tales about abstraction parties and jacuzzis from this Afrikaans rapper.  Watch out for his banana too.https://www.amazon.com/Jack-Parow-Die-snor…/dp/B014PR5W88

Powell, Ivor: Roger Ballen: Die Antwoord – I Fink You Freeky. Prestel (2013). A behind-the-scenes attending at the authoritative of a badly acknowledged music video.https://www.amazon.com/Roger-Ballen-Antwoord-Fink-Freeky/dp/3791348604?fbclid=IwAR3aADEE07RsDmQpUWtNzRTmBsmRRAYshoG5V4q1x6nNHx4xTxw_hJo3UFs

Powers, PJ: Here I Am. Penguin Books (2014). The politically answerable adventure of the accompanist of Hotline who afterwards went solo, co-written by Marianne Thamm. https://www.amazon.com/PJ-Powers-Here-I-Am-ebook/dp/B06XDKMH46

Pretorius, Willem: Kerkorrel. Tafelberg (2004). The adventure of Ralph Rabie, aka Johannes Kerkorrel, the Afrikaans insubordinate announcer who helped anatomy the Afrikaans Voelvry movement.https://raru.co.za/books/1903146-kerkorrel-willem-pretorius-paperback

Pop Art Apple Coloring Pages  Free Emojis-shapes-and-signs  - free pop art coloring pages

Pop Art Apple Coloring Pages Free Emojis-shapes-and-signs – free pop art coloring pages | free pop art coloring pages

Price, Vincent: Manfred Mann – Golden Anniversary. Blurb (2019). The annual of  the South African-born keyboard amateur who Manfred Mann’s Earth Bandage was called after.https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/52173724-manfred-mann


Rasch, Carsten: Amid Bedrock & A Hard Place – A Memoir. MF Books (2019). Highly absorbing apprehend by this ardent club buyer about the alternative, mostly Cape Town music arena of the 80s. https://www.loot.co.za/product/carsten-rasch-between-rock-a-hard-place/bcyh-5883-g580

Rasmussen, Lars: Cape Town Applesauce 1959-1963 – The Photographs of Hardy Stockmann. Booktrader (2001). This Danish archivist appear a cardinal of books on South African applesauce musicians such as Samantha Bea Benjamin.https://www.booktrader.dk/books.html?fbclid=IwAR0rzJyyLTKyNVO4D5aD_9lAEAkTya6FqJQc6ErdXJbhX0751H_zlVM6MZ8#ibrahim

Retief, Hanlie: Anton Goosen, Liedjieboer. Tafelberg (2020). The adventure of the “father” of Afrikaans music. https://www.nb.co.za/en/view-book?id=9780624089735

Russo, Greg: Mannerisms: The Bristles Phases of Manfred Mann.  Crossfire Publications (2011). The “only authorised” adventures of the man and the group. https://www.amazon.com/Mannerisms-Five-Phases-Manfred-Mann/dp/0979184525


Schlesinger, Minky: Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Angel of Africa – Viva Books (2002). A adventures about the angel of African music.https://www.amazon.com/Yvonne-Chaka…/dp/1874932026

Shaw, Jonathan: The South African Music Business (3rd Edition).  Ada Enup (2017). An indispensable, holistic adviser for anybody alive in or absent to get into the South African music industry. Lots of abundant reviews.  https://www.makro.co.za/books/non-fiction/personal-development-self-help/careers-success/the-south-african-music-business-paperback-softback-/p/8070a825-6a92-4c2b-b3c9-26da05d5d8a9?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyt_R-4qA9wIVh-_tCh1EBw4ZEAQYASABEgJWHPD_BwE&fbclid=IwAR2G5HnhIANMKH61KRcaNNmuPnU6bpc6uoqgmiN-TEddby2PQ39tym1UHBg

Strydom, Craig Bartholomew & Segarman, Stephen: Sugar Man. Penguin Random House (2016). Capacity the life, afterlife and awakening of Sixto Rodriguez; how the accompanist was begin by the authors active in aloneness in Detroit.https://www.amazon.com/Sugar-Man-Death…/dp/1770228144

Swart, Valiant: Trouens en Terloops. LAPA Uitgewers (2012). Afrikaans book featuring calm accessories by singer/songwriter Valiant Swart. Look out for Veertig, too, which has 40 songs and a absurd little adventure about anniversary one.https://www.amazon.com/Trouens-terloops-Afrikaans-Valiant-Swart-ebook/dp/B073P6HWLN


Taylor, Jeremy: Ag Pleez Deddy – Songs and Reflections. J Taylor Publisher (1992). Delightful little apprehend about the “Song from the Southern suburbs”. https://www.amazon.com/Ag-pleez-deddy-Songs-reflections/dp/0620171421

Thembela, AJ: The activity and works of Bhekizizwe Joseph Shabalala and the Ladysmith Atramentous Mambazo. Reach Out Publishers (1993). A accolade to this abundant bandage leader. https://www.amazon.com/Bhekizizwe-Joseph-Shabalala-Ladysmith-Mambazo/dp/094745764X?fbclid=IwAR0vj5Wj85gMHdUCaZWB98C3wPuDyEcnbqvaC7EeRDNvnwcfLSYs-pJU5Ug

U, V, W

Various artists: The South African Applesauce Absolute Book Vol.1: “Jika”. South African Applesauce Absolute Book. Contains 116 advance bedding with melody and chords, of tunes by South African applesauce composers from the 1940s onwards.https://www.sheetmusic.co.za/sheetmusic-shop

Van der Merwe, SD: On Almanac – Accepted Afrikaans Music & Society. Fascinating history of Afrikaans music from 1900 to 2017. Additionally accessible from Makro and in PDF download.https://www.takealot.com/on-record/PLID46858796

Van der Merwe, Peter: Origins of the Accepted Style. Clarendon Press, Oxford (1989). A musicological attending at the origins of jazz, dejection and bedrock ’n roll. https://drumchant.wordpress.com/book-review/amp

Van Noy, Nikki: So Much to Say: Dave Matthews Bandage – 20 Years on the Road.  Touchstone (2011). How the South African-born singer/songwriter became a huge all-embracing star. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/so-much-to-say-nikki-van-noy/1102082540

William, Pat: King Kong – Our Knot of Time and Music. Granta (2017). A  behind-the-scenes annual of the acclaimed South African agreeable and its advancing legacy. https://www.allenandunwin.com/browse/books/other-books/King-Kong—Our-Knot-of-Time-and-Music-Pat-Williams-9781846276538

X, Y, Z

Zef, Rasta: Die Antwoord Calm Coloring Book. Independently appear (2019). Atramentous and white photographs that can be abounding with colour.https://www.takealot.com/die-antwoord-calm-coloring-book/PLID56208012?fbclid=IwAR0Z-rCrPZeYbmFz3CNVo8EOIw0GxNrMExrq4uxf0nGRp6UFVRUvNx9pkmw


There accept been abounding abundant South African music magazines. Scope annual had some admirable almanac reviews by Richard Haslop and Ian Kerkhof (Aryan Kaganof) and Drum annual generally had appearance on bounded music. Added magazines accommodate Teenage Personality, In, Music Maker, Top 40 Magazine, Vula,  Vuka, Blitz, Bits, SL Magazine, Collapse, SMG – Your Music Guide, Rolling Stone South Africa, Blunt and @Home. Jonathan Handley of The Radio Rats produced abounding versions of his Palladium fanzine, and hopefully one day he will broadcast these in book form.

Boyd, Allan and Linnet, Mark: Endless Summer Quarterly – Interviews with Mike Love & Blondie Chaplin. (2013). This affair of the American annual appearance interviews with Mike Love and our actual own Blondie Chaplin of the Beach Boys. Accessible online.https://esquarterly.com/esq-store/winter-2013-the-beach-boys-made-in-california-box-set/?fbclid=IwAR2lNT6MQ0UDZRFV8K4itTz50vx66espXiFFkU3MmO5DRPaGtbr2VvCuEns

Currin, Brian & Segerman, Stephen: South African Bedrock Digest. This kept anybody up to date on the bounded arena from 1999 to 2004. All the issues of their account annual can be apprehend and downloaded online: http://www.rock.co.za/sarockdigest/archives/index.html

Lizabe, Lambrechts: The Woodstock Complete System and South African complete accretion (2021). This commodity outlines how David Marks acclimated the Woodstock bins for, amid others, the Free Peoples Concerts. Lots of abundant links. https://herri.org.za/4/lizabe-lambrechts/

The Development of Music in South Africa 1600 – 2004. A actual abrupt timeline about music in South Africa.https://www.sahistory.org.za/article/development-music-south-africa-timeline-1600-2004?fbclid=IwAR3ancu1Dz3MBaicOE7S5tVd6oB4PEx4OSx6oCpvS-z1irCGYu4kSIAHqh4

The Music of the People: Africans in South Africa and Their Agreeable Complete Systems. If you’re attractive for images and anthology covers, this is the site:https://discover.hubpages.com/entertainment/The-Music-of-The-People-Africans-in-South-Africa-and-their-Musical-Sound-Systems?fbclid=IwAR029kdtkXQARvPdb_pr2n9lrYr6_WIHSuFjIvpYqMVDh9UvVXxuz45gMLw

The South African Bedrock Encyclopedia is a acceptable antecedent of bounded music news: http://rock.co.za/

Robb, Robbie: The Art of the Jam Band. Actual air-conditioned little album by Robbie on jamming music, accessible from Robbie (Khamush Shemesh) from his Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/khamush.shemesh

Ross, Lloyd: A Shifty Story. (2006). A abrupt outline on the Shifty armpit about how Ross set up a flat to almanac South Africa’s best absorbing acts of the era.https://shifty.co.za/records/shifty-story/?fbclid=IwAR0QRJoETIIM0Tax5lki6RU05DcxNGDKqx-Qxi120PNim9x_lsszUtByYBQ 

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