Le coq sportif

Le coq sportif

Le Coq Sportif is the official provider of special jerseys on the Tour de France. Let’s recap Le Coq’s history with cycling.

Kring : The cycling collections at Le coq sportif have been entirely renovated in the last few months. What is the place of cycling in your global strategy?


Le Coq Sportif : Cycling is one of our main focus in sport, as our founder, Emile Camuset was a cyclist.


Kring : To continue on this subject, you are the official provider of special jerseys on the Tour de France. What does this legendary tour represent for Le coq sportif?

Le Coq Sportif : Le coq sportif has been official provider from 1951 to 1988. Legends worn our jerseys. And this is through Le Tour de France that our logo has been seen worldwide.

Kring : Le Tour de France will start from Brussels in 2019, celebrating Eddy Merckx. Do you plan on organizing something in Belgium to be part of this exciting event?

Le Coq Sportif : For sure Belgium is a strategic market for our brand so we should organize something specific. But this is in 1 year, so we first focus on the coming Tour de France.


Kring  : You are also primarily involved in Paris-Roubaix. Is that part of a global effort to reconnect with the historic footprints of Le coq sportif as a long-time partner of cycling races (just as a reminder for our readers, Le coq sportif was already a partner for the 1951 Tour de France)?

Le Coq Sportif : Our history with cycling is very impressive. When we came back to cycling with ASO we decided to be part of all ASO races which include Le Criterium du Dauphine, Paris Nice, Paris Roubaix and the brand new Tour du Yorkshire.

Kring : To start speaking technically, what are the materials used by Le coq sportif to provide cyclists with qualitative products, and what design research has been done to achieve this quality?

Le Coq Sportif : Thanks to the brand’s savoir-faire and its longstanding relationship with cycling and the Tour de France, it can meet the riders’ technical imperatives for a second-skin feel adapted to their effort and movements. Through the use of jersey-specific cuts and materials– including elastane, silicone and polyurethane, the riders get perfect support and guaranteed aerodynamics. Comfort and breathability were also studied down to the smallest detail.

Kring : Kring is at the cornerstone of urban cycling and a more sport-centered approach. How do you achieve the complementarity between these two visions?

Le Coq Sportif  : Today there are no borders between the different kind of cycling. People are mixing all products, performance products with more urban products. They are complementary and make each of us the opportunity to match and mix as we like.


Kring : What is the development plan for the years to come in terms of cycling clothes for Le coq sportif?

Le Coq Sportif : We continue to do research & development and all the work done with The Tour de france helps us to always provide more and more technical products and to use the right materials. We have launched our first cycling shoes. For the first time, le coq sportif has designed a Performance cycling shoe with a carbon sole, specifically for clipless pedals: the Chromo. The shoe’s matt, rubber-effect upper is paired with a mesh insole for premium comfort. This brand-new Performance model comes in the colours of the Tour de France and the iconic Yellow Jersey, whose yellow covers the carbon sole. The top of the sock features blue-white red trim, and the vamp and the heel are reflective, for better visibility in the dark. The upper comes in graphic black, like the Omicron and Shifter models also included in the pack. The Omicron, released this season, has a unique silhouette paired with the ultimate comfort of a mesh sock. Like the Shifter, it is made of a ripstop mesh structure for better breathability and greater resistance. For optimum support, the Shifter has two wide Velcro closures and a neoprene sock. Both models feature a TPU cleat in the midsole to combine design with cycling performance, helping improve pedaling efficiency. Like the Chromo, the Omicron and the Shifter have a reflective heel for visibility at night.

Kring : Can you tell us more about the company philosophy when it comes to cycling? Do some of your employees ride bikes to work? Do you?

Le Coq Sportif : Lots of our colleagues ride. There is like a bike park inside of our company J Some are wearing cycling clothes and shoes when they arrive in the morning or leave at night, this make funny noise when they are walking inside the office.